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PR, Propaganda, and Power

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Summary: Related NCIS ficlets done for the Fic For All. (#1156, 1825, 1835)

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NCIS > GeneralJmariaFR1573,14322225,71420 Sep 058 Dec 06No


Title: Cover-Up
Author: Jmaria
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine - unfortunately. Whedon owns Buffy Verse, Bellosario owns NCIS verse
Summary: I like the way you think
Pairing: FfA Riley Finn / Abby (NCIS)


Gibbs was still reaming out DiNozzo and Todd when they burst into the labs, Riley trying to fight the urge to smile at them. It reminded him of his days at the Initiative. As messed up as those days had been, he still really missed Forrest and Graham and the rest of his men. Fighting with Buffy and the Scoobies had never felt like that, and fighting alongside Sam was the only thing that really came close.

“Abby, you better -”

“Have something damn important to show me?” Abby grinned as she teased, taking another long sip of Caf Pow!

“Abby, where is Summers?”

“Miss Summers, blonde and disgustingly perky?” Abby asked innocently.

“Buffy, perky?” Tony snorted, before quickly bracing himself for the head slap from Gibbs.

“Yes, Abby, she snuck down here to contaminate our evidence,” Gibbs answered, glaring at Riley.

“Buffy didn’t come down here, she had a prior engagement, Agent Gibbs,” Riley smirked at him.

“You shouldn’t even be in here, Finn,” Gibbs snapped, turning his attention back to Abby.

“I haven’t seen her, Gibbs.” Abby looked over her cup at Riley for a brief second and waited until Gibbs looked away to give him a double blink. He frowned at the goth lab technician before putting two and two together.

“And Probbie, you seen him Abs?” Tony asked, catching Riley’s slight nod.

“McGee, nope. Not since you sent him down with the blood samples from Jessie.”

“And did you get anywhere on the samples, Abby?” Gibbs sighed.

“Tox screen came back clean. No drugs, alcohol, nothing.”

“What about the tissue samples from the ash?” Kate asked.

“The few that didn’t blow away in the wind, that is,” Tony smiled, keeping an eye on Riley.

“Nothing, a few traces of pine splinters,” Abby sighed, staring at the screen.

“Which is consistent with the dock the witnesses saw them fighting on,” Tony blurted.

“Witnesses?” Riley asked. Damn it, if there were witnesses who saw Jessie there, then that nullified all of the Council’s staged witnesses. Abby looked between Riley and Gibbs again.

“Agent Finn, I’m going to have to ask you -” Gibbs started to say.

“To get over here and help your wife who’s stuck in these impossibly tight doors,” a voice called out, distracting them. Samantha Finn, dressed in pink of all things, stood in the doorway with DiNozzo between her and her husband. Sam frowned at his dumbfounded expression. “You could offer to help a lady out, Special Agent. I am pregnant, bloated and moody, so quicker would probably be better.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Tony answered, taking her to one of the free chairs.

“The slayer took the probbie with her to keep someone in the loop,” Abby said quietly to Riley while Tony and Gibbs were distracted by Sam.

“Huh. And the samples contained pine wood slivers?”

“And regenerative tissue samples. I can only hide them so long,” Abby took another sip of her Caf Pow!

“Thanks, DiNozzo, but can you stop manhandling my wife,” Riley said loudly, getting the Agents attention back to him. “Sweetie, how did you get here?”

“Hon, Faith said she’d take me to my appointment while she was in town because Willow couldn’t find time to do it. And since you were so busy with work -”

“I offered to step up for a change,” Faith said from the doorway. “‘Course, Sammy here couldn’t wait for the elevator and beat me down here.”

“Faith, uh, good to see you,” Riley cleared his throat nervously. Buffy and the gang were one thing, Faith was a completely other public relations issue. Of course, she was working well on Tony.

“Hey, stud, stop starin’ at the girls,” Faith said lazily to Tony. On the other hand…

“Oh, she’s good,” Abby chuckled behind him.

The End?

You have reached the end of "PR, Propaganda, and Power" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Dec 06.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking