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Summary: AU - After their mothers death, Buffy and Dawn move away to England leaving Sunnydale behind. Once there, Dawn receives a certain letter. *wink wink*

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The First Day

* * *

Chapter 5 - The First Day

Dawn walked down a dark, secluded hallway, taking each step very slowly. The sound of her feet thumping against the floorboards echoed loudly in her ears.

She walked past several doors to the left and right of her, but her mind was focused on only one. A lone cobweb covered door at the end of the hallway.

She grew nearer to the door and reached out her hand in advance. Her hand finally connected with the brass door handle and she tried to thrust the door open. It didn’t budge.

“You can’t go in there.” A voice from behind caught her unaware.

Dawn turned to see Willow standing there behind her, as if watching her.

“What do you mean?” Dawn asked, confused.

“You’re not supposed to go in there,” Willow began. “You’re not supposed to see what’s inside.”

* * *

Dawn jerked awake to meet the start of a new day. She pulled open her curtains. Everyone else in her dormitory was already up, she was so involved with that dream that she’d slept in a little bit.

She rushed to get showered and dressed before she wandered down to the common room filled with other Griffindors.

“Sleep in, Dawn?” Harry asked as Dawn entered the common room with messy wet hair, from showering quickly, and disguising a yawn.

“Yeah, I had this really weird dream.” Dawn explained as she joined Harry, Ron and Hermione on the couches near the fireplace.

“What happened in it?” Hermione pried.

Dawn uttered out some words, trying to explain but not very successfully. Instead she shrugged. “I don’t know how to explain it, it was weird, that’s for sure.”

They talked for a while until Hermione noticed the time. “We have to be at breakfast in the Great Hall, soon.”

Dawn stood up, Hermione had just inadvertently helped remind her that there were things she wanted to do before she went to breakfast.

“Well, I’ve got some things to do before breakfast.” She explained to her new friends and walked out the portrait hole.

She wanted to find Willow so they could talk before breakfast. Although, it occurred to her, as she wandered down one of the corridors, that she hadn’t a clue on where to find Willow.

“I’ll just go down to the Great Hall and hope she’s there.” Dawn decided as she turned the corner.

Dawn collided forcefully with someone as she rounded the corner, forcing her to fall hard onto the stone floor.

“Dawnie!” Willow’s voice called. “Sorry.”

Willow offered out her hand to help Dawn up and they continued off towards Willow’s office, right next to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.

“I was looking for you.” Dawn explained.

“Well, here I am.” Willow smiled. “I’m glad I ran into you, even if it was literally, I really wanted to catch up.” Dawn laughed.

They walked into Willow’s office. It was pretty small and old, but Willow had already made it her own. Dawn noticed several photos adorning the wall, some with Buffy, herself and the rest of the Sunnydale Gang in them. Other photos were of Willow’s family and relatives. There was even a picture of Ron and his family in it.

“So.” Dawn began as she took a seat. Where to start? “I can’t believe you’re teaching here and that you’re a witch! I never knew that.”

Willow chuckled. “It was a little obvious, when you think about it.” She said as she too sat down. “I mean, didn’t you get suspicious that I went to ‘Boarding School’ for most of the year, especially all the way across the country?”

Dawn’s eyes widened with understanding. “So when you went away, you were actually going off to a Wizarding School. Is there one in America, like here?”

Willow nodded and Dawn yelped with excitement.

“That’s so cool! So now you’ve come here to teach, and you’ll even be teaching me!” Dawn was in hysterics because she was so excited.

Willow laughed at Dawn’s behaviour and glanced at the time. “Whoa, Dawn, it’s breakfast time, better not be late.” Willow reminded. “I’ll see you there.”

* * *

Dawn arrived to find the Great Hall packed with students, already shoving their faces full of food from the trays and trays of it that lined the tables. Dawn sat in a sear next to Hermione and across from Ron and Harry.

“There you are.” Ron said in between bites of his toast.

“So what did you have to do?” Hermione quizzed as she turned to face Dawn.

“Oh,” Dawn said as she piled her place with food. “I went to talk to Willow, catch up. Actually, I should start calling her Professor soon, shouldn’t I?”

Ron nodded his head. “Yeah, it’s going to be weird calling her Professor, especially when she’s my cousin.”

Harry finally spoke up. “When do we have Defence Against the Dark Arts? Is it this morning?”

Hermione pulled out her timetable and studied it.

“We have it last this afternoon,” She began, scanning along the timetable. “This morning is Transfiguration and then Potions.”

“Potions!” Ron spat out his food. “Oh no, my brother’s have told me all about Professor Snape, the Potions Master, and we really shouldn’t be looking forward to that class at all.”

Harry, Hermione and Dawn became really nervous and concerned about their first Potions class as Ron told them stories that his brother’s had told him. Basically, the general impression was that he was unfair to Griffindors and favoured the Slytherins because he was the head of their house.

They finished off their breakfast and prepared themselves for the long, hard day ahead of them.

* * *

Their first class of the day was Transfiguration, like Hermione had said at breakfast. They sat down at the desks in the Transfiguration classroom, placing their books on the desk.

Professor McGonagall, who was sitting behind her desk at the front of the room, stood up and introduced herself to those who’d forgotten.

As it was their first lesson, they didn’t do much, work wise. Professor McGonagall enlightened them on the basic details of what the subject of Transfiguration involved. She also laid down the rules, which could lose or gain you points and also what she expected of her students.

The bell soon went and the first year students piled out of the classroom.

“That was so boring, all she did was blabber on all lesson.” Ron breathed as they wandered the corridors to their next class.

“Well at least we didn’t do any work.” Harry pointed out logically.

“Yeah, well it’d be great if we did that all year!”

“Speak for yourself.” Hermione retorted, who was desperate for a load of work to do. She’d even taken the initiative to write down every word McGonagall had spoken.

They all laughed together as they entered the Dungeons, where they had Potions.

“This is a place of learning, not socialising.” A cold voice from the front of the room barked. “And I also expect you to be on time. Ten points from Griffindor.”

The four went silent and sat down as Professor Snape was glaring their way.

“Ah, Mr Potter.” He said in a rather sinister voice.

Dawn watched Harry sink a little in his seat next to her, everyone in the room had turned to look and see the ‘famous Harry Potter’.

“I hope we don’t see a repeat of this behaviour, letting fame make you believe that the rules don’t apply to you.” He smirked and went on to teach the class.

After class, they gathered outside the Dungeons.

“I can’t believe he said that to you, Harry!” Dawn said angrily.

Ron curled up his fists in anger. “Well, like I told you, he’s an unfair old git.”

Lunch had begun, and they made their way up to the Griffindor common room to discard their books and to go get lunch.
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