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Summary: AU - After their mothers death, Buffy and Dawn move away to England leaving Sunnydale behind. Once there, Dawn receives a certain letter. *wink wink*

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredAkaleaFR71011,939035,95029 Apr 0329 Apr 03No

Visiting Diagon Alley and Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

* * *

Chapter 3 - Visiting Diagon Alley and Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

Buffy and Dawn stood there as they gazed into a large cobbled alley filled with witches and wizardsbusily doing their shopping, from shop to shop. Old shops lined both sides of the alley, some looked like they could be over a century old. The alley appeared like it went on forever, with so many shops, but they could make out a very large white building up the other end, which towered over
the other buildings easily.

They suddenly remembered that they were just standing frozen on the spot, and after a few weird looks, they started down the alley.

"Wow, look at that!" Dawn pointed out excitedly as they walked past shops filled with things they'd never imagined.

They made their way down to Gringotts, following the explanatory letter they'd received and wandered in. The letter also explained the wizard currency and how to exchange muggle money. (The letter also explained about 'muggles').

Buffy told Dawn to stay near the entrance while she exchanged their money. She soon returned holding her bag, which was now heavy full of wizard money.

"Ooh, can I look at the money?" Dawn asked enthusiastically, she was now very interested in anything to do with wizards and witches.

Buffy handed her overflowing purse to Dawn while she began to rummage through her bag.

"Well Dawn, we better get your things for school. Now where's that list.." Buffy muttered as she searched her bag.

Dawn subconsciously put the money she'd been studying, in her pocket. They'd walked outside and a little way up the alley, Buffy still shuffling through her bag frantically, when Dawn's attention was drawn to a shop called Ollivanders. There was a sign above the door that read: 'Makers of Fine Wands since 382 BC'. She also noticed a wand sitting in the shop window.

"Wow," She thought as she tried to peer through the window. "Magic wands, that is so cool!"

Dawn's curiousity drew her into the shop and a bell rang as she entered. There was already someone in the shop, a humungous man sitting in a chair near the door. Then she noticed another person, a boy her age with dark hair and glasses, standing in the middle of the store. He appeared to be gazing around with just as much curiousity as she was. Dawn figured this was all new to him as well.

The boy turned around and noticed her, and Dawn thought it polite to introduce herself.

"Hi," She said with a smile, looking both at the boy and the man in the chair. "I'm Dawn."

"Hi, I'm Harry, and this is Hagrid." He introduced pointing to himself and the giant man in the chair, he seemed friendly.

"Keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts," Hagrid added politely. "Are you in 'ere ter get yer first wand too, Dawn?"

Dawn nodded as she spoke. "Yeah, actually, my sister and I were here getting my stuff for Hogwarts."

Their conversation was interrupted by an old man, she guessed to be Mr. Ollivander, considering that was the name of the shop. Heappeared from the back of the shop past rows and rows of small boxes stacked on each other.

"Ah, Mr. Potter, Miss Summers," He address them, startling all the three people in the front of the shop. "Be needing your first wands?" He freaked Dawn out when he knew her name, and judging by Harry's face, Dawn guessed Harry was too.

With that he disappeared among the rows and rows of boxes, searching frantically. Dawn and Harry stepped up closer to the counter, in the centre of the shop, to get a better view up the rows of boxes and to see where Mr. Ollivander had disappeared. He returned a few moments later, carrying two long and narrow boxes in his hands. He pulled the lids off, revealing two varnished and polished wooden

He handed one to Dawn and the other to hand. They both received the wands and stood there, unsure. But before they could ask what it was they were supposed to be doing, the wands were snatched back by Mr. Ollivander in one very swift movement. He then went in search for two more wands and returned again to give them to Dawn and Harry.

Once again, in an instant he'd snatched up their second wands perhaps even quicker than the last time. He returned a third time with wands he was sure would be perfect. Dawn anticipated getting the wand taken from her again, when she picked up her third wand.

Mr. Ollivander had taken Harry's wand back, however, he didn't take Dawn's. Instead, the wand emitted a glow and Dawn felt something with wand she was holding. It was an odd sensation for Dawn.

"Aha, I think we've found a match. Unicorn Hair, Mahogany, 8 Inches," Dawn listened as he described the wand. "Would you like to buy that now, I fear it's going to be a while before we find Mr. Potter, here, a wand."

Dawn nodded, then it occurred to her that she didn't have any money, Buffy did. Then she remembered back to just before, outside Gringotts, she had put money in her pocket. She reached in and pulled out several different coloured coins, gold, silver and bronze. Mr. Ollivander and Hagrid helped her with the currency, because she had no clue what was what.

She'd just paid when the bell rang and Buffy appeared in the shop.

"Dawn, there you are," She called with relief. "Please don't go walking off on me again."

Dawn picked up the box containing her wand and headed over to the door.

"Well, I'll see you at school." She called out as she turned to walk out with Buffy.

As she was leaving she heard Harry's and Hagrid's muffled goodbyes. They then wandered over to the next shop and as they did, Dawn explained to Buffy what happened in Ollivanders and she proudly displayed her wand.

After a couple of long hours on their feet shopping, Buffy and Dawn had managed to purchase the rest of Dawn's school supplies. Dawn bought her school robes, books, cauldron and Buffy even bought Dawn an owl after she'd spent a good 10 minutes choosing one. In the end, she'd come out of the owlery shop with a large grey owl. It looked similar to the one that had delivered her Hogwarts letter. Dawn had decided upon calling her 'Joy', partly named after their mother, Joyce.

* * *

The day Dawn had been anticipating finally arrived. She woke up, with a smile on her face, on the morning of September first.

"Dawn, come and get breakfast." Buffy's voice echoed down the hall.

Dawn threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and walked down the hall and into the kitchen. She quickly ate her breakfast and rushed back into to her room to finish getting ready.

About an hour later they got into the car to drive to Kings Cross Station. Buffy took the opportunity to lecture Dawn on what to do and what not to do.

"Watch out for yourself, don't go getting yourself in trouble, I don't want anything happening to you." Buffy ordered, the motherly side of her showing considerably.

"I'll be fine." Dawn had to repeat several times as Buffy went through a long list of her concerns.

Before they knew it, they'd reached the train station, now all they had to do was go to Dawn's platform. It was only when Buffy pulled out Dawn's train ticket, that they noticed their dilemma.

"Platform 9 and three quarters!" Dawn laughed hysterically at how ridiculous that sounded.

They checked Platforms 9 and 10, but couldn't find Platform 9 and three quarters. They'd lost hope of finding it, after walking up and down the platforms for 10 minutes, until something caught Buffy's attention.

There were a few people wandering along the platforms with trolleys as stacked full as Dawns. She also noticed that some had cages with owls and other animals in them too.

"Come on, let's follow them." Buffy suggested as she began in a quick pace in the direction where the people had gone.

They finally caught up when they noticed the people had halted, facing a solid barrier in between the two platforms. Buffy and Dawn watched with amazement as a person ran straight at the wall. Instead of the collision with the wall, that Dawn and Buffy anticipated, the person went straight through the wall and disappeared.

Both the girl's mouths dropped open at what they'd just witnessed. They watched a few other people run through the barrier until it was their turn to run it. They closed their eye tightly as the barrier grew nearer and nearer. When they didn't feel an impact, they opened their eyes and found themselves on a completely different platform.

Dawn gazed around at her surroundings. In the station, sat a bright red steam train, getting ready to leave, the name 'Hogwarts Express' read on the engine. She then adverted her eyes to the platform. It was filled full of witches and wizards, hugging and saying goodbye to each other.

The whistle of the engine sounded, as a warning to the people to get on board.

"Dawn, we better get you on board." Buffy said, breaking Dawn's fixation on her surroundings.

They put Dawn's trunk and Joy with all the other students trunks and animals, ready to be loaded on board. Then they walked over to a carriage for Dawn to get on.

"Well Dawnie, please look after yourself." Buffy said sadly as she pulled her into a warm hug.

"Bye! I'll see you at Christmas." Dawn replied as she got on the train.

The whistle sounded and moments later, the train started to pull away. Dawn stood at the door of the carriage, waving to Buffy as the train pulled out of Platform 9 and Three Quarters.
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