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Eowyn's Lament

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Summary: At Helm's Deep, Eowyn grieves when she believes Aragorn is dead.

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Lord of the Rings > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)DeanieFR1515830086129 Apr 0329 Apr 03Yes
Rating: PG
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Feedback: It's better than chocolate!
Author's note: This story takes place during "The Two Towers" (movie version) right after Gimli tells Eowyn that Aragorn has fallen. This is my first Lord of the Rings fanfic so I'd appreciate any reviews/criticism.
Thanks to: Valerie, for reading the story and coming up with the title. Tiff, for pushing me to see the movies and read the books. Shaz, for being my mentor in all things middle earth, and for vaguely giving me the idea to write this (okay, you asked for Aragorn/Eowyn smut... so this isn't *quite* what you had in mind ;)
Disclaimer: Alas, Lord of the Rings is not mine and belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien.

Eowyn's Lament
By Deanie
January 2003

Dead. How...? It cannot be. Lord Aragorn is strong, courageous, cunning. He could not simply die. The dwarf must be mistaken. Aragorn lives still... He must.

The world stops. I sink to the ground, unable to bear the weight on my heart. It smothers me, as if I am drowning in my grief. So heavy. I want to give in, to let it crush my body as it has crushed my soul. If only I could breathe.

I cannot give in. My people need me. I must be strong. But how can I be, when my heart is dying? When my love is dead? Never again will I look upon his face or hear his voice. He is lost, and my heart lost alongside him.

I fight back the tears that threaten to fall. I cannot dwell on his death... There is no time, not even to honor the dead. So many good men died, protecting us from the evil menace that stalked our people. Men whose wives and children will see them no more. I fear we will have many more widows and orphans before Sauron can be defeated.

I wonder... will the woman who holds his heart ever know of Aragorn's great sacrifice? Will someone bear her the news that her beloved is dead? She must be a remarkable woman, to have the love of such a noble man. I wish that I could be such a woman, to have him gaze upon me with love in his eyes. But this was not to be. Even before his death he could never be mine, for he had already given his love to another.

I have long pondered her existence. He does not talk of her, but thinks of her often. I can see it in his eyes. Her love makes his heart light, and her absence, whatever the reason, grieves him. I know he wants to be with her, but cannot.

Wants. He no longer wants anything. Will never want, or dream, or love again. Will never be loved, except in memory. As he will always be in my memories.

By the time this battle is over there may not be a soul left in Helm's Deep to carry the messages across the fields - to tell others of our fate. We may all die this night.

I struggle to my feet, fighting the all-consuming sorrow that tempts me to surrender to the darkness. I will be strong. For my king, my people... for Aragorn. I will not let myself despair. For if I do -- if we do -- all is already lost. He would not lose faith. For he always had hope, even unto the end. We will be victorious. We have to be.

May his spirit find peace in the halls of the dead. And I pray that we all do not join him this night.

The End

You have reached the end of "Eowyn's Lament". This story is complete.

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