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Not So Groupie Free

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Summary: FFA #902 - Oz/Cherry. Cherry goes to a Dingoes gig.

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Anita Blake > Oz-CenteredLightSpinnerFR131505022,10719 Sep 0519 Sep 05Yes
Title: Not So Groupie Free

Author: Light Spinner

Disclaimer: I own neither BtVS or ABVH.

FFA# 902 - Oz/Cherry

AN: set of 5 drabbles.

Things had been pretty crappy lately. Cherry had just gotten fired from her job as a nurse, and solely because they had found out that she was a wereleopard. Well, screw them. It wasn’t her fault that she’d gotten bit.

Cherry had begun rebelling against the entire conformist attitude. The blonde now owned dark makeup and a dozen fishnet tops. Unfortunately, her new appearance blended in with the numerous teens wearing similar clothing in an attempt to get attention.

But she’d always had good taste in music. Proven by her attendance at the Dingoes Ate My Baby gig that night.

Things had sucked lately. Ever since Oz had found Willow making out with Xander he hadn’t known what to do. But he was trying to move on. After all, he’d known it would happen eventually.

Willow had just started getting over her crush on Xander when she’d hooked up with Oz, and it figured that once she was involved Harris would wake up.

“Come on, man,” Devon called. “We gotta hit the road. Gig tonight, remember?”

Willow had been hanging around his locker lately, Oz recalled picking up his guitar case. But that didn’t mean he was taking her back.

Soon after entering the club, Cherry sensed another shifter. A quick and discreet sniff identified a short man, appearing a couple years younger than herself, as a werewolf.

Her suspicion was confirmed when he glanced up from setting up the stage equipment and looked right at her. A sign that he’d sensed her as well.

A few minutes later the Dingoes began to play and Cherry realized who the werewolf was.

“Don’t you just love Devon,” shouted a nearby girl over the music.

“I don’t know,” shrugged Cherry in response. “I prefer Oz. Those hands have got to be talented.”

Oz looked at the crowd, and found his eyes immediately drawn to the same blonde from earlier. The first time he hadn’t been sure why he’d noticed her, just that she’d set his senses off. It had taken him a moment to realize she was a lycanthrope; cat form at that.

This time it was just because he found her cute. Well, not cute. She looked like she might bite him if he called her that to her face. But attractive.

Once the Dingoes final set was over, he walked over to her.

“Hey,” he greeted. “Care for a drink?”

The next morning, Cherry groaned in response to her pillow being to stiff. She hit it.

“Morning,” whispered the… pillow?

She cracked her eyes open to see Oz looking at her. “G’mornin’,” she mumbled back.

He smiled, before reaching over for the phone, “What do you want for breakfast?”

Her rattled off order caused Oz to raise an eyebrow. “What,” she asked.

“Nothing,” Oz answered.

After calling room service, they lazed for a while; sharing some pleasant pillow talk as they waited. When the knock came and Oz got up, Cherry smiled. Who said cats and dogs didn’t go together?

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The End

You have reached the end of "Not So Groupie Free". This story is complete.

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