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Mother Is the Name

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Summary: Darla finds herself quite among the living world once again, with a few things she's never known - her son, maternal instincts, loyal friends, and a caring Spike. A Dawn/Connor pairing.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Connor/DawnechoFR18923,920142416,44429 Apr 0329 Apr 03Yes



The door to the house on Revello Drive flew open before the cars even stopped.


Brown hair flying, Dawn was already halfway down the walk. Connor had barely gotten out of Wesley's car when she hit him at full force. He knocked into the door, slamming it.

"Hey." Wesley said.

But they were already kissing.

Spike rolled his eyes. "You wouldn't think they'd spoken every day since parting."

"Or emailed." Tara added.

"No lie. Fred trying to teach Connor how to use the computer had to be the most hilarious thing I've ever seen."

"I'm certainly glad SOMEONE thought it was funny." Fred muttered as she made her way from Angel's car. "I especially found the hilarity when he got angry and shot the monitor with his crossbow. That was a darn laugh riot. A hoot and a half."

Spike started chuckling.

"People in love will act strangely, William." Darla said before changing her voice to mock him. "Oh Taraluv, do you want a foot massage? Or I could rub your belly, pet. I know how that turns you on."

"Darla!" Tara hissed.

Gunn was chuckling as he walked by her. He gave her blonde head a friendly pat. "We all know you and Billy Idol are all 'White Wedding' for one another, Glenda. No point hiding it. Especially when ya'll decide you're gonna get your 'Rebel Yell' on in the bedroom."

Tara blushed.

"Yes." Wesley said smiling. "Spike must rock the cradle of love."

Fred groaned. "And you guys say my jokes are lame."

"They are, honey." Lorne said as he hefted his bag on his shoulder and made for the house.

Cordelia brushed past with Angel in tow. "I agree with Fred. You guys are lame, but I know in my heart Xander Harris will be able to outdo both of you."

"Cordy, be nice."

She looked at Angel. "I will if he is."

Spike snorted. "Fat chance of that."

They all made their way to the open door.

Except for Dawn and Connor. They were still kissing like it was going out of style.


The table was actually completely surrounded by chairs.

Buffy had cooked dinner for everyone. It was like that wild Thanksgiving when the angry spirits had attacked.... you know, without the arrows and bloodshed. And there was no giant bear.

Everyone was laughing and joking. Dawn and Connor kept touching one another under the table. Cordelia and Xander kept insulting one another while Willow attempted to referee. Angel was watching Groo wait on Buffy with bizarre fascination. Spike kept trying to feed Tara, and she kept smacking his hands away. Giles and Wesley were having some very dull conversation about some rare text that was only available in Latin. Fred was listening with interest, and Anya was scaring the bejesus out of Gunn and Lorne with stories of men dealt horrible vengeance. Lorne's hand was going to his heart so often Anya asked him if he had hemorrhoids.

Darla leaned over to her son's ear and whispered. "Connor, darling, get your hand off of Dawn's thigh. That's not appropriate, honey."

He sighed and moved his hand. Dawn leaned around to look at Darla. She winked at the girl.


Buffy was keeping an annoyingly close watch on the two teenagers, despite Groo's best efforts to distract her sister. It was on their third night there that Dawn and Connor finally got a reprieve... in the form of Connor's mother.

Darla corralled the two of them into the kitchen and shoved them out the back door. "Go."


"Be back by midnight." She said shoving a stake each into their hands.


Darla grabbed Connor by the ear and bent him down. She kissed his cheek. "Baby, I expect you to be a perfect gentleman tonight. Kissing and hand-holding only. No groping and no clothing removal."

Connor looked at his mother in shock. She shoved two twenties in his other hand.

"Have fun." She stopped to glare. "Just not too much fun. And be careful. Stay to the streets with good lighting. This is Sunnydale, after all."

Dawn grabbed Connor's arm and pulled him out the door. "Thanks, Darla."

"Don't mention it, Dawn." She was smiling. She liked seeing her boy happy.

He stopped out in the yard and looked back at her. "I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, baby."

He smiled at her before turning with Dawn and disappearing into the night.

Darla moved to the sink and started washing the dishes in it. Buffy and Angel came in arguing about some sword move.

"Darla, you don't have to do that." Buffy said.

"I don't mind."

"Where are Dawn and Connor?"

Darla shrugged innocently.... a little too innocently. Buffy stormed off muttering about people keeping their son of two vampire hands off of her little sister. Angel was looking at Darla very hard.


"Yes, darling boy?"

"Where are Connor and Dawn?"

"Somewhere kissing each other senseless, I imagine."

"You wouldn't have had anything to do with that, would you?"



She spun about. "Angel, dear, I may be human again, but I still have my wicked streak. No matter how warm and fuzzy, how motherly, I become - that will always be there. It's part of my personality. Just as there will always be a part of you that needs to suffer every so often."

"I don't need to suffer."

"And pout about it."

"I don't pout." His bottom lip was jutting out a bit.

"You're doing it right now."

Angel folded his arms across his chest and sucked his lip in. "So you sent them out to make out?"

"No. I told Connor that he was to behave. Dawn deserves a real date. I told him hand-holding and kissing ONLY."

"And you think he'll just obey you?"



Darla moved back to the sink and started washing again. "You know what they say, Angel."



"And what's that?" Angel moved to the sink and rolled up his sleeves. He started drying what she was washing.

"Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children."

"Who says that?"

"Whoever wrote that movie Connor likes so much."

"Beauty and the Beast?"

"No, silly. The Crow."

"The Crow?"


"What do they say about fathers?"

"They know best." Darla grinned. "And I wouldn't go letting our son know that you know about his closet Disney movie obsession."

"I can't believe my son likes Disney films."

"He cried when Bambi's mother died."

"He did NOT!"

"He did."

"This is so embarrassing."

"This from the man whose favorite song is 'Mandy'?"


Darla grinned and started singing... loudly. "Oh Mandy... Well you came and you gave without taking... But I sent you away... oh Mandy!"

Spike burst into the kitchen. "Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shaking... and I need you today... oh Mandy!"

Angel glared at them. "You both suck."

Darla started laughing. Angel stalked out of the kitchen as Tara was coming in.

"What did the two of you do to him?" Tara snapped.

Spike hooked his arm around Darla's shoulders. She leaned into him with a hand on his chest as the both started singing again.

"Oh Mandy!"

Tara glared. "You two are so childish."


"We really are."

Tara's scowl started turning into a grin. "You should apologize for making fun of him."

Spike snorted. "We have to let him sulk a bit, luv. You know how he gets off on that tortured soul thing he has going on."

Tara rolled her eyes.


Dawn and Connor were holding hands and sitting on top of a tombstone. He'd bought her dinner at the Doublemeat Palace. Then they'd watched a movie. She'd pretended to be scared so she could grab onto him. After that, they'd gotten chocolate milkshakes... nectar of the gods. Dawn was sucking thick shake-y goodness up through her straw and swinging one foot.

Connor leaned over and whispered to her. His lips touched her ear and she shivered.

"There are two vampires that think they're sneaking up on us."

Connor hopped off the gravestone and dispatched their would-be dispatchers before the two vampires could even salivate about the nummy teenage blood they would not be having.

"We should get back."

"Ok." Dawn said as she hopped off the headstone.

Connor reached out and took her hand. Dawn started swinging their hands between them as she sipped her chocolate goodness.

"So... your mom's pretty cool. Getting us out and all."

"Yeah. She's the best."

A newbie tried to rise from the dirt. Connor leaned down and staked him before his waist even cleared the ground. They didn't even break stride.

"I wish you could have known my mom, Connor. She would have liked you."

Another vampire rushed them from a nearby crypt. Connor dusted him without even taking his eyes off Dawn.

"You think so?"

"Connor, she liked Spike... and you are WAY cuter and so much more charming than he is."

"You thought a lot of your mom, huh?"

A demon jumped out in front of them. Connor dropped Dawn's hand, snapped the demon's neck, then grabbed her hand again. The two of them stepped over the fallen body.

"Don't you think a lot of yours?"

"She's a goddess."

Dawn smiled. Connor smiled back.

Seven vampire dustings later, they reached the Summers back porch.

"Goodnight kiss?" Connor asked hopefully.

"Yes, please."

They stepped towards each other, and their lips touched. Connor tasted her chocolate shake. It was nice. Perhaps his Dawn was a bit of the goddess too.

The porch light flared to life, and Connor tried to pull away. Dawn held tight and deepened their kiss.

"Dawn Summers!"

There was a bit of a struggle. Dawn opened one eye. All she saw were hands pulling Buffy back inside. The porch light went back out. Voices came quite clearly from the other side of the door.


"Buffy, if you do not allow Dawn her smoochies, she may sneak off for the much forbidden by you comshuckage just to be spiteful. Willow has told me that is the way of the teenage girl. You must allow Dawn her smoochies. Come let us comshuck to take your thoughts from it."

Dawn and Connor stopped kissing and started giggling.



The End

You have reached the end of "Mother Is the Name". This story is complete.

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