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Summary: Drabbles and Ficlets for FFA. New chapter: FFA pairing Wesley/Severus

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherziliFR15146,471098,06819 Sep 059 Sep 07No

Didn't even think

Title: Didn’t even think

Pairing: Kendra/Jason (AB)

Rating: PG-13

FFA: 195

Disclaimer: I do not own Kendra or Jason, other people do but I'll take them off your hands for a small fee

Timeline: Before Kendra was killed but after she made her first appearance on the show. On AB anytime really.

Kendra was walking down a dark street, she didn’t know which she just wanted to hunt for vampires as was her duty. She was prowling quietly yet she didn’t hear him until he said, “Hey, shouldn’t someone as beautiful as you have company on such a lovely night.”

Kendra didn’t even think she immediately tackled the young man and was about to stake him when she realized her hand was on top of his heart. His very alive, beating heart.

While Jason was surprised he was never one to miss an opportunity. So he coped a feel of her ass. ‘Very nice.’ Jason thought.

Kendra moved off of Jason as fast as she could which for a slayer was pretty damn fast. “I’m sorry I mean I didn’t realize I mean…” Kendra stumbled with her words.

Jason got off the ground with a grin, “S’ok not everyday I get tackled by vivacious women.”

Kendra got a good look at Jason and quickly lowered her eyes when she realized he was a boy. “I’m sorry sir.”

Jason raised his eyebrows, “No need for sir, name’s Jason. What’s yours lovely lady?”

“Kendra, sir… um Jason.” Kendra replied softly.

“That’s a pretty name.” Jason gave her a sexy smile which Kendra missed but was still blushing at the compliment. Jason chuckled, “Why are you blushing? Surely someone as cute as you gets loads of compliments.” Kendra only blushed harder.

“Jason stop fucking around and get your ass in here.” A bouncer from a club a little down the street yelled. Kendra jumped while Jason just slowly turned around at the bouncer’s voice. “If she wants to see you tell her she has to pay like everyone else.”

Jason turned back to Kendra to invite her into the club but when he looked back she was gone. Jason stomped over to the bouncer and punched him in the arm hard, “Thanks a lot. Do you know how hot that chick was?” The bouncer shrugged as Jason went into the club.

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