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Summary: AU - After their mothers death, Buffy and Dawn move away to England leaving Sunnydale behind. Once there, Dawn receives a certain letter. *wink wink*

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredAkaleaFR71011,939035,95029 Apr 0329 Apr 03No

The First Day - Part 2

* * *

Chapter 6 – The First Day - Part 2

Their Defence Against the Dark Arts class came after lunch. Students filled into the classroom, where Willow stood up the front with an eager smile on her face.

“Hi everyone!” She called out happily. “I’m Professor Rosenburg, for those of you who don’t already know.” Willow glanced Dawn and Ron’s way.

She clasped her hands together. “So, basically this year we will start with the basics of the Defence Against the Dark Arts, which isn’t as exciting as 7th year stuff, but I’ll make it as fun as possible.” Willow paused and flashed a big smile, as if she wasn’t smiling enough already. “We will be studying things like dark creatures and how to disable the, and defend yourselves if you should encounter them.

“What you learn in this subject will be important techniques and knowledge that you’ll need for the rest of your lives. Wish I knew that when I was a first year, then I would have paid attention in class.”

Willow laughed, but the majority of the class wasn’t as enthusiastic. Willow kept smiling, nevertheless.

“Okay, now we will learn a small spell so we can get the hang of using your wands properly, for those of you who haven’t been so lucky as to observe much magic before.”

Willow showed the class a wand movement, which would help their spells be more efficient and effective. She urged the class to follow her example.

Dawn swung her wand around, but got a bit carried away and her wand swung back, hitting Harry in the head.

“Oh, sorry!” She called out half laughing.

“That’s okay.” He said rubbing his head.

Ron and Hermione were laughing at the incident, especially Ron, who found it very amusing, when Willow got the class’ attention again.

“Okay, now we will attempt a reasonably simple spell, this spell is a disarming spell and it is used to disarm your opponent, whether it be in a duel or a real life or death situation. Watch.”

Willow swung her wand in a swift movement and called out ‘Expelliarmus’, which sent Dawn’s wand flying out of her grasp and towards Willow.

This impressed Dawn, never really seeing a proper spell before and from Willow, for that matter. Willow wandered over to Dawn’s desk and returned the wand; she paused, momentarily, flashing a very-Willow smile at Dawn.

“Okay, now pair off and try it yourself, remember that it’s ‘expelliarmus’, you don’t want to blow up anything or anyone, for that matter.”

With that, the class started to chatter and everyone paired off. Dawn with Hermione, and Harry worked with Ron. At the first attempts of the spell, no one was very successful. After twenty minutes, the students were still focusing hard at their task, determined to get the spell right.

“Expelliarmus!” Dawn called out, pointing her wand at Hermione after what seemed like her one-hundredth attempt.

Hermione tried it again now, Dawn felt her wand slip out of her hand again, like earlier when Willow had used the spell on her.

“Well done!” Dawn congratulated as she took back her, she was glad Hermione had been successful but she was hoping she could do it.

“Expelliarmus!” She called out one last time; using what little enthusiasm she had left in her. Suddenly Hermione’s wand had fallen in her hands, the spell had worked.

“You did it too, Dawn!” Hermione called out as Dawn cheered rather loudly.

Willow had now appeared at their desk. “Well Done. Everyone, Miss Granger and Da-Miss Summers have done it.” She informed the class, also covering up her instinct to call Dawn by her first name.

The bell went and the classroom emptied, except Dawn, Harry, Ron and Hermione remained.

“How’d I go?” Willow quizzed eagerly.

“You were great, that was a great first class.” Ron praised his older cousin and Willow beamed.

“Well you guys should go back to your common room and enjoy the evening until dinner starts in the Great Hall.” She suggested. “I’ll see you there.”

Willow shooed them out of the classroom, ordering them to have fun before dinner.

She wandered back to her office and sat at the desk, also pulling a piece of parchment out of the drawer at the same time. She took her quill and scribbled away:

First day was a success. No complications, everything going according to what we have discussed. – W.R.

Willow quickly rolled up the parchment and rushed out of her office and down to the Owlery as inconspicuously as possible.

* * *

“How cool was our first day!” Exclaimed Dawn as they headed back to the Griffindor common room.

“And Willow did a great job at taking Defence Against the Dark Arts. I didn’t know she could teach that well, never really pictured her as a teacher.” Ron added as they entered through the portrait hole.

The girls and the boys both went their separate ways up to their dormitories to get changed into some clothes other than their uniforms. They met back up in the common room a few minutes later.

“So, what are we going to do before dinner?” Harry questioned the group.

“Well, we could explore the castle, this place is huge.” Dawn suggested and they all nodded in response.

“They have a big library here, don’t they?” Hermione said as they exited the common room.

They wandered the corridors for a short while before they didn’t know where they were. They stumbled across a long corridor, somewhere where they hadn’t been yet.

“Is that Professor Rosenburg?” Hermione questioned, focusing her attention on someone moving down the end of that corridor.

“I think it is.” Harry answered; looking at what Hermione had spotted.

Dawn had noticed that Willow was doing something that must have been important because she was walking at a brisk pace.

“Let’s see if we can catch up with her.” Dawn urged and began down the corridor.

When they reached the end, Willow had disappeared through a door somewhere. They shrugged and were about to continue on their way.

“Hey, what is this?” Ron said, which made them all stop again. He was holding a scroll of parchment in his hand.

“Willow must have dropped it.” Harry figured as they unrolled it and read it.

First day was a success. No complications, everything going according to what we have discussed. – W.R.

The group frowned with thought, trying to make sense of it.

“Well, I don’t really think that this is any of our business,” Hermione interrupted their thoughts. “We should leave it where we found it and go.”

The others agreed, trying to leave behind what curiousity the letter stirred up, but they all knew Hermione was right. They left to explore other areas of the castle before dinner.
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