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A Day At The Office

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Summary: FFA pairing #1202 - Harmony/Prince Cel He forgot to set up an appointment. double drabble

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Literature > Merry Gentry seriesLightSpinnerFR131201121,25119 Sep 0519 Sep 05Yes
Title: A Day At The Office

Author: Light Spinner

Disclaimer: I don’t own Angel the series or Merry Gentry.

Harmony was filing her nails when someone tapped on her desk. Looking up she chirped, “Angel’s office, how can I help you?”

“I wish to talk to him.”

“I’m sorry, he’s busy right now, but I can set up an appointment if you’d like.”

She reached for the office planner, but the sidhe spoke. “You don’t understand. I’m Prince Cel and he’ll see me now.”

“You’re a prince? That’s so cool,” Harmony gushed. “But I really don’t think Angel’s going to care.”

“This is a waste of time.” He walked into Angel’s office.

For a few minutes Harmony made pained faces in response to the sounds she heard coming from the room. Then Angel walked out. “Harmony.”

“Yeah, boss?”

“Call Queen Andais and tell her to send someone to pick up her son.”

“Got it.”

He started back into his office, but first added, “And if she complains about the condition her son’s in, remind her that we’re Wolfram & Hart and know everything.”

“Kay.” She started searching the card catalogue for the right phone number. But as soon as Angel was out of sight, muttered, “Why do I always have to do this?”

“Harmony,” Angel warned.

“Nothing,” she chirped.

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The End

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