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PR, Propaganda, and Power

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Summary: Related NCIS ficlets done for the Fic For All. (#1156, 1825, 1835)

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Handling the Situation

Title: Handling the Situation

Author: Jmaria

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I Don’t Own Them.

Summary: She’s got the world at her fingertips. . .

Pairing: Ffa #1825 Buffy / Gibbs (NCIS)

A/N: Continuation of Assessing. Yes, it’s getting a fic of it’s own.

Handling the Situation

“I’d apologize for DiNozzo, but I think you handled him nicely.”

“Guys like him don’t really bother me much anymore. Last guy who I had to do that to wasn’t trying to cop a feel,” which was true, that vamp had been out for her blood. Buffy smiled her most innocent-little-girl smile she could at the older man. “So, Agent Gibbs, is there anyway we can settle our little matter with you not carting Jessi off to military prison?”

“Petty officer Hewes has to explain the disappearance of the marine she was seen attacking, Ms. Summers.”

“Jessi can’t. I’ve got about a dozen girls who were will swear she wasn’t anywhere near the creep,” Buffy said confidently, leaning over the table.

Sure, she could have Vi, Rona, and even Kennedy here in a pinch, have Willow doctor the one video they had as a scrape of evidence against the new slayer. But what choice did she really have except to lie. How could she explain that Jessi had staked the vampire that was wearing one of her fellow officer’s face? It was a hard sell. Riley had warned her about this guy. He was good, he was efficient, and he always got his guy.

“Well, I’m sure you could have, but you won’t have the chance to, Ms. Summers. Someone found Petty officer Lewis’s body in the harbor. Witness saw him slip, hit his head and fall into the water. Accidental death.” A new voice said from the doorway.

Buffy was surprised to see Riley standing there. She fought back the grin that threatened to creep up on her. Leave it up to Riley to have worked his way to the top and to pinch hit for her.

“Agent Gibbs.”

“Agent Finn, good to see you again, son.”

“Son?” Kate snapped to attention. The brunette perked up curiously.

“Figure of speech, Kate,” Gibbs replied.

“Riley, it’s good to see you again.”

“Same here, Buffy,” Riley gave her a small smile.

“How’s Sam?”

“Good. Due any day now.”

“I better get pictures.”

“You know she wants you to be the godmother, Graham’s going to be the godfather. Sam doesn’t have a lot of friends in the area right now.”

“I’d be honored,” Buffy smiled brightly.

“Good, I’ll tell her.”

“Excuse me, but can we get back to my investigation,” Gibbs snapped.

“Sure, but I’m pretty sure he said it’s closed.”

“Petty officer Hewes is up for honorable discharge in a week. She’s got a spotless record, where as Lewis was known for getting drunk and disappearing for days on end.”

“Can’t fight the system, Gibbs.” Buffy smiled broadly, pushing her chair back.

Gibbs wasn’t sure how she’d done it, but some how this slip of a woman had just pulled a big con over on the U.S. Navy. He’d be keeping an eye on her.
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