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Buffy Z - Angels Saga

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This story is No. 9 in the series "Buffy Z". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: God finally decides to throw in a penny.

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Episode 79: Back to School

Title: Buffy Z - Angels Saga - Episode 79: Back to School

Author: 3D Master



Rating: 15+EVS

Keywords: X-Over Dragonball/Z/GT, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angst, Drama, Action, Humor.

Summary: God finally decides to throw in a penny.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its characters do not belong to me, but Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. Dragonball Z, its characters and the concept of the Saiyan race belong to Akira Toriyama.

Buffy Z - Angels Saga

Episode 79: Back to School

by 3D Master (


Buffy/Chris Love Theme: Milk Inc. - Walk on Water

A cool breeze made the heat perfect. Instead of pure, blistering, unbearable, clawing warmth, it was now a nice comfortable warmth. It was thus no surprise that the beach was filled with people, all enjoying the amazing day. Among them were Buffy and Chris, along with her sister and her boyfriend Li-Huei Kijimuta. Buffy wore a g-string bikini, that was at its base red and had some colored patterns on it. The bra section had no straps, only a band around to her back. Dawn’s equally g-string bikini was an even blue. Both guys wore boxers, and where Li-Huei had a physique with lovely muscles that would make Tom Cruise jealous, Chris was overweight and had a second chin.

Buffy couldn’t care less, looks wise at least. Feeling wise it wasn’t bad either. She had her head lazily lying on Chris’ chest her right arm around his girth, completely content. “Hmm, love you,” Buffy whispered in his ear, rubbing her body against his.

Holy god! Chris thought. What did he do to deserve this, and how long would it last . . . or perhaps, how long would it take before he grew an erection and everyone could see. Better not to think about it and just relax. “Love you too,” he whispered back.

“Mmh,” Dawn’s moan came.

Buffy’s head shot up and looked stricken over Chris. “You two aren’t . . .?” Buffy’s speech trailed off as she saw Li-Huei sensually massage a new layer of sun screen on Dawn’s back, her bikini-bra clasp open and the bands pulled apart to allow him full access. Dawn was obviously enjoying the massage, perhaps a bit too much. Would Li do her sister’s ass too? “Hey, Li, you’re not doing foreplay with me right here next to you two, are you?”

“It’s Li-Huei,” Dawn corrected a little irritated, “and get your mind out of the gutter. He’s just massaging the sun screen on me. Mmh.” Li-Huei’s hands had gone lower now applying the cream just before the curve of Dawn’s buttocks. The brunette had a more than contented smile on her face as she had her head on her arms looking left at Buffy, daring her sister to say something with her sparkling eyes and smirk.

Li-Huei dreaded another legendary clash between the Summers sisters - a clash in which the two would spew the most hateful vile things at each other, but usually ending in the two sisters hugging. Before the end though . . . He looked over to Chris, and he understood; time to bring salvation.

Before Buffy could take her sister up on her offer, Chris had risen and placed a gentle kiss on Buffy’s lip. “Let them, Buffy,” he said softly, smiling seductively. Buffy’s attentions was back to her lover and away from her sister. “Let’s just enjoy the weather, the beach, each other, and not worry about everyone else,” he said and then planted a more passionate and deep kiss on Buffy; which made the blonde push her tongue in his mouth and melted in his arms.

Buffy groaned, and then broke the kiss, telling him with a smouldering look, “Damn, you feel and taste so good.” Chris pulled the Slayer down again and continued kissing.

“And she complains- . . .” Dawn started but was interrupted by her boyfriend’s hands on her ass, then his body straddling her, and the kisses in her neck. She mewled her pleasure and relaxed, her sister forgotten.

Li-Huei thought to himself, *How those two can love each other so much, enjoy spending time together so much, and still find time to yell at each other every chance they get is beyond me.* He continued his kisses as he clasped Dawn’s bikini top shut, and then turned around so they could properly kiss each other.

[Play Love Theme]

“Mmh,” Buffy sounded before she and Chris broke the kiss and relaxed against each other. “You’re amazing,” Buffy whispered, smiling at him. “I love you so much,” Buffy whispered with a smile. “Do you realize how much you’ve saved me?”

Chris looked questioningly at her, and whispered back, “I thought you were the one who saved me.”

Buffy smiled and let her right hand caress his cheek. “You know I screwed up, right? How my love life went? Crash and burn, incapable of choosing anyone good?” Buffy whispered to him, and he nodded. “First there was Angel and the curse and then Angelus, then was Parker the guy who used me for sex, then Riley cheated on me, he went to vampire whores, and then there was Spike . . .” Buffy trailed off, keeping her voice down so only Chris could here. “If I weren’t the one abusing him, he’d have torn out my soul and raped me happily. Now I tore out my own soul, and then there was the whole rest with superiority complex.” Buffy sighed, and searched Chris eyes again. “I was healing; and although the one night stands were fun, part of me was scared, scared that I couldn’t love someone unless I hated him first, scared that I could only choose someone who would tear out my heart and crushed it into a thousand pieces . . . and then you came along . . .”

“What?” Chris asked softly.

Buffy smiled broadly, “You made me laugh when I thought I could never laugh again. You took me in with all my baggage, and now it’s several months later. You’ll never cheat on me, I know that. You just hold me and kiss me, and I feel safe. I can put my head on your shoulder and just enjoy the rhythm of your heart. And again, most of all, you make me laugh. You make me feel alive, make me feel like I can do anything. Make me feel like just a girl, a girl in love, a girl that can love, love someone not complicated, not having enough power to beat the crap out of me, physically or mentally. You’re everything a girl looks for in a man; funny, strong where it counts, smart, kind, caring, pretty sexy . . .”

“Stop,” Chris said softly with an embarrassed smile.

Buffy smiled back at him, and finished, “. . . and I fell in love with you, not the next monster that came along.”

“It was my pleasure, all the way,” Chris told her with a smirk, just a little above a whisper, while giving her ass a caress and a light squeeze. Buffy grinned, stifled a full on laughter. “If this is the reward for helping, just call me Mr. Helpful,” he added, puffing out his chest. Then Buffy buried her head in his shoulder, laughing there so as not to let the sound escape and make everyone look over.

After a bit Buffy composed herself, looked back up, and said, “This is what I mean.”

“Buffy,” Chris said softly, taking her chin, “you’re so beautiful. I would feel lucky if I could just stand in your shadow. But you know what? I don’t believe you’re a sucker for pain and hate. Just because you made bad choices, doesn’t mean you can’t make right ones.” Buffy smiled, flattered, feeling better about herself. Then he added, wiggling his eyebrows, “And if you ever doubt that, just remember this bikini, and how good it made me look while you wore it.”

Buffy laughed a bit, and punched his left shoulder, soft enough he barely felt it. “That one was lame,” she said with sparkling eyes.

“It got you to smile, didn’t it?” he asked.

“Okay, enough about me,” Buffy said, out loud this time, and then lowered her voice to a normal talk. “How about you, what’s new?”

“Oh, nothing much; work okay, pays the bills,” Chris answered her casually. “They’re throwing an office party tomorrow, but I’m not going. What’s the point?”

Buffy sat up on her left arm and looked at him. Chris looked back at her, and blinked confused at the look Buffy gave him. “You’re going,” Buffy said resolutely.

“Huh?” Chris said.

“You’re going, Chris. There’s no way you’re not going,” Buffy repeated the demand.

“But why? It isn’t like they do anything but ignore me, unless they don’t have a choice,” he said with a sad tone.

“And that’s why you’re going, and I’m coming with you,” Buffy told him, and then suddenly grew an evil smile. It filled Chris with a mixture of dread and anticipation, not knowing what to expect. “I’m going to be there in the sexiest little dress I can find, and I’ll be your trophy girlfriend. You can call from across the room, asking to get you a bit to eat and a new drink, and I’ll happily do it. I’ll brag about you to your woman coworkers and your coworkers girlfriends, while you look the stud to your coworkers. When they come try being your friend the next day, you’ll blow them off like they’re yesterday’s news.” Buffy wiggled her eyebrows once at Chris.

“Are you serious? You’re serious,” Chris muttered in amazed disbelief. His and Buffy’s attentions were drawn by Dawn’s giggling.

Dawn looked mischievously at them, while Li gently rubbed her tummy. “That’s either going to horribly wrong, or the looks on your coworkers will be priceless. Either way, I’d love to be there.”

“You’re not coming with,” Buffy told her sister.

“Are you sure? Can you imagine if I act the same way, making it look like Chris and I are cuckolding poor, wussy Li-Huei over here? Threesomes with sisters?” Dawn spoke with a grin that seemed even more evil than Buffy. Li looked a little offended. “Some of them will die of a heart attack, or choke on their snacks,” Dawn said with a grin.

“You’re not coming, and how the hell do you know that word? . . . What does it even mean?” Buffy said with a pissed tone.

Chris whispered the apparent answer in her ear. “Oh. Oh! You’re not coming, and I should ground you for that!” Buffy said with an angry tone.

“And I should spank you for even wanting to act it out,” Li-Huei said with a low, dangerous tone.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Dawn challenged him.

Before Li-Huei could answer, Buffy placed her hand over her ears, and said, “Ack. Don’t want to hear this. Go somewhere private!”

Dawn just giggled. Buffy rolled her eyes and got up, walking toward the water. Chris sat up to watch his girlfriend’s ass sway with a smile, really liking Buffy’s body. He must be the luckiest guy in the world with girlfriend a few years younger than him looking that hot. All the curves were present, and to top it off smooth, soft, strong muscles. Dawn laid back down looking up at Li-Huei who smiled naughtily down at him.

Buffy reached the edge of the water and smiled as she got an idea. She walked a few steps into the water, and then placed her right foot steadily on it, exerting her chi. Then she did with the same with her left, and slowly walked onward, /on/ the water. At first, nobody except Chris really noticed, because they didn’t pay attention. Chris’ jaw was dropped though, as he saw Buffy walk on water as if she was Jesus Christ. After some four meters, she stopped and turned around, spreading her arms out in a ‘tada’ gesture to her boyfriend, smiling broadly.

Chris got up and ran toward the water front as people started to notice, and their chattering bit by bit died down. Chris looked closer, and closer, and then figured it out, and called out to Buffy, “You’re not really walking on water; you’re just really flying!”

“What’s more difficult, walking on a fluid, or walking on air?” Buffy called back with a big grin, and Chris shook his head.

Back at their towels, Dawn wondered, “Why is it so quiet all of sudden?”

Li looked around, and then answered, “Your sister is showing off.” Dawn rolled her eyes and laid down.

Chris in the mean time had entered the water and walked over to his girlfriend. She offered her hand and he took it, lifting him out of the water so he came to ‘stand’ right in front of her. Chris looked down and wiggled his feet, feeling the water against the soles. “This is odd,” he muttered.

“Let me show you something,” Buffy said with a smile. She took him into an embrace. Then she screamed out, and transformed. Electricity crackling in her hair, her eyes turning like black holes, and a blue, heavenly glow burst around her. Buffy looked up and into Chris’ eyes. He smiled. He had only seen this once before, and once again it amazed him. The feel of her blue glow made him feel completely safe, he just /knew/ she was meant to protect him. Those black holes for eyes didn’t frighten him anymore, not even for the moment that first time. He could still see Buffy reflected in her eyes, at the bottom of those impossible holes of death. “You okay?” Buffy asked him.

Chris nodded, and then frowned in curiosity at Buffy’s electric tendrils. He moved his hands which he had around her waist up, and pushed them in her hair. Buffy looked surprised at his action. Chris felt the electricity rub against his hand, prickling a bit, then curving around it. “Tickles,” he said with a smile as he felt his hair start to stand up by static electricity. He removed his hand and his hair slowly came down again.

Buffy grinned up at him, and said, “Now watch this.” Uncaring if anyone saw her, she lifted a bit in the air, and pointed a hand down. Exerting her chi, she formed a wall, split in two, and exerting huge amounts of force. Buffy smiled as it started to work. Chris’ eyes widened in surprise as he saw the ocean start to split open. Two sides of the water were pushed apart, revealing mud on the floor, the occasional puddle of water remaining.

“Whoa,” Chris muttered as Buffy stopped the progress after some ten meters. The trench of dry ocean floor stretched about a hundred meters outward - Buffy having no interest in disrupting shipping lanes. Buffy smiled, sucking her lower lip into her mouth, her upper teeth on it.

She looked at Chris, her eyes twinkling - although her twinkles didn’t quite reach the black holes in the middle. “You bring it out in me,” Buffy whispered happily, flying downward and out, below the water level. “You make me all happy, and giddy.” They landed on the mud, and this time Buffy wiggled her feet in the sludge, then looked up to see the walls of water. “What do you think?” Buffy asked with a grin.

“I think you’re insane,” Chris muttered in wonder.

Buffy nodded her head giddily, and said, “Mad for you.”

“Hmm, I should leave you then to save the world the horror,” Chris said philosophically, and looked back down in Buffy’s face.

Buffy looked stricken for a tiny moment and then laughed, “Don’t joke about that.”

He kissed her, and it took her breath away. The walls of water instantly came rushing in, enveloping the shield Buffy hastily erected around them, while she felt her knees buckle. She let the shield slowly fill up with water as they kissed. At the same time she moved them slowly back to shallow water, where some time later their heads poked back over the water, and they broke their kiss.

Out on the beach, the Sunnydale residents came out of their stupor, both afraid, and shocked. “Fuck!” one man yelled. “What is she? A mutant? A monster?”

“An angel?” someone else supplied.

“Human!” Dawn supplied with some irritation, not even bothering to change her position, lying comfortably on her back on the towel, and never seen what Buffy had exactly done. “One hundred percent human! You can all do that too.”

Li-Huei clarified his girlfriend’s statement, “After lots, and lots - years - of training, and determined effort. Tai Chi, and similar energy - life force - martial arts, preferably under gravity greater than Earth standard.”

“Are you kidding us?” they asked.

“Nope.” They looked at him for a moment, before he returned to Dawn, wondering how many would accept it, and how many would fall penchant to Sunnydale’s see and forget syndrome. Dawn grumbled in annoyance. “You hate Chris that much?” Li-Huei asked her, before pushing against her.

“No, I like him, a lot. I hate /them/ - together I mean. It’s going to end bad, horrible even, mark my words,” Dawn explained gently. “And I hate it even more there is nothing I can do about it, apart from being there when the debris starts to fall. Uh.”

“Dawn Summers, have I mentioned lately I love you?” Li asked with a grin on his face.

“Not nearly enough,” Dawn answered before kissing him.

In the water, Buffy and Chris were in a heavy kissing session. She had destransformed a bit ago already. Underwater, Chris hands went to Buffy’s breasts and started massaging them, making her moan, and push instinctively against him. He broke the kissing, eliciting a discontented moan from the blonde. “Have we ever done it in water?” Chris asked with a lecherous grin, massaging her breasts relentlessly.

Buffy grunted, and then looked frightened at the people on the beach. Some were still watching them, others had continued enjoying the beautiful day and the beach. “Everyone can see us,” Buffy said with a bit of apprehension.

“No, they can’t, we’re under water,” he said with a naughty tone that never failed to turn Buffy on.

Buffy gulped, knowing it was far too late. His tone of voice, the massaging of her breasts were enough already, and the secret thrill of possibly being found out was only added bonus. She nodded hungrily. They resumed their kiss, while his hands went under her bikini top. Her open traveled down under his swimming boxers, and massaged his already semi hard penis to a full blown erection. His hands went down, caressing her skin along the way, making the fire down below grow quickly. His right hand slipped underneath her small bikini bottom. Buffy moaned as his hands tested her folds, probing gently. The lovely feeling of arousal spread quickly, and Buffy just knew Chris’ fingers were no longer wet just from the water. He removed his fingers from her warm, wet, vaginal embrace, and gently rubbed her clit. She grunted in his mouth, making an involuntary bucking motion - signaling she was more then ready.

Chris broke the kiss as he pulled the low end of the bottom aside, and Buffy looked hungrily at his chest as she pulled his boxers down. Looking deeply into each other’s, Chris lowered a bit, and then moved up, steadily pushing his erection deeply into her folds. She grunted again, and moved her left leg around his wide waist, then looked up at him. Then he started thrusting gently. “Oh, god, this is . . . hmm,” Buffy muttered happily, putting her head against his chest to ride out the pleasure, simultaneously hiding herself in case someone came close to them and realized what they were doing. “Love you,” she muttered, then moaned as his cock entered deeply in her, stimulating her inner walls into contracting, the friction making her pleasure grow.

[Stop Love theme]


The latin-American girl ran through the rainforest. Wearing jeans and a top, she breathed hard as she jumped over the occasional branch. She looked back. She slowed down a bit, a hopeful look on her face. “UGH!” she exclaimed, the pain stabbing in her back. Before all went dark, she was just aware of the figure behind her wearing a robe.



The robed girl hurried through the oriental town. In the dark night, the sand looked just as dark, as did the sand stone houses, it was almost blue. The girl breathed quickly, fear in her eyes whenever they flashed from under the hood. Then another robed figure detached from a building, and a moment later a knife was stuck in her belly. The figured placed a hand on her mouth so she couldn’t shout for help, and she looked with pleading, desperate eyes up at him, showing a being who had his mouth, and eyes sowed shut. Then her life came to an end.


Faith sat bolt upright in bad. “Oh, my god!” she exclaimed in horror.


When Wesley entered the Hyperion quite please, he greeted everyone happily. Faith had been sitting on the circular couch waiting for him or her friends from school, whichever came first. Wesley gave her a kiss on the lips, and Faith returned it. “Can I talk to you alone?” Faith asked him.

“Of course,” Wesley answered with his British accent, frowning in concern as he read Faith’s nervousness easily and gestured for his office. Once inside he went to the desk asking her, “So, what’s the matter? You seem thoughtful.”

“I had some nightmares last night, Slayer nightmares,” Faith told him with a frown, circling the desk with him and sitting on top of it.

“Ah, and what were they about?” Wesley asked her diplomatically, in what Faith had come to dub ‘watcher mode’.

“Girls getting killed, two, two nightmares, two girls,” Faith answered, hugging herself a bit, remembering the realism of the dreams. “One in a rain forest, the other in a desert town somewhere.”

“It is a well-known fact that Slayers dream of their predecessors, including their deaths,” Wesley told Faith looking at her with concern.

Faith smiled, liking ‘watcher mode’. Unlike Wesley’s ‘watcher mode’ of old which was condescending and commanding, Wesley’s new ‘watcher mode’ was careful mix of fatherly concern, the occasional commanding officer’s sternness, and on old man’s wisdom. At times it could downright turn her on, especially when the commanding officer’s sternness gained a little dominance. Faith’s smile faltered, and she shook her head. “No, those dreams don’t make me wake up screaming, bathing in sweat, Wes. And there was something off on these dreams, or . . . I don’t know. Don’t really have that much experience with the damn things; got the one about Glory burning down Sunnydale, the past Slayer and that is more than enough, thank you very much . . . I think it was the same demon, or same type of demon,” Faith said, looking Wesley deep in the eyes. “In both dreams I mean.”

“Indeed? You obviously didn’t see them both?” Wesley replied with raised eyebrows, curious at her answer.

Faith thought hard for a moment, trying to bring back the nightmares that were fading from memory, and finally responded, “Both used knives, both wore cloaks. I did see one of them, he had his mouth and eyes sowed shut. And now that I say that out loud, it sounds familiar somehow.”

“I will look into it, Faith. I see if I can find the two Slayers, and why you’d be dreaming about them, as well as the demon - perhaps the demon of other of its ilk are planning something,” Wesley spoke thoughtfully.

“Ilk?” Faith tried out the word, making Wesley look up at her. “Wes, I just love that accent of yours, makes you sound damn sexy,” Faith crowed with a big smile, moving over to him, and giving him a single kiss, lips to lips, and tongue.

The door to his office opened, and three teenagers peered inside. “Hey, Faith,” Tiffany demanded from the door. “Are we going to school, or are you going to screw him right in front of us?”

Faith turned to look at her friends with a big grin, and then turned to look at Wesley with a questioning grin. “Faith will be going to school with you,” Wesley said, patting Faith on her ass to get off of him.

Faith got up and said, “Are you sure about that, Wes? ‘Cause if my friends need sex ed class, I’m willing to provide.”

“Tempting, Faith, but if I keep you from school, at least one of your fathers will give me an early retirement . . . to my grave,” Wesley told all four of them with a wry smile. Faith chuckled, and her friends snickered.

“Yeah, caring fathers can sometimes be a real drag,” Faith said as she sashayed over to her friends, who laughed at Faith’s joke, then they were out the door. Wesley sighed, wondering how he got so lucky.


As Dawn happily bit into a well-stacked sandwich, Buffy ate some lettuce leaves. “Mmh,” Dawn muttered, chewing tastefully. Across from her Willow and Tara were eating porridge. Xander was already off to an early class. “Oh,” Dawn managed to get out of her mouth, chewing away at the sandwich that was covered in lettuce, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, and some ham. “This is heaven, you sure you don’t want any, Buffy?”

“Yeah, I want you to stop talking with your mouth full and spray your bread over the counter,” Buffy said with mock anger. “I’m not hungry.” She took another bite from the lettuce.

Dawn shook her head at her, and happily continued eating the sandwich. “So . . .” Willow said as Dawn worked away the sandwich.

“Yep, you better than me,” Tara said, looking at Dawn, who started to seem a bit nervous.

“Hell,” Buffy confirmed, nodding her head. “Better keep a chi shield up at all times, Dawn. Eyes in the back of your head open, your sixth sense all the way up. You’re about to enter the most horrific place known to man. Hell, demons, backstabbing, everlasting torture . . . and that’s not even the actual demons, the werewolves, and hyena-people.”

“First day of Highschool,” Dawn confirmed, with a nod. “I know.”

Buffy walked over to Dawn, hugged her, and said, “I’m proud you made it this far, Dawn. You’re growing up so fast. Highschool.”

“God,” Dawn said in annoyance, embarrassed at the overly mushy scene, “you sound like I’m some kind of juvenile delinquent.”

“You /are/ a juvenile delinquent,” Willow pointed out rather pointedly, before taking a spoon full of porridge.

“Oh, yeah,” Dawn muttered embarrassedly.

“Well, I’m proud even if you weren’t,” Buffy said with a big smile, “I was going to give you a cell phone today, but I already gave you one for your vacation, so I got this instead.” Buffy pulled a gift wrapped package from under the counter.

Dawn’s eyes widened, as she pushed the last of her sandwich in her mouth. She quickly took the present, and ripped the paper off. The three girls smiled as Dawn pulled out a stylish, leather backpack, school back. “Mmmh!” Dawn said, chewing the sandwich, eyes twinkling with happiness. She waved her left hand about in happiness, pointing at her mouth, while making tiny jumps with happiness, going, “Mmh, mmh, mmh!” Then she just grabbed Buffy around the shoulders and squeezed a tight hug. Finally she could swallow, and said, “I’m going to put everything in the new one right away!”

Buffy, Willow and Tara looked with a big smile as Dawn raced off toward the front door where she had her old bag waiting. “Don’t forget your cell phone!” Tara called out a little concerned.

“I know!” Dawn yelled back. “If actual demons come crawling out the ground, call in the big guns; Xander and you two witches.”

“Hey! What about me!?” Buffy called out as she heard school stuff being moved from one back to another.

“What!? You think I want to be embarrassed in school by my sister? It’s worse enough you’re going to drop me off this first day!” Dawn called back.

“But . . . I’m still cool, I can hang with the best of them. Right?” Buffy said, directing the last question to Willow and Tara, who froze, not knowing what to answer. A single drop of porridge fell from Willow’s spoon down back into the plate.

Dawn answered for them, “OH, GOD! Keep her away from school as much as possible, please!” Buffy’s face broke in a pout.

“Bloody hell.”

They looked over and watched Spike come singed from the gravity gym and walking into the kitchen. “‘Morning,” Spike greeted. There was no response. “Oh, fine, be that way,” he said before reaching the faucet heavily breathing. He opened the faucet and drank greedily. He got up, and looked at them all staring coolly at him. “Yeah . . . well . . . you don’t want me around, I get it, I’m not bloody stupid, you know. I’ll just go to my crypt and get me some cow blood; water wets the throat, but doesn’t sustain a vamp, eh? Right, be goin’ then.” Spike left through the back, running to reach shadow before he burst aflame.

“I hate that vamp, I really do,” Tara said with some uncharacteristic annoyance. “And not the cold despise I harbor for general vamps either, he just bugs me. I wish I knew why.”

“Oh, yeah,” Buffy added and wrinkled her knows as some unwanted memories assaulted her. “And that’s just the beginning. I wish Xander hadn’t made the deal . . . I wish it took him longer to heal from what Xander did to him . . . I wish I had done what Xander did to him.” The other three girls chuckled. Buffy looked around.

“I can’t say it enough, Buffy; welcome back,” Willow told her best friend with a big grin, while clasping hands with her girlfriend.


The new Sunnydale highschool; a large, beautifully designed modern building, with three floors. Parents had come to attend its opening. The African-American principal was standing behind a colored sash, and finished his speech, “. . . and so Sunnydale, after nearly two years of inadequate and fragmented highschool education, will once again have a highschool. A new school, with the most modern schooling tools and appliances. Here I give you, the new Sunnydale High.” He snipped the sash, and as it fell down some balloons rose into the air. The parents yelled in approval and excitement, while the students just looked disinterested; a school was a school.

Tara parked the SUV just as the balloons rose above the building. The passenger seat door and the back door opened. Buffy got out of the front, and Dawn out the back. The two sisters took several steps toward the school, where the parents were saying goodbye to their children and already dispersing. Dawn was busily looking for the one face she definitely wanted to see. Buffy grabbed her sister by the shoulders, and jerked her to face her. “Dawn, could you look at my while I give my great sisterly advice?”

Dawn’s eyebrows rose in disbelief, and said, “/You/ give /me/ advice?”

Buffy rolled her eyes, and said, “Watch your back; junior high’s backstabbing was junior, you’ve entered the big leagues now. Upper class men will try to turn you into their personal bus girl and slave. Boys will want into your panties a whole lot more-”

“And one of those boys will beat them up for it, if they try,” Buffy as interrupted, and she looked annoyed that her thunder was stolen. She really should have known the moment Dawn’s annoyed face split into a wide grin. Buffy straightened and turned around, looking up at the taller Li-Huei.

“I expect you to,” Buffy told him as she folded her arms across her chest.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it under control,” Dawn said with a smile.

Buffy shook her head, muttering, “She’s doomed.” She sighed one last time and turned back around. “Dawn- . . .”

“Yes, I have the cell phone, and yes I’ll use it in emergencies, and yes I’ll watch my back. Happy? Can I enter the building now?” Dawn told her sister with a questioning look.

Buffy made a gesture and boyfriend and girlfriend joined, wrapped arms around each other’s waist and walked toward the entrance. “You must be Miss Summers.” For the second time today Buffy had to turn around at a voice interrupting her, this time it was her musings. Buffy’s eyebrows raised as she saw the good-looking, tall, bald, black man. She could get into bald, my could she get into bald, and bad thoughts!

Buffy smiled and answered, “Buffy. And you are again?”

Buffy held out her hand and the man shook it. “Robin Wood, Principal Robin Wood. Special cases are easy to remember. I know it’s late, but my condolences on the loss of your mother.”

“Yeah, well . . .” Buffy replied a little uncomfortable.

Robin smiled and said, “Father not around, must be hard raising your little sister all by yourself.”

Buffy smiled amused, “Not by myself. I have some very good friends that gotten me through. And the father returned, although he doesn’t live in the same house, he found a small apartment in Sunnydale.”

The SUV’s horn honked, and Willow’s voice yelled, “Buffy, come on! We’re going to be late for class!”

Buffy gave the principal a wry smile, and told him, “Great friends, unless you’re late for class. Then they’ll drag you off and don’t care about me; it’s a brainiac thing I guess. Goodby, Principal Wood, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more of you in your official capacity as my sister’s warden; I’ve got to get to college.”

Robin chuckled at Buffy’s joke. “It was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Summers, goodbye,” he said, shaking hands again. Then Buffy turned around and went back to the car. A bit later they were off.


Faith and her three friends stood on the stone tiled small square in front of their school. Actually, it was designated a square, it was really barely a pavement. The school in the outskirts of Los Angeles was all cement, stone and concrete.

“We’re seniors,” Archie said with a big grin, looking up at the tall building that had been his hell for the past three years, except last year. With Faith around it had actually turned out pretty good. He was standing all the way on the left of the foursome, three girls to his right. “We rule this school now. All the youngsters will have to listen to us- HEY!”

A little kid raced by him, except not entirely. The kid’s shoulder bumped against his and he stumbled, exclaiming his annoyance. The kid turned around, and backing away he said, “Hey, old timer. Watch where you’re standing.” Cackling with laughter he turned back around and ran onward; a few seniors and lower class men, including a few freshmen like the kid, chuckling.

“Oh, I’m gonna . . .” Archie hissed.

Faith’s arm went sensually around his waist, and she said softly, “Do nothing.”

“Ah, come on, Faith,” Archie whined while his other two girl friends looked at the exchange. Then he said more softly, “Your damn gravity gym helped me pretty good, I bet I could get him.”

“I know, and I know pummeling the brat into the ground is fun, but we’re seniors here, people would think you’re a bully beating up a freshman, not to mention I’m this big ass super hero, and I’ve got examples to live up to,” Faith said, giving him a friendly squeeze.

“Sometimes I really hate that,” Archie offered with a grumble, folding his arms across his chest.

Faith grinned and pulled her friends toward the entrance, saying, “Don’t I know it.”

“All right,” Tiffany repeated as the four of them walked forward. “Let’s repeat: we’re seniors, we’re good, we’re not petty, in short, we rule.”

“You got it, Tiffany,” Zoey nodded in agreement, feeling like she owned the place as she stepped inside the school.

“Five by five,” Faith offered, putting her arms around her three companions shoulders, having to stretch her right arm.

Archie sighed, and pouted, “That was my line.”


Xander entered the psychiatrist’s office. He had an appointment; he’d be there to be at a session with Willow. Something about her having to face some things of her past. Xander didn’t know if Willow was already here or not. She had said she wanted to arrive here alone, probably to build up courage. Which was also the reason why he had left early for the classes he could take before this appointment, to give Willow the room she seemed to need. He wondered what this was all about.

There was a desk, behind which sat a hot brunette secretary. She smiled at him, and greeted, “Xander Harris, welcome.”

Xander frowned, and said dangerously, “Littica, Xander Littica. Don’t ever call me Harris again.”

“Oh, right, sorry,” the young woman blurted out. “Forgot.”

Xander’s frown deepened, taking her in and wondering why’d she know his human parents’ name. Then pointed at her, and said, “Hey, you were one of the Cordettes. I used to insult you right after Cordy or you guys insulted me or my friends.”

The secretary blushed, and said, “Yes, well, not one of my finer moments.”

Xander walked over, coolly stuffing his hands back into his pockets, and said, “More than one moment, unless you consider a moment lasting years.”

She blushed brighter, obviously with shame. “I’m sorry,” she said and then looked up at him. “I was stupid.”

Xander shrugged, and said, “We were teenagers. So what’s your name anyway?”

“Katie Salizar,” she answered with her head down. “I was a bit more than stupid though, didn’t get into a college, so now I’m stuck taking phone calls and writing up appointments.”

“Study up, get an aptitude test, you can probably get in SU after all. I started last year,” Xander smiled at her.

“Yeah, well, you were a successful foreman, with enough money to pay to go to college,” Katie explained, looking down at the desk again.

“Have you at least checked? If there’s compensation, or something? And how do you know that anyway?” Xander wondered out loud, frowning down at her.

“Ah, well, uh . . . I saw you and . . . uh . . . looked up info . . . uh . . . marriage,” Katie stammered out, unbelieving how the roles had reversed - well, not so much with Xander he never did back down, but Willow, definitely Willow . . . of course, Willow was in therapy, so it was all a matter of perspective.

“For my money?” Xander asked, somewhat disappointed.

“Not just; but it would make things easier,” Katie blurted out in panic, not wanting Xander to think of her as some sort of gold-digging bitch, who would use him to pay for college and other bills and just left him. “Wasn’t thinking of robbing you blind, or anything; just if you could take care of me,” she said, the pathetic tone extremely obvious. “Then I found you were already engaged . . .” She shut her mouth the moment she saw the pain in his eyes, his shoulders slump. She swallowed deeply and said, “They’re waiting.” She pointed at the door across from her desk.

Xander nodded, and turned around. Then he walked to the door and opened it. The office was a classic, soothing, psychiatrist’s office with soothing browns and greens. There was a heavy, oak desk, right in front Xander. He was looking at the narrow side. To the right of the desk were a pair comfortable couches, with a low coffee table in the middle. To either short side was a comfy leather chair. There was a cabinet to the left of the desk containing stuff. There were a few more, as well as a tv and video and dvd player. A man, a light brunet, in a suit - minus a jacket which was hung over the chair behind the desk - sat in the far chair. Willow was sitting in the couch this side of the coffee table, all the way in the corner closest to the psychiatrist.

“Ah, Mr. Littica, right on time,” the psychiatrist said and stood up, reaching out his hand.

Xander took it, shaking the hand and said, “Mr. Wade, good to see you again.” They broke apart and Xander sat down in the same couch, but a little farther away. “So what exactly am I here for?”

“Well, Willow here has some issue to work through, several having to do with you, and so she’s here to ask you some questions,” the psychiatrist said and then turned to Willow. “Willow?”

Willow turned around to face Xander and looked at him with large, apprehensive eyes. “Uhm, okay,” Willow started weakly, continuing to look at Xander. Willow being nervous, she launched into babble mode, “You know I kinda already know the neglect I got from my parents got me up all lacking moral direction and such, I don’t get caught, and it’s all fine you know? And then there’s the whole smart th-”

“Will? There a point?” Xander asked her amused, liking that beneath all the super power magic witch with control issues was still good old Willow.

Willow straightened, mustering up the nerve. “Why not me?” she asked, her hands in her lap, twitching nervously.

“Huh?” Xander asked confused.

Willow returned to babble mode, but a forceful one, “Why not me? What was it? I wasn’t beautiful enough? I wasn’t sexy enough? Boobs too small? I didn’t have enough strength or power? I tried, and I tried, and you never noticed me-”

“Hold it,” Xander said gently, and Willow looked at him with pain in her eyes. “First of all, you never really tried anything, Willow. You never asked me out, you never flirted with me, never.” Xander looked Willow deep in her eyes, and she deflated a bit, pained that indeed she never tried; apart from that one time putting some ice cream on her nose, which was a weak attempt at best. “And you are, and were beautiful, and sexy. My god were you beautiful and sexy. Still are. Do you think we’d have fluked if you weren’t? Do you think I would have gotten close to kissing you that summer after Buffy killed the Master if you weren’t?” He reached over and enveloped her in hug for several long moments. He even wrapped his tail around her waist. Then he let go and sitting back.

“Then what’s with going after all those girls when Jesse was still alive?” Willow asked still pained, but calmed down a bit by his words and the hug.

“I wouldn’t get them; I’d always deliberately found a way to screw up my attempt; I only expected Jesse to get lucky sooner or later,” Xander said with a smile, remembering his and Jesse’s antics, a wave of guilt sweeping through him. He could have saved him so easily.

“What about Buffy?” Willow asked a tear that was neither happy nor sadness, and yet both.

Xander smiled at her, and said, “She did have something you didn’t have.” Willow swallowed and dreaded Xander’s next words. “A secret,” Xander told her with a wistful smile. “She was beautiful, strong, sexy, smart, she could make me smile. I was in love with her, was with you too, but why I allowed myself to pine after her, pursue her pathetically, was simple. If she ever found out my secret, I was already guarding hers. She couldn’t betray mine, without fear of reprisal.” Xander sighed as she saw Willow’s shocked expression. “I know it’s not much of a reason, and it sounds even callous and calculating, but I spent all my life hiding it, I was still doing it then.”

“And Cordelia? We hated her,” Willow asked weakly.

“Exactly, she snuck up on me,” Xander answered, then sighed as Willow looked questioningly at him. “I noticed you, Will, noticed you a lot. A relationship would mean you’d find my secret sooner or later; so I walled what I felt for you off, suppressed it. Cordelia was a bitch, she couldn’t care less about me, and the same was true for me. She considered me beneath her, what chances were there? So no suppression necessary I thought. Then she kinda joined us in our fight, and I find out she isn’t quite as big a bitch as I thought she was, that there was a caring individual underneath that mask, and I knew about wearing masks. We call each other names, say we hate each other, and the next moment I’m kissing her. Snuck up on me.”

Willow stayed silent, jaw half dropped, slowly processing that information. “Anya snuck up on you too?” Willow asked, sounding more like a statement than a question.

Xander nodded, smiling painfully. “She walked in the basement, simply saying she wanted sex,” Xander said, and then chocked up. He forcibly swallowed it away, remembering Anya, and finished, “Sex what just sex, so why not. Then a second time, a third, and bang I’m in a relationship that I hardly understood, and in love with even less understanding. Then she finds out about the secret, I explain it to her, and she keeps the secret as she promised.”

Willow stayed surprised still, looking to a spot behind Xander’s head processing it. Then she blinked, and whispered, “I thought I needed power to be recognized, and loved, and cared for.”

Xander took Willow to him, and hugged her fiercely, his tail once again around her waist. It was a nice feeling, and Willow smiled with her head touching his while resting on his right shoulder. “Silly, that has nothing to do with it,” Xander said with a big smile.

“I’m sorry,” Willow said, and hugged Xander back fiercely. For a few minutes they stayed hugged, with Willow crying and mumbling ‘I’m sorry’ over and over.

They broke off the hug, and looked at each other for a bit. “Why?” Xander asked.

Willow looked down, thinking. “I resented you. I resented you for so long, and for so many different reasons. Because you were stupid. Because you were weak. Because you didn’t love me. Because you fell in love with other women. Because you were so strong. Because you were smarter than I was, and knew more than I did. There were times when I hated you for it,” Willow blabbered out, and then looked up with guilty, tear-filled eyes. “I’m not a nice person, Xan.”

Xander took her back in his arms, stroking her hair, and smiling she said, “No, but you’re a good person, and a kind person, you care and you try so hard. You’ve fallen, but you’ve struggled back up. But that’s more than good enough, Willow. Nice people are . . . a bit too nice for me anyway.”

“I love you,” Willow said with pained emotion.

“I love you too,” Xander returned, and then they broke apart, suddenly becoming aware of the psychiatrist again.

Embarrassed Willow scooted away from Xander, and looked timidly at her therapist. “Mr. Littica,” the psychiatrist spoke calmly, “I think her troubles with you are quite out in the open now, and somewhat resolved for now. I’d like to have a word with Willow alone before this session is over.”

“Sure,” Xander said, and pointed his thumb back. “I’ll wait outside,” he told Willow. He got up, as did Wade, and they shook hands goodbye. Then he left the office.

“So, that cleared a good chuck of the air?” Wade asked Willow with a slight smile after Xander had left.

“Yeah, a good chunk I’d say,” Willow said weakly. Lately the session had all been about confronting what lay inside her, and Willow had found she didn’t like most of what she found. “Do you think I’m a good person?”

“For the most part,” he answered coolly, thinking about his answer carefully. Willow waited painfully. “He’s right; you try. That’s more than can be said about many other people. I think you’ve got a shot and banishing your least desirable traits.”

“I hope so,” Willow said painfully.

A little later she stepped out of the office, and found Xander waiting. “I know we came here separately, but wanna go back to university together?” Xander asked with a smile.

“Love to,” Willow said, and looked over at the desk. “Goodbye, Katie.”

“Goodbye, Willow, regular next week,” the brunette returned with a smile. Willow nodded, and as they left, Xander smiled at Katie one last time.


Delores, Donna, and Sraosha stood unseen on the roof of the new highschool. Any wings the angels should have were not present.

“I feel uncomfortable,” Delores observed. The Latin angel seeming in her mid twenties was wearing a skirt and a conservative wraparound blouse that hugged her form. She shivered a bit, as her dark eyes surveyed the students milling about down below.

“You should, Delores,” Sraosha said relaxedly. The archangel, once worshiped as a god himself, promoted obedience, bringing the souls of the dead to heaven. In Zoroastrian tradition, he was the messenger of the supreme god, the god of the music of intuition. Looking at him in the right way, showed his eyes glowing faintly divinely blue. His black hair hung around his shoulders - and he looked amazing. Complimenting his handsome face and hair to run your fingers through were a broad chest, and strong muscular arms and legs. If Buffy had seen this real angel next to Angel those six years earlier, she would have jumped Sraosha’s bones and left Angel for ugly. He had a gleaming sword with him, now hanging in a sheath at his waste; something no mortal would ever see. He was dressed in jeans, and a shirt that hugged his chest, left his arms bare, and was long enough to almost be a robe. Its left side hung further down - to his left knee - and had a pale green color. It was obviously not of the Earth, not of western fashion sense at least. “No angel feels comfortable on top of the Hellmouth.”

“Hellmouth?” Delores questioned in shock.

“The gateway to hell, and you’re directly above it, literally,” Donna explained, taking a nervous breath, which was another shocker for Delores. Donna, her overseer angel, a feisty blonde that looked like she was seventeen. That of course, was only her age of death; she was really an angel for some 1400 years, and she could look like a volcano about to go off. She was dressed in a white dress.

“Really?” Delores said a little shocked.

“Yes, directly below us, directly below the principle’s office lies the way to hell,” Sraosha explained calmly. He turned his head and let his blue glowing eyes pierce Melissa’s soul, and she gulped, realizing this wasn’t a joke, or a trivial matter. Sraosha seemed to be in battle mode; which quite frankly, she’d never seen before. For a moment she wondered fleetingly what an archangel could do in a fight. “And it’s been opened several times in the past five or so years; luckily for the Earth, it was closed in time every time,” Sraosha continued his explanation in a grave voice. “Several children, with the help of one vampire with a soul, and an expert from Britain have been fighting the forces of darkness, and prevailed. They have grown powerful indeed. One of them is the Slayer; the one girl in the world chosen by God, and given the strength to fight the demons. Another two are witches, and a final one is a being from another planet.”

Delores looked at the archangel as if he had gone mad. “That’s . . . that’s . . .”

“Very possible, Delores, God works in mysterious ways,” Donna took over for a moment, “Don’t think that just because you’ve been made an angel you know everything. I don’t know as much as an archangel, and I highly doubt an archangel knows as much as god does.”

“Very true . . . there,” Sraosha said, and pointed down to a brunette teenager that fell into the arms of an Asian guy. Taking a better look, Delores realized he wasn’t exactly Asian; he had mixed parents. “That’s Dawn, she’s your assignment. She’s the Key, literally and figuratively.”

“How do you mean?” Delores asked confused.

“She is The Key,” Donna explained, looking down at the girl. “A ball of energy that can open gateways to other dimensions, and once in a ten thousand years, when everything is just right, the Key can open a gateway too all dimensions at the same time, during the time it’s open, everything from anywhere, can end up everywhere else.”

Sraosha nodded and then looked back at Delores, “A arch demon tried to do exactly that a little over a year ago. She was stopped. A year before that, the monks that guarded the key, pleaded to god for help and granted their request. Their magic created a body, god provided the soul. The Key was hidden inside of her, Dawn Summers, sister to Buffy Summers, the Slayer.”

“Okay, that covers the literal key,” Delores said with some apprehension.

Donna took over from Sraosha again, as she handed Delores an envelop with all the necessary information, “Soon, a human who’s been building his strength will bring forth the darkness, start Armageddon. Since God created free will for humans, he cannot interfere on his own terms.”

“However, should a human being decide similarly of his or her own free will, to draw forth the power of God to smite the destroyer, then God has a loophole,” Sraosha explained coolly, “The Key allows access to haven, Dawn is the only person that can do this. For that though, she has to believe, have faith, and make that choice.”

Donna continued where the archangel left off, looking at Delores who was leafing through the thick pack of papers and the information, “All Dawn’s seen, is hell. Her mother died one and a half years ago, the spell that created her and changed people’s memories didn’t work, so the monks had to keep her father away. She’s simply a creation, with demons and beings claiming to be gods gunning for her, her friends, or the things they protect. As the others, they are disillusioned with anything claiming to be a God. You’re job, long term job, is to make her see the light, get her too believe.”

“No pressure, I fail, the world ceases to exist,” Delores gulped and looked at the two other angels. “Are you certain I should be the one doing this?”

“No, but God is, this comes directly from him,” Sraosha said deadpan.

“Oh, right, like there isn’t enough pressure,” Delores said weakly, then straightened herself, her faith carrying her onward. “Let’s do this.”


Dawn sat down in a chair, and looked around for a moment as Li sat at a table left next to her. The classroom was modern, mostly in whites, and had computers standing next to each other on tables along the walls with internet connections. She noticed Janice taking a seat on the other side of the room. She watched as the class filled with some students she knew from Junior High - two of them a couple she and Li had been semi-friends with - and the rest were new to her. A beautiful blonde walked in. She wore a miniskirt that showed off her legs, even shorter than Dawn’s own, and a top that left her belly button bare, and presented her big breasts to the male contingent of the class. Dawn felt a bout of insecurity, and looked over at Li. He obviously noticed the hot blonde, but then looked over at her and smiled. She smiled back in relief, the blonde didn’t seem to interest her boyfriend as much as herself.

Then the teacher entered; a beautiful Latin woman in a Earth-mother dress, somewhat the way Tara like to dress. “Hello, students,” she intoned with a strong voice that demanded attentions. The chattering quieted down and they focused on the teacher. “I’m Delores Reventar, and I will be your history teacher this semester. Any questions before we begin? No? Good, then I’ll start with a quick overview of what we’re going to be studying. If you’ll all get the books you’ve gotten . . .”

Dawn took a deep breath, and went to get the book in question from her backpack. And thus her first history lesson started. It was rather non-eventful, especially since the first twenty minutes or so was spent by the teacher giving her overview, and some quick hints at what one should know for the midterms. Of course, this Sunnydale High, right smack on the Hellmouth, she was the Key, sister to the Slayer and involved in a war against the forces of all those who would destroy or enslave humanity. In short; it didn’t take long after that, for Dawn’s eyes to widen as three zombie like beings suddenly stood around her desk. One looked like a nerd, a second like a janitor and a third was a girl. “Your sister couldn’t save us, so now you’ll pay the price,” the female of the three hissed.

“AAAH!” Dawn exclaimed in the middle of class, jumping up out of her chair, interrupting the teacher. Everyone looked over at her with confused looks. “Don’t you see ‘em!?” Dawn asked and pointed at the zombies. Dawn’s eyes widened as there were none. She looked around her, and then behind her. The zombies were gone. “Uh . . .” she muttered, feeling the heat rise in her cheeks as many of the students starting chuckling and laughing.. “Never mind,” she said and quickly sat back down, folding her short skirt underneath her.

“Go to bed earlier!” a guy called from the back of the class room.

“Get some valium!” another kid remarked.

Amidst chuckles another one said, “A loony bin.”

Dawn turned to look at Li and rolled her eyes at him, and he smiled at her, mouthing, ‘Hellmouth?’ Dawn nodded, as Delores called sharply, “*Quiet!*” Then she continued with her lesson.


Xander and Willow arrived back on campus grounds. Grass stretched out, interrupted by pavement, the occasional bushes and trees, some tables and students. The large brown-bricked building of campus would seem imposing to a freshman. He and Willow were no longer freshmen, and when Willow was, all it inspired was a greater drive to do good in her studies. Willow looked at the building as she and Xander walked onto the grass toward the table where Buffy and Tara sat. Today, the building didn’t much engender anything in Willow. Last year she hadn’t had much drive for academic achievement, to busy in her power-hungry corrupted stated to notice; but earlier this year, the desire to know, to learn had returned. Today though, she enjoying her much less troubled state to notice. Clearing the air with Xander at her therapist had been amazingly freeing. Other students were sitting at the table as well, but there was just enough room for the both of them to squeeze next to friend and girlfriend respectively.

“Hey, sweety,” Tara greeted her girlfriend, then give her a sweet kiss.

“Hi, Tar,” Willow returned the greet and smiled at her.

“Okay?” Tara asked shortly, then took a bite out of her sandwich.

Willow nodded with a smiled. “Very much,” Was her answer and bent down to fish for her lunch box in her bag.

Xander had his big lunch box already out, and was halfway through one sandwich. Buffy looked amused at her friend, and she muttered, “I still can’t figure out how you pack them away so fast without spilling.”

Xander swallowed away some finely-chewed sandwich, and answered, “Practice. So, everything okay over here?”

“Well,” Buffy started slowly, grinning. “I’m pretty sure I understood the last class, and Dawn hasn’t called that the Earth is opening to swallow the highschool whole, so I guess that means it’s okay.” Buffy resumed eating her lunch.

“Anyone up for doing something together tonight?” Tara asked the other three.

“Not me,” Buffy said with a happy grin. “Got a date with my boyfriend and his office coworkers. Gotta buy a really nice sexy dress after school for it too.”

“Gang bang huh?” Xander whispered with an evil grin. “Way to go, Buff!” Buffy, a half-suppressed smile on her face, elbowed him sharply in his ribs. “OW!” he exclaimed making the other students at the table look at him. He ignored them while his three friends giggled. “Hey!”

“Then don’t do that,” Buffy admonished him with a smile she wished she could remove from her face.

“I’ve got nothing,” Willow said with bright smile. “I’m there for a nice Scooby Gang out without Buffy.”

“Great, then we can get up to a gang bang the sister,” Xander whispered conspiratorially at Willow and Tara. “OW!” this time elbow slammed in his upper arm. “OW!” Xander said again, as two feet slammed in his shins underneath the table. Then he sulked, “If all my classmates and my colleagues knew of the abuse, they wouldn’t be saying it isn’t far how I only know hot, gorgeous girls.” Three scolding looks turned to beaming smiles at his remark.


Dawn got up out of her chair, and sighed in annoyance. Li stepped up next to her as she turned toward the exit of the classroom.

“Dawn,” Delores called out friendly. Dawn froze and turned around questioningly. “Could I speak with you for a moment in private?” Delores asked her with a smile.

Dawn gulped as she heard students around her snickering. She thought the same thing as them; that she’d getting a dressing down for her shouting and jumping up during class. She nodded to her boyfriend, and walked over to Delores standing in front of the black board, while the students filed out of the class.

Once they were gone, Delores said, “Hi, Dawn. I read your file, as I do most if I have the time, and I won’t hold your outburst against you.”

Dawn’s left eyebrow rose in disbelief and she asked, “Exactly what do you mean with that?”

Delores smiled serenely and said, “You’ve had a hard time. Your mother dying, your quite young sister taking over caring for you, that can’t have been easy. And now recently your father returning out of nowhere, when he was nowhere to be found. I know grief, pain, and stress can make a person see things.”

“Uh,” Dawn muttered, wondering if she should contradict the teacher. On the one hand, her time since her mother’s death hadn’t been a hell hole and her outburst had nothing to do with it. In fact, she’d thrived and got a happy life, with friends, family, boyfriend, despite some bad events, choice, and the ever presence of the Hellmouth and the forces of darkness. On the other hand, a teacher overly sweet and forgiving with her because she had ‘such hard life’ couldn’t possibly suck. In the end, Dawn decided to let the teacher decide. She smiled, and said, “Well, yeah, I don’t know. I can’t even fully remember what I saw.”

Delores nodded. “It happens. Take your time to adjust, all will be good in the end. God is with us all.”

“Right, of course . . . that it?” Dawn asked, wanting to get back to her boyfriend. Delores nodded. Dawn turned around and walked toward the exit, muttering under her breath, “Right up until my sister kicks his ass.” Delores raised her eyebrows in surprise as she could just make out what Dawn said.

Sighing in relief the Slayer’s sister closed the door behind her, and saw Li-Huei and Janice waiting for her. “And?” her boyfriend asked.

Dawn grinned and said, “She thinks the stress and grief about the loss of my mom and the return of my dad made me see thinks. She’s pretty much going to pamper me, for my poor horrible life.” Janice and Li-Huei chuckled as they started walking down the corridor with lockers and classrooms toward the cafeteria.

“So what was it?” Janice asked obviously nervously.

Dawn took her friend in for a moment and then told the both of them, “Zombies . . .” Then she frowned and added, “At least I think it’s zombies. Never heard of zombies only being seen by one person, appearing and disappearing at will.” Li-Huei slung an arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders. Dawn looked over at Janice, and asked, “So? Wanna give full-time friend a shot again?”

Janice blinked, then nodded. “Yeah, high school eh? Made me give a whole new sense of maturity,” the long-haired brunette answered. She smiled nervously and added, “And then I remembered I couldn’t handle being your full on friend because of the vamps, and I realized, ‘hey, vamps still here, not going away because I’m not hanging out with Dawn all the time’.”

“One tried to eat you?” Dawn asked softly with an amused smile.

Janice nodded and looked over to Dawn, “Yeah, that other super hot guy you know dusted it.” Janice then blushed and looked up at the taller Li-Huei. He just grinned wolfishly at her. She gulped, and turned to Dawn again, “Plus, highschool, don’t know anyone, kinda scary.”

“Welcome back, Janice,” Dawn said with a smile, and slung her free arm around her friend’s waist to give a quick squeeze.

“Hey, Dawn?”

The threesome froze and looked toward their right where a blonde girl stood. She frowned for a bit, confused obviously, and then said, “Don’t call your sister, she won’t know.” The girl the closed her locker and walked off, leaving three confused fellow students.

“Oookay,” Dawn muttered as the three of them started walking, highly confused. “Someone needs to lay off the designer drugs.”

“Yeah,” Li-Huei said with a frown.


A little later they arrived in the rather spacious lunch room - almost thirty meters in length, and some fifteen in width. A counter with some food, which Dawn hoped was food and not something that was just edible, was to the left, lining the long hall. There were tables all around and it was already quite full. The three of them went to the counter.

At a table that was already full, a group of students sat. One guy spied on Dawn, her boyfriend, and her friend. Then he said, “Check out the crazy chick. Is she nuts or what?”

One couple looked up to regard the jock. Another guy said, “Crazy or not, I think she’s pretty hot. What’s with the Asian guy though?”

“That would be her boyfriend Li-Huei,” the blonde girl - Danielle - with the dark-haired guy said icily. The others looked surprised at that. “And Dawn is cool, and not crazy, perhaps a little sleep-deprived. They’re . . . sexually active, to what extend I don’t know.” Now everyone stopped eating to listen in. “Last year in Junior High with us, one of Li’s friends decided to blab about what he confided to them. During a week of big drama, she was considered the school slut. Then she dragged him in front of everyone at lunch, and yelled for everyone to be quiet. Told us that yes what we heard was right, but that was what supposed to happen between a loving couple. So everyone who thought she was a slut, would sooner or later be a slut themselves, as well as childish, stupid bastards, and she didn’t give a damn what they or anyone else thought of them. Suffice it to say, a lot of the girls there considered her a hero.”

“Really, that’s rather nice,” the guy who said Dawn was dumb looked over at her with new eyes - the eyes of a leer.

Danielle’s boyfriend, Jack, leaned forward and said, “If you think the same, that makes you an immature, stupid asshole as well.”

The table went silent. Deathly silent as just forming friendships, and a few older ones balanced on the breaking point. “Fine,” the guy said, backing off. “Don’t worry about little old me. The girl’s okay, got it.” Then they went and got back to their lunch, quite a bit more strained.

Li-Huei, Janice and Dawn had finally got their lunches and then looked around. Quite a few of the tables were full, as they walked a bit toward the middle, looking around to find a place with some people they already knew. Their eyes crossed across the table. Danielle and Jack crossed eyes with them and smiled, then gave helpless shrugs as they indicated the table was already full. Li-Huei and Dawn smiled back for a moment. “Huh,” Dawn muttered looking to her right. “Farley and Sean’s table is already full as well, stupid teacher and her dumb words of support.”

“Yeah,” Li muttered disappointed, seeing one his two best friends at the full table Dawn indicated.

“I guess we’re gonna have to take that one,” Janice said, indicating a table half-full with a couple of odd kids. A few were nerds, another few seemed like skaters; the groups were at either end of the table.

“Yep,” Dawn said, and they went over, sitting themselves down in between the two groups.

“Hey, guys, girls,” Li-Huei greeted, and both sides looked surprised.


When the break was over, Janice and Li-Huei were read to go their classes. They got up from their lunch table, and Dawn got out her schedule, having forgotten where she had to go. “Ooh, free period,” she said with a smile, then looked up at her friends. “And look, beginning of school year, nothing to do yet. Perhaps I’ll go shopping.” Li, and Janice looked at her with annoyance. “The arcade in the mall is nice,” Dawn thought out loud.

“Stop, if you value our relationship,” Li-Huei told her with a grumble.

Dawn chuckled lightly and planted a quick kiss on his lips. “But first I gotta go to the bathroom, see ya later, guys,” Dawn said and turned in the opposite direction of her friends.

Dawn entered said bathroom and entered a stall. She peed, and then got the toilet paper to dry herself. Done she got out and walked forward to the sinks. The sinks were in counter with several beautiful new faucets, and mirrors. Dawn took the place in better, seeing the lovely light brown finish of the walls and the same color on the stalls. She smiled and thought, *Damn, it’s good to be in a brand new school - okay, it’s better than being in an old decrepit building.*

She reached over to a faucet and noticed an odd thing lying behind it. It had some crystals and feathers sticking out, with some kind of chain with baubles. She examined it as she finished washing her hands, then looked around. “Hey, someone in here, someone forget something?” Dawn asked, and looked around. No answer. “I know you’re here,” Dawn said, having detected whoever it was with her sense of chi.

“Go away,” a muffled voice sounded from the middle stall.

Dawn blinked and walked over. The door wasn’t locked. Taking a chance the girl wasn’t naked and just forgot to look, she opened the door. There sat a girl in black, a black bag over her shoulder. She had her knees hunched up as she sat on the closed toilet seat. She wore black jeans, and had a black shirt and net top on. The dense, lightly see-through top reached almost to the floor on one side, and would reach to her knees if she was standing. Heavy black makeup around her eyes, black flowing hair to her shoulders, and pale purple lipstick finished her Goth look. The looked frightened at Dawn, and she muttered, “There’s something here, go away.”

“But you’re going to stay? And there’s only me,” Dawn answered her a little surprised.

“You wouldn’t believe me,” the girl said to down, still looking scared but lightly less.

Dawn’s face broke in a smile, and smugly she put her arms over her chest. “I believe you, in fact if I told you everything I’ve seen, I’ll bet you won’t believe me,” Dawn told the Goth with a grin. Then she held out her right hand, and said, “I’m Dawn.”

Tentatively the girl shook Dawn’s hand, and returned, “Kit.” Dawn gently pulled her up, and Kit got off the toilet, standing up.

“What is it that you saw?” Dawn asked, getting Kit out of the stall and into the middle of the toilets.

“Uhm, would you believe zombies?” Kit asked.

“Oh, thank god!” Dawn said with a sigh of relief, as Kit looked deeply surprised at Kit. “I’m not alone, welcome to the club by the way. For a minute there I myself was starting to think I’d gone nuts.” Kit looked at her with even bigger eyes. “They came to me during class.”

“They?” Kit squeaked, and then things started to rumble.

“Huh?” Dawn muttered, feeling some energy was around her. She looked up, then down, then saw a crack rapidly forming a circle around her and Kit. “Oh, fuck,” she muttered before the floor fell away under them. Kit screamed as they fell down. Dawn looked down, and saw the circle of floor break up and crack as it slammed into a new floor. Dawn grabbed Kit, and immediately exerted her chi. Kit shriek stopped, and looked shocked as she hung just above a piece of the floor. She gulped, and heard Dawn do the same.

“That was close,” Dawn muttered as she righted her and Kit then gently set them down between the debris.

“Holy shit,” Kit muttered in shock at Dawn. The Key was looking up though, and her eyes widened.

“Well, that’s just great,” Dawn said in frustration, as she raised her hand up. Kit looked up, and noticed the same thing. They hole they fell through, was no more. Just a nice ceiling. Dawn wondered if she should just blast her way back up, but decided against it. Who knew, perhaps a kid might be above, and she’d end up killing him or her, possibly even on of her friends. Besides, how difficult could be to get out of a basement . . . that was obviously messed up by magic? Oh, boy.

“You can fly?” Kit asked surprised, pulling Dawn out of her reverie.

“Hm?” Dawn said, put her eye sight level again and looking at her fast becoming new friend. “Oh, yeah, chi, life force.”

“That’s so cool! Could I learn?” Kit asked excitedly.

“Oh, yeah, but it takes training, lots and lots before you have enough power to do so, you know,” Dawn explained to her, while thinking about their predicament.

“I /knew/ I should have put some Asian in my studies of the Pagan nature deities,” Kit said with a grin, looking down at herself.

“Uh, do me a favor, if any ever talk back to you, don’t take its word on anything, will ya?” Dawn told Kit, and took her arm, deciding on trying right.

“Why?” Kit asked as they walked along the dank walls with visible plumbing, but they didn’t get to see much more. The place was pretty dark, a tiny light shining behind a corner in the distance.

“We had some trouble with them, tried to destroy us, friend of mine destroyed them instead,” Dawn explained calmly as she peered suspiciously around.

“Really?” Kit asked both skeptical, and surprised.

Dawn nodded, seeing through a mesh of steel shielding a small supply place. “Yeah, remember that whole nuclear-like explosion? And the thunder before that, the streaks half a year ago?” Kit looked with wide eyes at Dawn. “Demon god,” Dawn said with a grin. “Giant Bunny too, and that freak tornado in the desert before that? That same friend’s energy before killing off a goddess bitch wanting us to bow down and worship us and stuff.”

“I /knew/ it! I just knew that weren’t asteroids! Seemed nothing like the real ones,” Kit said with a grin, excited.

Her excitement ended quickly as laughter filtered through the basement, echoing, sending shivers down Kit’s and Dawn’s spines. “Oh,” a malicious voice sounded and a zombie janitor appeared in front of them. “You haven’t forgotten about us, have you, Dawn?”

Dawn unfroze herself, raising her energy, and she felt two more apparitions appear. One next to her, one behind. Kit looked fearfully at the Janitor in front of her, and Dawn said, “I don’t care. Kit and I are going to get out of here, right after I destroy your asses.”

“You’re /never/ getting out of here!” the nerd next to Dawn yelled in glee. “Not even dead; just look at us!”

“Yes, yes!” the girl hissed behind her, and Kit shuddered in fear next to Dawn, who remained mostly calm. “Never getting out! Never getting out! Death! Death!” Kit looked fearfully half around. The zombie girl snarled, and hissed out, “I thought I’d get out; after I graduated, after having an amazing boyfriend, possibly after losing my virginity on prom night . . . but I’m not getting out of here, not ever.”

“So you’re not either, Summers!” the janitor growled out with glee, while Kit grabbed Dawn’s arm. “Your sister let us die, and she’ll let you die as well! You and your friend are going to pay for your sister’s negligence.”

“That’s it,” Dawn muttered. She fired an energy ball at the girl, smashed her foot into the nerd’s chin, and twisted around to land a devastating blow on the janitor’s face. The girl was engulfed in a small explosion, the boy was launched back till he slammed into the wall and shattered, and the janitor flew back some ten meters before crashing into the floor, tumbling on a bit more and disappearing. “Well now, that wasn’t so hard,” Dawn said with a smile, clasping her hands to get rid of the imaginary dust gathered on them.

“Wow, you’re so awesome,” Kit muttered looking at Dawn.

Dawn grinned at her, and said, “I know.”

“*SUMMERS!*” three voices boomed as one echoing everywhere. Both Dawn and Kit froze, and looked as in front of them the three zombies reappeared with wicked grins on their faces.

The girl intoned, “You can’t kill us, Dawnie.”

“We’re already dead!” the nerd added, and all three of them started laughing with evil glee. Then they disappeared.

“Oh, joy,” Dawn said sarcastically, and then quickly pulled Kit along as she started walking with brisk steps down the corridor. “We gotta get out of here.”


Dawn and Kit walked through the dark corridors of the basement. They had made several turns already, but no exit. “There’s no way out,” Kit said a little frightened, bolstered by Dawn’s show of force, but it still wasn’t enough. You may be strong, you’d still starve to death or die of thirst.

“There’s a way out, there’s always a way out,” Dawn said confidently; if there really was no other way, she’d blast her way out one way or another. If she had to choose between herself and someone haphazardly in the way, she’d choose herself, a little bit of Xander’s Saiyan attitude and teaching showing in her thoughts. That of course, she’d only use that as a last resort. Just because she’d choose herself, didn’t mean there wasn’t a way to not have to chose at all. She briefly thought about calling help, but dismissed it. The zombie ghosts, for lack of a better name, weren’t much of a threat - she just had to find the damn exit.

They reached a corner, and bumped into a guy. Kit and the guy gave frightened shrieks; the guy would undoubtedly claim they were manly. “Are you dead?” Kit asked frightened.

“No, you!?” the guy squeaked out. He was dressed in jeans and a faded shirt. He had dark hair, and had a cigarette in his hand.

“No,” Dawn said, smiling a bit at his antics, as well as Kit’s who had quickly moved behind her. Kit slowly stepped back from behind Dawn taking in the not so bad looking guy. “Do you know a way out?”

“Fuck no,” he answered looking around skitterry. “I just went to find a place to smoke, and then these . . . things came and started talking this horrible shit.”

“Same here,” Dawn said annoyed, looking around. “I’m Dawn.”

“Carlos,” the guy returned.

“I’m Kit,” Kit answered nervously.

Dawn looked around, and said, “We gotta find an exit.”

“You’ll never find an exit!” There was laughter and the three zombie ghosts appeared. One in the corridor that Dawn and Kit came from, one where Carlos had come from, and one in the third direction, behind Kit and Dawn, the direction Carlos was heading in. “You’re stuck here forever!” the nerd zombie shrieked out.

“Death is the only way out!” the Janitor in the corridor where Dawn and Kit came from said, while Kit and Carlos started getting afraid.

The girl, standing in the corridor where Carlos had been heading, and said, “And sometimes, not even that.”

The zombies charged, and Carlos and Kit screamed. Dawn made a quick movement forward, and slammed her fist devastatingly against the nerd zombie, and he was launched away. “Come on!” Dawn said and grabbed her two fearful companions, pulling them along as she started running. The janitor and the girl collided with each other behind them, and growled in annoyance.

Dawn rounded a corner right, and then took a left, and froze. Carlos and Kit slammed into her behind her. “No way,” Dawn muttered in shock. Before them stood the girl and the janitor, and then from the right the nerd sauntered in.

“Wait,” Carlos said in equal shock, pointing at them, recognizing the corner where they bumped into each other. “We were just there.”

“Huh?” Kit said, taking a better look leaning forward over Dawn’s shoulder as the grinning zombies started to casually advance on them. “But that can’t be, we only made two turns!”

“Yeah, right and left,” Dawn said in mounting annoyance. “Magic, the damned basement is reconfiguring itself, if we’re even /in/ the basement. This might very well be just one big illusion. Shit, I should have known when the hole we fell through was gone.”

Dawn turned around and started running again, pulling her two companions along. Once they were heading in the opposite direction Kit and Carlos were running along and saw Dawn let go of their arms. “Your sister will pay for what she did with your life, Dawn!” the zombies’ voices echoed behind her.

Dawn turned left. There was a corner to the left at the end of the small corridor, no way forward, and wide red doors to the right. Dawn smiled and ran a little faster, her friends huffing and puffing behind her. She opened the big doors and saw a stairs. On the top of the stairs was an open door with a well-lit corridor behind it. “Yes!” she hissed and quickly entered, Carlos and Kit right behind her. She stepped on the stairs and her foot went right through them. She stumbled in surprise and then the stairs disappeared, as did the door. Instead there was a storage room some five by five meters. It had some racks, and held tools and left over building materials; like stones and a few pipes.

“On, no,” Dawn said and whirled around, quickly pulling Carlos and Kit onward behind her. The zombies stood there, and the doors behind them slammed shut, and then locked with a click.

The zombie ghosts stood there grinning, and the girl zombie ghost said, “Your sister was making out with her dead boyfriend, and so I was mauled and eaten by a werewolf. I will make you die for that. She won’t save you either, Dawnie, she’s probably out making out with her newest boyfriend.”

“No, he’s in LA, she’s at the Sunnydale U, but hey, at least he’s not dead, so you gotta give her props for that,” Dawn quipped. The Zombies growled, and then she wondered why she was busy pissing them off even more, and why her big sister and the others did that with the bad guys they were fighting.

“Do you /have/ to get them more angry?” Carlos asked scared, obviously having come to the same thought.

The zombies jumped forward, and howled in pain as they bounced off of Dawn’s quickly erected chi shield. They dropped to the floor and looked hatefully from their down positions at the shimmering dome of energy that surrounded the three humans.

“Wow. Dawn, you just keep getting cooler,” Kit said in wonder while Carlos looked surprised.

“I know, get my cell phone out of my backpack,” Dawn said pointing at the lower smaller pocket. Kit did as told as the zombies got up, and looked at the shield. When they started grinning, Dawn said, “Hurry.”

“This won’t hold us,” the janitor said with a grin, as Kit pulled the cell phone from Dawn’s bag. “There’s no way out.”

The three zombie ghosts pointed their hands forward and with a sickening echoing screech invisible energy blasted forward and slammed against Dawn’s shield. Dawn wobbled and then righted herself, putting more energy in the shield. “Damn,” Dawn muttered taking the phone. “I gotta call my sister, she’ll know . . .” Dawn’s eyes widened looking at Buffy’s name in the dial screen, remembering the weird blonde’s words: ‘Don’t call your sister, she won’t know.’

“No way,” Dawn said in disbelief, putting one foot back to handle the new onslaught from the demons.

“What?” Carlos asked, at Dawn’s words. Dawn quickly flicked onward till she found Tara, and had her phone dial her.

The girl zombie suddenly shimmered out of existence, and reappeared within the shield next to Kit and Carlos. Kit screamed out her surprise terror, attempting to instinctively move toward Carlos for protection. The girl cackled happily though as she grabbed Kit’s hair and pulled. Kit screamed in terror and pain, and Carlos lunged. His right fist slammed in the zombies face, let go and took a step back but didn’t much else. “OW!” Carlos yelled out shaking his painful hand. Kit moved closer to him.

As Dawn muttered, “Pick up, pick up,” she blasted a powerful beam of chi forward and slamming the two male zombie ghosts away and into disappearance. She dropped her shield and instantly twisted around and sent the girl flying back until she crashed into a rack with a vicious kick.

#This Tara,# Tara’s answer came from the other side.

“Yes, Tara, hold on,” Dawn said excitedly as the two male zombies shimmered into existence on either side of her. She slammed her free fist into the nerd’s face, and kicked the janitor in the chest, sending the two staggering back. “Guys, get a weapon, a pipe, anything, I can’t be in three places at the same time,” Dawn urged her companions, then put the phone back to her ear. As the other two started to look around and the zombies slowly recovered, Dawn talked back into the phone. “Tara, I’ve got trouble. Look like zombies, act like ghosts. I kick them, kill them, but they just reappear, can teleport through my shield.”

Carlos saw something useful, saying, “Kit, give me your bag.”

As Kit did, Dawn moved toward the janitor who got back up and slammed a fist in his face. From the phone Tara said at the same time, #Hmm, sounds unnatural.#

“No offense, Tara, but, /duh/,” Dawn said, and blasted a chi ball to the other side, sending the girl zombie back to the wall again as Carlos and Kit were still filling her bag with a few bricks.

Carlos tested the weight, and with a grin hoisted the bag up, and Tara sounded, #Uh, what I mean is, it sounds artificial.#

“No real ghosts or zombies, check,” Dawn muttered, making another swipe at the Janitor but shimmered out of existence before she could hit him. She grunted in annoyance.

At the same time Carlos started swinging the bag above his head, and said, “Alright, zombies, come eat this.” The janitor appeared and a moment a heavy brick bag slammed into his face. It grunted and staggered backward. Carlos swiveled to his right, Kit circling to stay behind him and the dangerous bag. The bag slammed down and sent the nerd sprawling down face first into the floor and shimmered away. Kit looked with appreciative eyes at the boy, who prepared to swipe at the girl zombie. Kit saw a long piece of pipe standing against a rack to her right, and quickly got it.

“How do I take them down?” Dawn had asked in the meantime, and gotten closer to the two, ready to take on the zombies.

#Uh, well,# Tara began and the janitor shimmered right in front of Dawn, who kicked him in the groin and he staggered back, holding his offended genitals. The sound of bricks slamming against a dead body was to the right of Dawn, and the zombie growled, but obviously angrily. #They’re made for revenge usually, and I doubt the caster is actively casting the spell if you’re in a public place. It needs proximity, so there’s usually something of a talisman.#

The hollow sound of a metal pipe indicated a terrified Kit had gathered her wits somewhat and slammed it on the head of the nerd zombie, then followed up with a hit to his stomach. Carlos slammed his weapon of choice down at the girl zombie but she disappeared and so it slammed on the ground. “You will all die here!” the janitor roared, having recovered but got an energy ball against him. It exploded and he disappeared for a short while.

While Dawn took care of the janitor her eyes widened, remembering the bauble in the bathroom, and said, “Talisman, right, thanks, Tar!”

Dawn hung up and dialed a new number.


Li-Huei sat in his Spanish class when his cell phone vibrated in his pocket. He dipped down as if he’d forgotten something and quickly checked who was calling. Dawn. He frowned, she knew he was in class, why would she . . . He quickly put the phone back in concern and sat up, raising his arm. “Yes, Mr. Kijimuta?” the teacher interrupted his lecture.

“May I be excused for a minute, I /really/ need to go to bathroom,” he asked quickly.

“All right,” the teacher said.

Li-Huei jumped up and sprinted out the door, with his class mates following him with their heads. Once outside, and the door closed he pulled out the phone, answering it. “Dawn?” he asked concerned.

#Li!# her voice sounded urgent and with quite a bit concern, while the background noise spoke of a battle. Lit-Huei’s heart caught in his throat, and Dawn continued, #Quick! Get to the downstairs girls’ toilets and find a talisman. Feathers, crystal, baubles, and destroy it! Hurry!#

“Got it!” Li returned and hung up, running down the corridor. “Well, whatta ya know, I really /do/ have to go the bathroom.”


Carlos whirled the bag again, slamming it against the wall as the nerd shimmered out of the way. It reappeared and grabbed Carlos by the wrists painfully, making him let go. “No way out,” the nerd hissed and tossed Carlos back. He landed painfully on his back, and Kit grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him back.

With a growl Dawn slammed her hands folded together in the janitor’s face and he was launched back. It wouldn’t take long before he’d be back. The girl zombie screamed in rage and put her hands forward, blasting energy at Dawn who staggered bat at the onslaught. Her cell phone launched from her hands and slammed in the wall through the racks behind her. It shattered, and Dawn noticed it. *Fuck, if I had called Buffy uselessly first,* Dawn thought, realizing there’d be nobody coming in time to destroy the talisman. With a new snarl Dawn blasted out at her own energy sending the girl back the same direction as the janitor. Dawn turned and saw the nerd take away Kit’s pipe and flipped it, ready to run Kit through with it. With a quick move she grabbed the pipe and then send the nerd flying with a kick. “Stay behind me,” Dawn said as she twirled the pipe once, backing up, as Kit and Carlos did the same, Kit helping him up to his feet.

The three zombie ghosts lined up in front of the three students, and Dawn eyed them warily, steadily raising her energy even more. “No way out,” they intoned as they started advancing. Suddenly the zombies stopped and looked up, and then the girl shimmered out of existence.

Dawn grinned, as she realized what must be happening.


Li burst into the girls’ toilets, and slid to a halt, swaying his arms about to help with slowing down and staying standing. He stopped a centimeter before the hole and sighed with relief. “Few. Talk about termites,” Li-Huei muttered taking in the hole about two meters across. He looked around and saw the talisman lying on the counter with the sinks. He easily jumped over the hole, and walked over. Suddenly a zombie girl appeared behind him in the mirrors.

“Shit,” he muttered, as the zombie roared and jumped forward. Li-Huei turned around and caught the zombie as it grabbed him around the neck.

“Nobody leaves here alive,” she hissed at Li who was struggling with the entity.

With a grunt and an exertion of his chi, she threw him off of him, and reached back for the talisman. “RAH!” the girl roared out, blasting Li with invisible energy.

“Ugh!” Li gasped as he was slammed against the counter , as if attacked by a tornado. His back was bending back at the onslaught and was starting to hurt. He pulled up his chi, and with a roar stretched out his hands toward the zombie, starting to blast his equally invisible chi at the zombie. He gritted his teeth in the tug of war, slowly pushing back, righting himself. His arms trembled with the exertion, then he pulled inward. “RAAH!” Li roared blasting all of his chi out in a go, overwhelming the zombies energy, and she was launched away.

Li quickly turned around, grabbed the talisman and slammed it down on the counter. There was an angry screech and Li turned around, seeing the zombie girl shimmering into existence above him, and obviously intent on landing on him and ripping him apart. Then she shimmered out of existence. Li sighed with relief.


Down below Dawn slammed her fist into the janitor’s stomach, and just before he doubled over he disappeared. The nerd that was still recovering disappeared at the same time. Dawn looked around wearily, staying powered up and ready. Then the metal locking system of the entrance doors clicked, and the left door opened with a tiny creak.

Dawn walked over to the doors, Kit and Carlos following her carefully. She looked out. The place was still dark, but the odd sensation of doom was no longer present. Also, the corridors were different from when they answered. “Yes, thanks, Li!” Dawn told herself with a big grin.

“Is it over?” Kit asked hopefully.

Dawn turned around and said, “No . . .” They looked stricken. “Well, for you I suppose it is. I still have to find however the hell hated my /sister/ enough to want to kill /me/ with zombie ghosts.”

The two of them looked at each other, and Carlos said, “We’ll help.”

Dawn nodded and they started walking. Without the magic, it didn’t take long before they found the exit, and after climbing the stairs, walked out into the lit hallway. “All right,” Dawn muttered, just loud enough for Kit and Carlos to hear her, “Zombie summoner, where would I be?”

“Blank here,” Carlos said casually as he looked around.

“Uhm,” Kit blurted out, and pointed to the left, “would teacher spying on us with hateful glare count?” Carlos and Dawn looked where Kit pointed and there indeed was black-haired female teacher just finishing spying on them from behind a row of lockers, then walked away.

“I think so,” Dawn said, and the three of them were off after her.

As they rounded the corner, Principal Robin Wood looked around from the corner in the opposite direction, and said, “Hmm.”

The three of them could just see the young female teacher enter the class room, and they raced after her. They opened the door and they entered. The class room was empty, and the young woman, of twenty-five or so stood behind the desk, that was directly in front of them.

“So, let me guess,” Dawn said stepping inside. She could see the teacher attempting a smile, but it was obviously insincere at best, a sneer at worst. “. . . you summon zombies for a hobby.”

“You bitch,” the teacher hissed angrily.

Dawn took several steps forward, and said, “So? What happened? My sister stole your boyfriend or something?”

The young woman turned to Dawn fully, taking a few steps of her own, snarling. The she grunted, “My sister was killed by a vampire, and your bitch of a sister didn’t save her.”

“Oh, boohoo. Sorry, but my sister isn’t God, she just does the best she can, she can’t be in more than one place at the same time,” Dawn threw back.

The woman laughed out loud. “My name is Victoria Klusmeyer,” she said, and Dawn’s expression didn’t change. Victoria snickered in response to Dawn’s ignorance, and explained, “My little sister was Theresa. She died, her body was in the morgue, ready for her funeral, and then it disappeared, a mysterious bit of dust on the ground. I refused to close my eyes like everyone else did, I researched, investigated. Understood she became vampire; so I went to find out which vampire killed her, turned her, and who dusted my sister. And then I found, that your sister had the chance to kill the vamp who did, but didn’t because her poor little heart wasn’t into it. She didn’t stop it, she didn’t chain it up, and didn’t dust it, even though she’d already beat it up.” Dawn’s eyes were wide now, and her arms slack down along her body when the pieces started falling together. Carlos and Kit looked from the teacher to Dawn and back again in confusion. “That’s right, your sisters boyfriend, the vampire with a soul who lost it. She had the chance, and didn’t.” The teacher than snickered and snarled angrily, “*And now my sister is dead because of her!*” She chuckled again, and said, “So I thought it only poetic justice, that the forces of darkness would kill her sister, and she couldn’t save her. But I suppose if the darkness can’t do it, we’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.”

Dawn looked surprised at that statement, as Victoria already opened her jacket and pulled out a big gun. She aimed, making Kit and Carlos shriek and start to turn around. There was loud bang, and Victoria’s eyes widened. Kit and Carlos heard no body fall, they felt okay, so they turned around and saw Dawn standing there with her right hand in front of her chest. Dawn turned her fist around, and opened it, showing a smoking .45 bullet. Victoria’s eyes widened in shock.

Dawn grimaced, dropping the bullet behind her, and surged forward. “BITCH!” she snarled before slamming her right fist across Victoria’s chin, and the woman easily dropped unconscious to the floor. Dawn took the still smoking handgun from Victoria’s hand and placed it on a student table.

The class door swung open suddenly, and a concerned Robin Wood barged in. Carlos and Kit, who had watched the whole proceeding with wide eyes, turned around and looked up at the bald, sexy, African-American even wider eyes.

For a moment, the scene froze, and then Dawn pointed at Victoria and said, “She tried to kill me with that gun.” Dawn switched her pointing finger to the gun on the table, and added, “She missed, then I knocked her out. Call the cops. Come on, guys.” Dawn walked to the exit, grabbed Kit and Carlos by the arm, and pulled them along. Their legs started moving again, and they were walking out the classroom, leaving Wood with the unconscious Victoria.

Wood turned around and looked at the wall. Looked closer, up and down, and frowned. He didn’t see a hole. Finally he noticed the bullet lying on the ground, and picked the crumpled piece of metal up. “Missed?” he wondered.


Xander grinned as he walked away from his new class. Advanced molecular biology was actually challenge. One thing he hadn’t really bothered with studying on his own genetic structure, the regeneration pod worked after all. With spacial phenomena he had studied since he was a kid. Like with humans and most species, when Saiyans are still children they’d learn easier, their brains setting up the structures to handle that time information. Thus Xander was good with what he learned since then; electro magnetism, gravity, hyper dimensional phenomena.

Molecular biology was another matter. The class was all about body chemistry; and although Xander had absorbed the basics on chemistry, he’d never studied it in depth, and this was in depth chemistry. Thus, he actually had to use his brain for a change. Further, Xander wasn’t just busy absorbing the class, he was also merging the knowledge with what he knew: electro magnetism. The major failure in western medicine and knowledge of the body, was that it treated the body as a mere chemical factory. In real life, electro magnetic, gravitic, and hyper dimensional forces played a key role, electro magnetism in particular. The body wasn’t just a chemical factory, it was also an electro magnetic factory. Virtually every moving part of the body were charge carriers, ions, and where there was moving charge, there were electro magnetic fields.

Finally Xander was busy merging in Eastern medical concept of chi - as well as Saiyan concepts - which came very much down to simply electro magnetism, but there was a significant part hyper dimensional physics. In short he had his mind full, and he liked having his mind full - for one thing, it meant with his mind preoccupied it couldn’t be thinking about Anya, which meant he was operating on a more positive emotional level to begin with.

His cell phone rang and he pulled it out. “Littica, here,” he answered his phone.

#Xander! You gotta help me!#

“No, boss, you know I’m in school right now,” Xander answered with a grin, even this couldn’t spoil his good mood.

#Littica, please! We built that new school you helped design, great work as usual by the way. Anyway, my dumb foreman build the girls’ toilet floor so badly it crashed - as in it has a big round hole!# the man said desperately.

“No,” Xander said.

His boss just continued, #I need my best man for a bit. Just help the guys fix the whole, a couple of hours of work, at most. I’ll pay you triple the late hours fee.#

“No.” Xander pulled off his sunglasses in frustration.

#I’m begging here, Xander. Beg. Beg. Pleeeeeease!?# his boss tried again.

Xander sighed and checked the time on his watch. “Oh, fine, somebody’s gotta pick up Dawn anyway, I’ll take a look and set up the plans on how to repair the whole, but don’t expect me to oversee,” he told the man, smoothly putting his sunglasses back on.

#You’re a life saver, Littica. I owe you one, will never forget this!# the boss said, and then hung up.

“But you can’t say goodbye?” Xander muttered, and then sighed. “Oh, well. Let’s call Tara and tell her I’ll pick up Dawn.”


“I can’t believe you caught a bullet,” Carlos said softly, as he, Dawn, Kit, Li-Huei and Janice walked out of the school building.

“As opposed to energy shields, and energy balls?” Dawn asked him in disbelief.

“But . . . you /caught/ a /bullet/,” Carlos repeated, just as softly.

Dawn shrugged. Li-Huei took over, “I can’t believe a teacher tried to kill you. Thankfully they hauled her ass off to jail.” Dawn looked down, painfully. “Know why?”

“Yeah,” Kit answered her new friend’s boyfriend. The softer so no one heard, “Apparently her sister failed to dust her boyfriend, and he killed teacher’s sister. Now she wanted revenge by returning the favor.”

“That true?” Janice asked a little shocked.

“Sadly, yes,” Dawn muttered with some annoyance. “Damn thing is, I can’t really hate her or anything. I’ve been wondering what I would do if I found out the chosen destroyer of evil didn’t destroy evil because it was her boyfriend and it killed Buffy . . . it wouldn’t be pretty that’s for sure.” Dawn sighed with mortification remembering. “I remember back then. I was like eleven or something. All I thought was my big, super hero sister could do no wrong, and how evil the universe was for making her boyfriend evil. Now I know better; but I already knew that. Buffy isn’t perfect, she has screwed up majorly in the past, today I just got confronted with one of her first. Of course, she was only seventeen then, a teenager, and unlike me, she didn’t have her face smacked in the darkness and its evil for years and years.”

“Oh, Dawn!”

The group froze, and Dawn looked back. Indeed she had recognized the voice correctly. “Now what does she want?” Dawn muttered in some annoyance.

Delores reached them and she asked friendly, “Could I talk with you alone for a minute?”

Dawn thought for a moment and then deflated, nodding. Her friends walked on, waiting a bit further. “Hello, Ms. Reventar, what can I do for you?”

“Oh, no, I’m just concern. You were shot at, how are you holding up,” Delores asked with a concerned smile.

“Oh, fine,” Dawn said with a fake smile. Getting shot at wasn’t a common occurrence, but she was used to a whole lot worse - like a hell goddess wanting to bleed her dry to get across dimensions, like a weasel demon succeeding in cutting her open, starting to bleed to death and a friend of hers burning the ones closed, hurting like hell; just one event that came to mind.

“You’re very strong, Dawn. But if you ever need to talk about it, you know where you can find me,” Delores said with a smile, and Dawn nodded. “God indeed looked out for you that she would miss.”

“Yeah, a monkey god,” Dawn answered with a smile as she clasped her hands behind her ass. Delores looked confused, only Dawn understanding the quip and by no means inclined to explain it.

Delores waved her confusion away for the sake of the greater good, and continued, “You don’t believe in god?”

Dawn was getting annoyed, and so she said, “What’s there to believe? I’m sure some people think it’s nice and helpful to worship gods, but I’m used to them trying to kill me, my family and friends. So my philosophy on them is, we’re better off without them.”

“There is only one God, Dawn,” Delores said friendly, “and he is a just and benevolent one. If any gods tried to kill you, they are not gods, they are false ones. And we would be better off without them.”

Dawn didn’t quite know what to say, trying to wrap her mind around the concept. “Hey.” Dawn turned around and saw Xander approaching, his shades lightly reflecting sunlight. Delores looked at him too. As he reached them, he said, “I’m Xander Littica, kinda Dawn’s god father, and guardian in absence of her sister. I’m also her friend. And you are?”

“I’m Delores Reventar, Dawn’s history teacher,” she said, offering her hand.

Xander smiled at her, not bothering to take her hand. “History huh? All right, Miss Reventar, let tell you something. Me and Dawn’s sister don’t appreciate you play with Dawn’s mind. You are here to teach history, not convert your students to your personal religious views. If you want to convert people, sign up at the nearest church and go on mission to wherever. I find you forcing your god down my friend’s throat again, I’ll have you fired, understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Littica,” Delores found herself replying to the commanding tone, stunned at the hostility. As Xander took Dawn along, she flashed the annoying teacher a smug smile.

Delores looked after them, and then thought to herself, *This is going to be more difficult than I thought; and I thought it would be extremely tough.*

“Thanks, Xan, she was starting to bug me, this is the second time today,” Dawn muttered to him, as they came to a stop away from the annoying teacher.

“Really?” Xander asked her, as students strolled along, leaving the school building. “Just ignore her, Dawn.”

“Will do,” Dawn said and looked questioningly at him.

“I have a construction emergency to investigate, something about a hole in the girls’ toilet?” Xander asked her.

“Magic, ghost zombies summoned by a talisman, dealt with it,” Dawn told him with a smiled, “apart from the hole.”

Xander sighed, and said, “Well, I came to pick you up instead of Tara. This shouldn’t take long.”

“Actually, me and a couple of friends wanted to check out the mall. Was just about to call, Tara?” Dawn said with a pleading look. Xander nodded with a smile. Dawn added in, “You know, I’m sixteen now, highschool. I don’t need parents bringing me to school or picking me up.”

Xander looked at her, and asked, “Walking or flying?”

Dawn grinned, and said, “Give me some credit, Xan. I was thinking about getting a bicycle. And you know, I’m taking Driver’s Ed, so unless the monks gave me Buffy’s driving gen, I could take the car in a couple of months? Perhaps even buying a car, it isn’t like we don’t have the money?”

“You can go get a bicycle, look for it at the mall. I think your sister will want have a say in you driving though,” Xander told her with a wry smile. “And don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do, trying to get everyone on your side to help with convincing Buffy.” Dawn smiled innocently. “Just get gone, and I’ll have a look inside,” Xander said, shaking his head. Dawn grinned and was off to rejoin her friends, the girls of which were drooling. “Teenagers . . . were we ever that bad?”

Still shaking his head Xander walked inside, quickly finding the girls’ toilet. “Xander!” the older man, slightly overweight, and having grey hair under his hard hat said happily. “Thank god. Please tell me you know a way to fix this fast and cheap. I’ve got the school board and the town council breathing down my neck.”

Xander looked around the room, noticing the big hole. There were three more guys, and the foreman. One the guys he knew, he was one of his former employees. He also knew the foreman. “Mr. Beecroft, boss, never quite knew what you preferred,” Xander greeted the man. Beecroft just stayed frustrated.

“Xander,” the foreman said, “please tell him this isn’t my fault.”

“Hey, Danny,” Xander said, walking over to the hole. “How’s Melissa?” he asked looking down the hole critically.

Daniel rolled his eyes, and said, “She’s fine, but not as fine if I don’t get home on time, and I’m late for our movie date. And this stupid highschool isn’t yet fully finished, you know. Who the hell orders the building of a school when they know it won’t be fully finished by the time school starts anyhow? They know the deadline isn’t until another month, and they /still/ breathe down my neck. But the students deserve this, and the students need that. Ugh.”

“It’s not his fault, Beecroft,” Xander said with a smile.

“See!” Daniel said with even greater annoyance.

Beecroft walked over and saw Xander squatting down, and pulling off his glasses. “See this edge here?’ Xander moved his right index finger along the edge of the circular hole. “Way too smooth if this simply couldn’t handle some weight. This was cut.”

“Damn. You’re right,” Beecroft muttered and looked up at Ashby. “I apologize Daniel.” Daniel nodded in rightful acceptance of the apology. “I’m getting too old,” Beecroft muttered. “I shouldn’t even be out here anymore. What did it?”

“Magic,” Xander said simply and got up.

“What? How do you know?” Beecroft said with annoyance. “Stupid magic, and stupid demons.” Xander looked up at him, as did Daniel. “I know I say it brings in lots of jobs, especially high paying, high tech security ones, but can’t I complain for once when it hurts me?”

“I know how to fix it quickly, shouldn’t be too hard,” Xander commented, putting his shades back on.

“Do you also know a way to get the contractors to accept this wasn’t our fault?” Beecroft wondered.

“Well,” Xander said and looked at him. “You could demand an investigation, get an independent expert. He probably won’t list the cause as ‘magic’, but he’ll know this isn’t something that just happened because some support beam broke off. He’ll say it is cut as well, with another more mundane cause. Of course, such an investigation might take a couple of weeks, during which this has to stay open, and girls can’t use the bathrooms-”

“And the school board and town council are going to hate me even more, enough that I might not get the repair jobs of whatever night bumping thing will cause damage and destruction now. No thanks,” Beecroft interrupted Xander sourly.

“Sorry, boss,” Xander said with a smirk.

“Let’s close this hole, what’s your idea, Xander,” Daniel spoke up, getting impatient. He had more to do.

“Right, here’s the idea,” Xander started explaining.


Delores went back into the school and entered an empty class room. She found Donna there, sitting casually on the desk. For once the teen-looking angel had no trouble getting in somewhere. “Donna,” Delores greeted a little deflated walking over, “this is going to be a tough one. I don’t I’ve ever come across someone who’s that outright hostile to me or the mere idea of God.”

“You mean Xander?” Donna asked looking observantly at her charge.

“Yes, but Dawn too,” Delores told Donna.

Donna shook her head. Then turned it back to regard the other angel. “You’re reading her all wrong, you need to dig deeper. Of course, going to her with your ‘poor you with the stress’ attitude wasn’t the smartest thing to do,” Donna said Delores casually.

“Oh?” Delores asked somewhat confused as she went to gather her bag.

Donna nodded, and explained, “She wasn’t seeing things that weren’t there, Delores. You need to remember, you’re on the Hellmouth here. A gateway to the deepest darkest most horrific pit of death and despair you’ve ever seen. It’s also a convergence in this plain of the darkest, most corrupting super natural energies, as well as all other manner of mystical energies. Every bad nightmare you’ve ever had is drawn to this place. What his highly unlikely, and virtually impossible in the rest of the world, happens ten times a day here. Your charge battled several spirits manifested through magic and a talisman by a woman out for revenge.”

“Oh, my, you’re serious,” Delores muttered surprised.

“For an angel you’re pretty clueless,” Donna muttered in disapproval.

“Well, since you’re my teacher . . .” Delores trailed off.

Donna whipped her head to look darkly at Delores. Once again the angel wondered how a such a sweet blonde teenager could pull off that look. “Don’t push it,” Donna said, then her anger floated away. “As for Dawn, she may seem strong, confident, and sure of herself, and although she’s done some growing up lately, she’s still a teenager in her forming years. She’s still insecure, still takes a lot of what she believes in from those closest around her, partially out of obligation. Look deeper.”

“I will,” Delores said lovely. Donna nodded, and then walked out of the room.


The bell rang. He opened the door and gasped. There she stood. The most beautiful, hot, sexy girl he’d ever seen. Blonde hair, with her natural darker color shining through was immaculately done: stuck up high in a bun, the hair flowing around her head, one long bundle of hairs flowing up down in front of her face, giving it just the hint of mystery, and naughtiness. The bun was tied with a net some jewel-like stones in them, almost looking like a tiara or small crown. Earrings, silver diamond-shapes hung from her ears, accentuating everything that needed accentuating. Her makeup was amazing, and he was certain she had help with it. It was light, yet dark and full. Her skin had just hint of rouge, while her lips had a light red, orange-like lipstick, that was dark enough to draw attention to them, and glistened to suggest wetness, softness, and it be heaven to be kissed by them and other things. She blinked her eyes, showing that the dark-brown eye shadow covered her eye lids, as slightly darker eyeliner drew you to her eyes. Mascara elongated her eyelashes, finishing the look of dark mysterious, arousing eyes, making her eyes themselves look bigger, and somehow give her blue eyes seem to have a greenish tint. The effect was electrifying - her eyes seemed to beg for loving. She wore a silver necklace. It had a hanger in the same diamond shape as her earrings, and it lay just above the very visible cleft of her breasts, drawing attention to them. The dress she wore was red, dark red, and had no straps. It moved up her left shoulder though, circling sharply down and low, to show off her cleavage. The circle dipped even lower over her right breast before angling back up offering up a small part of her breast for viewing. The dress further hugged her figure tight, and only barely reached half-way down her thighs. Black stockings were worn underneath them, and she stood in five centimeter black high heels. She wore an arm band, that was silver shiny like the necklace and the earrings. She leant casually against the door frame, and her right foot was gently rubbing her left calf.

The effect was amazing. There stood a young woman that looked intelligent, yet sultry, mysterious, yet open, incredibly sexy, bordering on sluty, yet looked like a high class noble woman, a princess with the highest standards. “My goddess,” Chris muttered taking in his girlfriend, making Buffy’s already present smile grow just a bit more naughty, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world. Whatever the hell I dead to deserve you, I have to do it again so I can get a another you.”

Buffy didn’t let up her grin as she took a step forward and rubbed against him, putting her arms around his neck, while saying, “Well, there was this demon Toth with this weapon . . .” There lips met in a searing hot kiss that took her breath away. They broke apart and as she raised her right knee to put alongside his side, she finished, “Nah, too dangerous.” She felt the collar of his blouse and tie, taking in his smartly tailored tux. “You’re damn fine yourself tonight, Chris,” she said, feeling herself grow aroused

Chris couldn’t resist the invite and stroked his left hand up along Buffy’s bent leg. He reached the hemline of her dress, and the two locked smouldering gazes only centimeters apart. He moved underneath, and felt . . . he opened his mouth a little in the pleasant surprise; stocking tops, a garter, and garter clip, clipping it to the tops. He didn’t go further to find the actual belt, really not necessary. “Like?” Buffy asked sultry. She really didn’t need to ask, with their bodies together, it was easy feeling the bulge form.

“Like,” he confirmed breathlessly, gently feeling her legs tracing the tops. “Oh, I like. I love. You are soooo hot.”

“Thank you,” Buffy said, and gently pulled away from him, much to both’s disappointment. Buffy said, “However much I’d like to explore this right here and now, we have an office party to get to.”

“Really?” Chris pouted.

“Yeah, come on, we’re going to blow the assholes in your office away,” Buffy said with a grin, taking his hand and pulling him outside his apartment.

“Hey, hold on, I have to lock the door,” Chris said, smiling and laughter in his voice. Buffy took mercy on his apartment and possessions and let him lock the door, then they went onward to the elevator again.


The office party was held at the office. Buffy and Chris rode the elevator up. Chris seemed a bit nervous. “Relax,” Buffy said with a grin, flashing her eyelids at him, “you’ll rule this party, we’ll blow them all away. Just remember that whatever happens, they’re just a bunch of coworkers that have nothing to do with your life, and especially your hot girlfriend, namely me.”

Chris calmed down when he looked in her eyes. He could see his cool, intelligent girlfriend change in front of his eyes. One moment she was the girl of his dreams, a few moments later he was the girl of his kinkiest, wettest dreams. She let her left hand move over his left arm, and said, “Just remember, baby, I’m your well-trained, obedient girlfriend tonight. You rule. You’re strong. You’re powerful, and I’ll do anything you say.”

“Oh, boy,” he said, looking in Buffy’s seductive eyes. He straightened himself, and said with a new slightly commanding tone, “Right, I’m the boss man tonight. Well then, Buffy, get ready.”

“That’s the spirit,” Buffy said softly, starting to enjoy this game more and more before it even started.

The elevator made a ping, and opened. Chris put his left arm around Buffy, and they stepped out. Buffy took in the office. It was mostly white and gray. It started straight, and then curved off lightly to the left. It was some forty meters across, and it curved on the left around a glass compartment, possible some office of a higher up, or copy room. On the right there were doors and windows, some having venetian blinds covering them. Buffy knew for certain these were private offices of the higher ups. Further there were desks around. There were people around. Buffy made a quick estimate of about fifty, not counting the four waiters. They were scattered in groups around the office. There were two tables covered with a sheet and different small snacks on them, one was right to their left, and the other was on the other side of the office. On two more tables next to the snack ones stood a wide range of drinks. The tables with drinks each held one of the two waiters, who were there to restock the drinks and prepare special orders. The final two waiters were walking around gathering up empty glasses so they could be washed and filled once more. Throughout the office, in strategic positions were set up tall round tables, where one could drink, and so the people present were gathered around them. A lovely bit of music was playing in the back ground.

Many of the people took a casual look to see who came in from the elevator, and did a double take. Both genders couldn’t believe the pudgy guy had /that/ hot a girl with him. The males only came to that conclusion after their drool hit the floor.

Buffy leaned closer to Chris’ ear, and whispered, “Oh, yeah, like taking candy from a baby.”

Chris couldn’t help but smile and maneuvered toward a small group of men and women that he had most contact with - meaning: saw sitting around him, and any dates or significant others. When he reached them, he realized with a bit of a surprise that their boss, Mark Raynard, was part of the group of about ten. Chris got a bit nervous, and felt Buffy’s arm around his waist, giving him a surreptitious squeeze. It calmed him, as he greeted, “Hello, don’t mind if we join you.”

Several of the males, their eyes glued to Buffy’s cleavage or other parts of her anatomy, made several comments that was just fine. “And this is?” one of Chris female coworkers said, indicating Buffy.

Chris looked over to Buffy, and introduced with a smile, “This is my girlfriend, Buffy Summers.” Several eyes bugged out, others choked on their drinks, some of the women looked in disbelief. The guys obviously had hoped she was just a friend on a courtesy visit, or even a family member. Perhaps he was lying? They’d have to find that out.

“Hi,” Buffy greeted them all sweetly. The first man reached over a hand and introduced himself, flirting. Buffy smiled back as she shook his hand, but kept it cool to make it clear there was but one male here she was interested in.

Once Buffy had shook the hands of all Chris’ coworkers, one girl elbowed one of the male coworkers Buffy just greeted. The guy looked confused for just a moment, and said, “Oh, uh, Chris, like I told the others, this is my new girlfriend Carol.”

The quite becoming girl in a green dress reached over the tall round table and Chris shook her hand. She said with a friendly, “Hi, nice to meet you.”

Chris clamped down on his nervousness, managed a smile of his own, and said, “That goes double for me.”

Buffy’s smile grew just a bit, placing her arm back around Chris waist, and feeling proud he was managing. Carol held Chris gaze for just a bit longer, and then moved over to Buffy, shaking her hand as well. They shared a smile that Buffy felt was a show of support, like the new ones on the block sticking together.

The conversation continued again, and Buffy had to nudge Chris on occasion to get him over his still present nervousness. Buffy socialized happily, always drawing attention to herself to ease the pressure off of Chris whenever he seemed to choke up. After about half an hour it seemed to happen automatically that the women got bored with the men’s talk, and moved off a bit to form an all women group. Buffy leaned toward Chris and said softly, “I’ll go join the girl folk.” She wiggled her nose once as if it was tickling, and Chris realized what she meant, remembering signal they had agreed upon.

He dipped down and gave her a quick kiss. “Go have fun,” he said softly and as Buffy turned around he gave her a light tap on her ass. He felt her firm round ass on his finger tips at the gesture, and despite the fact that it was an unspontaneous, agreed upon gesture, it still gave him lots of enjoyment. Buffy just smiled at the tap, and gently walked toward the newly forming group of women. The men looked with wide eyes at what Chris just did, and he did it as if it was nothing. The fact that his girlfriend didn’t turn around and slap him across the cheek was the real shocker. Chris resumed the conversation he had going on with one of the men, and felt both great as well as nervous as the men looked at him with surprise and some newfound respect and intimidation.

Buffy joined the small group of women. “So,” a female coworker of Chris said, her gaze upon Buffy, drawing the entire group’s attention. Buffy looked at her, waiting. “You and Chris, huh?”

“Oh, yes,” Buffy answered with a grin.

“How did you meet?” the woman asked, a slightly skeptical tone in her voice.

Buffy closed her eyes, making a show of dreaming away at the memory, and said, “Heavenward, that’s where we took each other. A bar, love at first conversation. He makes me laugh.” She opened her eyes again.

“What do you see in him?” another woman asked. Buffy turned to look at her, and remembered this was Claudine Raynard, the wife of Chris’ boss.

Buffy smiled, noticing how the women were glued to her every word, except Carol who just seemed interested. “You mean after his handsome looks, his kindness, his great heart, and fantastic sense of humor? His hands, his tongue, his uh . . . and what he could put a woman through with them in bed. Makes me get all bothered just thinking about it.” Carol smiled, her eyes sparkling, while the others were either taking a look at Chris or looking at Buffy in disbelief. Fact of the matter was, this was once where Buffy was not lying or really needed to act. Just deliver a slight exaggeration on that last line. Of course, if Buffy allowed herself to really remember some of her and Chris’ little bedroom trysts she probably could get herself worked up, so she better not. Keep her head together for this little act.

“Handsome?” the coworker of earlier asked, and looked over.

“Oh, yeah,” Carol cut in. “Chris is definitely handsome, not to mention . . . he radiates this certain something.”

“He’s overweight,” the coworker pointed out.

Carol shook her head, and agreeing said, “I envy men that way. Serious advantage; they can still look damn hot with a some extra weight or serious extra years.”

“Like who?”

“Apart from my Chris you mean?” Buffy cut in with a little grin, liking this Carol more and more. The coworker shot Buffy a glare, obviously jealous; not so much of her having Chris as just of her in general, Buffy observed.

“John Goodman,” Carol answered nodding.

“Oh, yeah,” Buffy called in, as some of the women nodded. The coworker didn’t seem to agree, and neither did the boss’ wife. Buffy added a little conspiratorially, “It’s the commercial world, only check on flesh and if it works on screen. Closed themselves off.” Carol grinned a bit at Buffy.

“You can tell us,” Claudine cut in, attempting to burn a hole in Buffy’s head, “he hired you didn’t he?”

Buffy’s smile faltered - playtime was over. Her eyes blazed with anger as she locked them on the woman. She couldn’t care less if she even could remember this the wife of Chris boss. She took a step forward, grabbed her by the straps of her dress and yanked her down to eye level. Buffy hissed dangerously softly into the wide shocked eyes of Claudine, “You ever call me a whore again, and I will break every bone in your body.” The other women looked shocked.

A few meters away, Chris became very much aware of the situation, as did a few of the men, including his boss. Although Buffy’s hiss was too soft to understand, it was clear she’d been hissing. Chris gulped, and quickly decided to salvage things; what he was going to do they had rehearsed for a moment during the evening anyway. He quickly took a single flower from the vase in the middle of the round table, and said, “Let me handle this.”

He rushed over, and laid his hand around Buffy’s waist whose eyes were still blazing at the other woman. He held the flower in front of Buffy and said gently but audibly, “Let go of the girl, baby, so I can tell you your eyes sparkle like the stars.” Buffy let go in surprise, and melted against Chris. Although it had been rehearsed to completely impress the women, the way Chris delivered it, /and/ used it perfectly to defuse the situation was too much for Buffy’s heart. It bubbled over and she kissed him hungrily on the lips. He then said, “So, what has you all upset?”

Pouting, Buffy said softly, “She called me a whore and hasn’t even apologized yet.”

Chris’ smile disappeared, and his head locked suddenly on Claudine. Playtime was over for him too, for now at least. Nobody called his girlfriend, the girl that save his life, saved it from himself, saved his soul a whore and got away with it. Whatever nervousness remained disappeared in that instant. “Mark’s wife, right?” Chris said tersely, making the women’s eyes widen a bit more at the scene. “Let me handle this, Buffy.”

Buffy looked up and surprised as Chris turned and walked steadily back to the men. There he looked directly at his boss, scratched his head for a moment thinking of the right words, then went with his first instincts. Politely, but with cold tone that allowed no interruption or defiance, Chris said, “Mark, your wife just called my girlfriend a whore and hasn’t even apologized.” Mark looked at him, a little surprised, then looked over at his wife for a moment, assessing the women’s group silent stances, and looked back to Chris. Chris continued not caring one little bit about his job, he hated the place he worked at anyway, “My father taught me never to hit a woman, so either you discipline her, or I discipline you instead.”

Mark put his glass down, and said, “Of course.” He turned and walked to the women, grabbed his wife by her upper arm, and started pulling her along. She tried to protest, but he said, “Quiet.” Almost everyone in the whole office turned to look at the event. A bit later Mark reached his office in the back, and dragged his wife. “*Have you lost your mind!?*” his loud demand was the last thing everyone heard before the door closed and the soundproof office took it all away.

Buffy closed her mouth, as did many other people. Conversations resumed as she suddenly smiled, and felt herself growing all warm with pride, love, and feelings of being all girly and protected. She looked over to Chris, bending a bit to see alongside one of the women, and he looked at her just at that moment. Buffy smiled sexily, and batted her eyelashes at him. Playtime was back, and would be even a more playing than before, Buffy knew.

Chris turned his head back, distinctly aware that later tonight after the party things would get very interesting. Hell, things were going to get interesting right her and now. He noticed the other guy’s looks, and he felt a momentary surge of nervousness, which then disappeared as he realized what he’d just done, and a new calm settled down over him. He straightened a bit, and took a sip from his drink, then started a conversation.

Carol came over to Buffy and said softly, “You lucky girl.”

“I know,” Buffy said with a smile.

“Before you guys came around, I thought I had to endure a whole evening with this shallow bunch of halfwits. Thanks for the save,” Carol said with a smirk, soft enough the others didn’t here.

“You’re welcome,” Buffy said with a smirk, and then looked as the office door opened again. A few moments later a suitably chastised Claudine returned, while Mark walked onward to the gathering of males.

“I apologize,” Claudine told to Buffy.

Buffy smiled at her and said, “Forgotten.” Claudine glowered at Buffy for a moment, but slowly the conversations in the group of women started up again.

Chris’ glass ran out, and he looked over. “Buffy,” he called. Buffy bent and became visible from behind one of the women. He made a motion with his head, and Buffy quickly walked over to Chris.

“Yes, honey?’ Buffy asked with a smile.

“My glass is empty,” Chris said, pulling her closer and planting a quick kiss on her lips, “could you get me a new one?”

“Sure,” Buffy answered with a sexy smirk, turned around and then hesitated. “Do you want some snacks with that?” she asked turning half back.

“Yeah, why not?” Chris said and gently pushed Buffy on her way using his hand on her ass.

Buffy grinned as she made her way to the table, feeling the women’s stares on her back, and some of the guys. *Like taking candy from a baby,* Buffy thought again, grinning and feeling herself grow aroused. This was one very fun little game.

Buffy returned with two glasses and two small plates with the different snacks, and gave one set to Chris, giving him another kiss. Then she walked over to the women, while the men looked with disbelief at him. Chris took a sip, and then one of them asked, “How did you manage that?”

“Hmm?” Chris prompted. The man pointed at the drink and food. “Oh,” Chris said with a smile. “Treat a woman with respect, treat her like an intelligent being, appreciate her physical looks, and be firm with her is half the work in my experience.” The guys looked at him. *Buffy was right: like taking candy from a baby,* Chris said, remembering Buffy’s earlier comment to him.

Buffy rejoined the women and ate one of the snacks. One of the women looked disbelieving at her, and she asked, “You actually went to fetch that for him? Why?”

“Because he’s worth it,” Buffy said dreamily, and everyone but Carol raised their eye brows. *Game, set, and match,* Buffy thought evilly.


Chris struggled to reached the light switch as he was intertwined with his girlfriend’s body. Finally he succeeded and his small apartment was bathed in light, while hungrily kissing her. Pulling Buffy in he closed the door quickly and pushed her up against it. Buffy wrapped her left leg around his waist, while he lowered his hands and moved them up again along her legs. “Oh, god, that was so hot,” Chris muttered, feeling along Buffy’s garters.

“Oh, yeah,” Buffy said breathlessly, having surprised herself a bit with how much she had enjoyed the game of the trophy girlfriend, and how sexy it made her feel.

He found her panties. “God, you’re wet,” he muttered in her ear, kissing and nibbling her earlobe, making her groan. “And I haven’t even gotten to your sex yet,” he added and then did that. He slid a hand inside her wet panties, and then two fingers sliding smoothly between her slickened nether lips, and she hurriedly pulled his head back, kissing him hungrily on their mouth, tongues massaging each other.

Not able to hold it, Chris grabbed her panties and simple ripped them off, dropping them to the floor. “Mmh,” Buffy grunted in approval. She heard him opening her zipper, and then felt him press more powerfully against her as he freed his raging erection. Then he hesitated. Buffy instantly knew what made him hesitate, and she broke the kiss. “Go on,” she groaned breathlessly, rubbing the side of her forehead against his, desperate for the intimacy, “I went on the pill.”

Instantly Chris shoved her dress up, and rammed himself forward. His instinctive aim was perfect, and his cock penetrated Buffy’s slit smoothly. He groaned as he felt her slick walls clamp around him with amazingly strong muscles. It didn’t let him deter him; a bull about to impale him on his horns wouldn’t have deterred him. He pulled back and rammed back in as he pushed her harder and higher against the door frame. Quickly he found a fast paced, unapologetic pounding rhythm while he moved his mouth down and started kissing and nibbling Buffy’s neck. “Oh, yeah,” Buffy gasped out as she felt his hard flesh ram inside her over and over again. “Fuck me . . . fuck me, Chris,” she groaned hotly, enjoying his power, desperate for more as he slowed down temporarily to get rid of his annoying jacket. His thrusts were raw, no mercy, and it turned Buffy on, feeling all woman right now. She felt his hardness push her inner flesh apart with delicious strength and speed, pounding up against her cervix. She groaned at the feeling of divine friction caused by the strength of his instinctive thrusting, occasionally bordering on pain, small twinges that drover her mad with desire. He needed her, he needed to fuck her. There was no other way Buffy wanted him now, as she let out appreciative moans with everyone of his thrusts, loving the feel of the hard door where her back was banged up against at the same time.

Chris’ need grew, ramming harder and faster in her. The sensation of her inner muscles clamping tightly around his cock were maddening. Tightening and releasing, fluttering around him. The sounds of her quick, short moans in time with his thrusts right next to his ear drove him insane with need and the feel of strength. It was an illusion; Buffy was thousands of times stronger than him, but at the moment he didn’t know that. He only knew the drive to fuck this heavenly girl. He was getting closer, so much closer. He groaned out as he attempted to find the energy to ram even harder in her. The leg wrapped around him, the one he held tightly with his hand never seized to amaze him. So soft, and he could feel its strength nonetheless. “Buffy, god, Buffy,” he grunted, ramming inside her a bit slower but more powerfully, driving his pubic bones against hers, flesh against flesh, with each thrust. He turned his hips a bit.

“Oh, god, Chris!” Buffy shrieked happily, feeling the stimulation on her clitoris. Her pleasure nub hummed with excitement as skin and pubic hair flicked and rubbed over it. “Mmh, ah, ah, Fuck me, ah, mmh, oh Chris, ugh, ugh, come inside me!”

Those three gasped words were it. With a growl Chris rammed forward, as deep and powerful as he could, with Buffy’s vaginal muscles tightening around his manhood like a vice it was over. Pleasure erupted through him, and thick spurts of sperm erupted from his cock, flooding Buffy’s cervix and uterus. “Oh, Chris!” Buffy shrieked out as her own climax claimed her. Her body pressed up against Chris with all the strength it could find in its deliberately tied down state. Her hands gripped his upper hands desperately. “Ugh, mmmh!” she muttered as she shuddered, muscles in her legs and stomach contracting strongly. She felt her inner walls flutter, milking Chris of all his cum, sucking greedily. Her standing leg felt like rubber as the final waves of passion and bliss rolled through her, certain that if she wasn’t pinned between Chris and the door she wouldn’t have been able to stay standing.

A moment later, as she started to come down, her mouth was covered by his and they kissed passionately. Their bodies made several last jerks and shivers throughout their kissing and then they broke the kissing. Both of them breathed heavily, and Buffy whispered, afraid she couldn’t muster any more, “Wow, that was incredible.”

“Oh, yeah,” he replied, enjoying the feel of their albeitly still clothed bodies against each other.

Their faces close together, Buffy’s eyes widened, and whispered, “You’re not softening.”

“I suppose not,” he returned and then pulled her from the door, kissing her again, slowly sliding out of her, but still hard.

No longer able to bear even the thin layer of clothing beneath them, they started undressing each other as they maneuvered, still tonguing, toward the bedroom. By the time they reached the threshold they were naked, and he broke the kiss, looking at her and holding her. “Did you wonder if he spanked her in that office?” Chris asked the slightly shorter blonde with an amused smirk.

Buffy giggled as she backed up. “Just for a moment.”

Chris grunted, kissed her cheek, and asked her softly, “Do you think the dominant Chris that makes his girlfriend get his drinks would spank his Buffy when she’s naughty?”

Buffy looked in his eyes, and down his face taking him in, feeling herself growing hot. “Yeah, he would,” Buffy answered with a smile.

Chris turned around so he was facing the bed, while asking breathlessly, “Were you naughty when you grabbed his boss’ wife and threatened her with bodily harm, despite what she called you?”

Buffy started breathing heavier, and couldn’t help herself to answer sexily, “Very naughty.”

“Am I still that Chris? Or is the game over?” he asked, waiting patiently.

Buffy swallowed. She had brought up the game, started the game, to help him at work. She could end it now if she wanted to. Suddenly nervous her mind raced, and then she dove head long over the cliff to go along the game. “You are,” she whispered, swallowing and then looking deeply in his eyes, conveying her uncertainty, and then she put herself in his hands. He kissed her deeply, while sitting down on his bed and pulled her into his lap.

Gently he pushed her over until she was lying in his lap, ass upturned. She looked back at him with a little apprehension, and he said, “Relax, if you don’t like it, I stop.” Buffy smiled. “Look forward,” he ordered with a reassuring smile, and Buffy did.


“Ouch!” Buffy called, and wiggled her ass. She didn’t say anything, blushing.

He placed his right hand gently on her ass and stroked it, making her squirm. “Buffy, I want you to count them, start with one,” Chris said, breathing slowly, his hear beating in his throat. She wasn’t bolting off his knees yet.

“Okay . . . sir,” Buffy said, feeling heat rise through her body.


“AH!” Buffy yelled, shocked and surprised. It had happened much faster that she expected. “One, sir,” she said, putting her hand back to rub the painful flesh, and putting it as protection.

“Hands away, Buffy,” Chris said sharply. Slowly Buffy moved her hands away.


Buffy sucked in breath from the pain, and said, “Two, sir.”



With groans they climaxed, Chris holding himself deep inside her. Buffy shuddered, her ass upturned, and her pleasure intensified as she felt him spray his cum within her. Buffy couldn’t hold herself up anymore, and sank down, letting her arms and legs go out. Chris sank along on top of her, and Buffy said, “Ouch, hurts.”

Chris pulled out of her and off her red ass cheeks. He lay down next to her, and Buffy slowly rolled over to face him, wincing whenever her tortured ass scrapped along the sheets. Finally she pushed herself against him, and he hugged her close, sharing a kiss. Chris stroked her back and slowly moved his hands down. “Ooh,” Buffy muttered as he reached her spanked bottom. “It hurts, and burns and yet it feels good,” Buffy admitted embarrassed.

“My god, you just keep getting better and better by the day,” Chris said in wonder, pulling the beautiful Slayer closer, and planting a kiss on her forehead.

“I know,” she said cheekily, smiling broadly, “but I never get tired of hearing it.”

They shared another passionate kiss. When the broke apart, Buffy snuggled closer and muttered, “I won’t mind playing that game again some day.”

Chris sighed, “Did I mention you keep getting better . . . by the second?” Buffy smiled and pressed herself closer to him. He gently kissed her hair, and they went to sleep, having exerting enough energy to do so easily.


The latin-American girl ran through the rainforest. Wearing jeans and a top, she breathed hard as she jumped over the occasional branch. She looked back. She slowed down a bit, a hopeful look on her face. “UGH!” she exclaimed, the pain stabbing in her back. Before all went dark, she was just aware of the figure behind her wearing a robe.



The robed girl hurried through the oriental town. In the dark night, the sand looked just as dark, as did the sand stone houses, it was almost blue. The girl breathed quickly, fear in her eyes whenever they flashed from under the hood. Then another robed figure detached from a building, and a moment later a knife was stuck in her belly. The figured placed a hand on her mouth so she couldn’t shout for help, and she looked with pleading, desperate eyes up at him, showing a being who had his mouth, and eyes sowed shut. Then her life came to an end.


“TUH!” Buffy exclaimed her eyes snapping open. She felt two seemingly weak arms holding her.

“Buffy? Buffy, are you okay?”

She was breathing hard. She became aware of someone asking her concern, holding her close, hugging her. “Chris?” she muttered.

“Yeah,” he answered.

She calmed down, her breathing slowed and she sank back down. In the darkness even for a Slayer it was difficult to make him out, but she could. She moved close to him and he hugged her closer. “Nightmare?”

“Not just any,” Buffy told him hugging him close, feeling safe, remembering that face, having seen it earlier. She hated those faces. “Slayer dream . . . and not just one.” He stayed silent, just holding her. “These were intense though.” Dimly Buffy became aware her ass cheeks no longer hurt; her Slayer healing had healed the spanking already.

“You’re okay, right?” Chris asked.

“I am now,” Buffy said, smiling as she snuggled closer to him.


The robots fired their plasma bolts which promptly whizzed over them to slamm into the force field behind them. “RAAAH!” Spike yelled in rage slamming his fist through the training robot.

The gravity was 43 gs, and Spike was straining to keep up his speed and power. Rapidly he twisted around his own axis and destroyed another robot with his right foot. After that he fired two balls of energy and flew rapidly upward. Two more robots were destroyed by the balls, and he zipped in arc. A plasma ball from a robot connected with him, and it exploded. “AAH!” he yelled pain, as his body got more than a little singed. Another ball came at him and he blasted off to his right. He landed on the force field with his feet, and pushed off. A few more plasma balls slammed into the shield where he was moments earlier. When he reached halfway the width of the training field, he roared and formed a double handed blow above his head. With a rapid motion he slammed down and destroyed the final robot.

“Training complete,” the computer intoned as Spike landed, figuratively out of breath. Spike being a vampire, didn’t have to breathe, so couldn’t really ever be ‘out of’ it. Maintenance robots came out the ground to gather up the robots’ remains and repair them. His jeans torn, several bloody ones over them, barely anything left of his shirt, his chest littered with more wounds as was his face similarly adorned, Spike stood hunched over, exhausted.

“Impressive, very impressive,” a female voice said.

Spike forced himself to quickly stand straight and turned around to face: Hera. “What the!? I though that sod killed you,” Spike said in surprised.

“Yes, as he killed me,” Hera spoke, morphing into Ram. Spike looked confused and curious. “And me.” Ram turned into Warren. Warren started walking, circling Spike and the vampire slowly moved along, “I’m impressed with you, Spike, look how powerful you are for a mere vampire.” Warren turned into Loki, and still circling Spike kept talking, “Great things are coming Spike, you have no idea. Things are about to change.” Loki turned into Glory and kept on talking, “For millennia I have watched, for millennia I have barely done anything, watching the human plague spread across this mud ball. Love, compassion, sweetness . . . then killing, destroying, and torturing people for it. It was fun watching.” Glory slowly turned to the demon-cyborg ADAM, and continued saying tonelessly, “But it’s getting annoying just watching; I want to feel it, and I don’t feel the humans killing. So great things are coming.” ADAM turned into the Mayor, and with a flamboyant gesture spoke, “After all, it’s long over due. I’m tired of all the bacteria and the other little ones running amok. It is so unsanitary.” The mayor turned into a vamped-out Angelus, and spoke evilly, “And this balance deal? Good and evil, light and dark? It’s old hat, of the past, and you know how much I like to send things into oblivion, right, Spikey?” Spike was still slowly turning around to keep the freak show in his field of vision. Angelus turned to the master, and continued, “Yes, so it’s time to the beginning. Not the word, not the book, not the light, no . . . the real beginning: darkness.” The master slowly moved his fingers through Spike’s chin, passing right through.

“All right, lemme get this straight,” Spike drawled out coolly. “You’re the new big bad, you want to destroy the world, and you want me to help you?”

The Master turned into Drusilla, and said, “Exactly, Spike, just like old times. Remember? You, me, Miss Edith and the stars?” Drusilla turned into Darla, and she said, “Only without Miss Edith and without the stars.”

Spike blinked, and then laughed out loud, leaning back through his knees with the ferocity of his laughter. He straightened up and saw a pissed Darla, and said, “What!? Do I look bloody stupid to you or something? Do I have it written on my forehead or something, mate?” Darla looked extremely pissed now at the laughter. Spike stopped laughing again, and said, “Look, let me spell it out for you. Out there, is a guy with enough power to destroy half a continent, and I can just about manage to houses if I use everything I got. The moment he finds out, and he will, I’ll be dust in half a second flat.” Spike moved his hand through Darla, and said, “And you can’t eve touch him.”

Darla sneered at Spike and said, “You will get the power you need to defeat him.”

“From who?” Spike said still snickering. “You, Mr. Incorporeal? I’m going be incorporeal as well? I’ve got two words for you, wanker: sod off.” Spike then walked straight through the apparition, and out the shield.

The apparition’s face twisted into anger, which was growing by the second. Then it smiled, and disappeared from existence.

To Be Continued . . .

Next time on Buffy Z: Potential Slayers are being killed off, and the Scoobies and the Fang Gang are going to save them in Episode 80: Potential Trouble.

Author’s notes: There it is done! Episode 79, first episode of the Angels saga. Tell me if you like it here:
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