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Summary: AU - After their mothers death, Buffy and Dawn move away to England leaving Sunnydale behind. Once there, Dawn receives a certain letter. *wink wink*

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredAkaleaFR71011,939035,95029 Apr 0329 Apr 03No

Things Turn Bad

* * *

Chapter 7 – Things Turn Bad

Dawn woke up the following day to find that she didn’t sleep in, this time. The sun was slowly riding on the horizon, adorning the sky with a bright orange-red colour. She pulled back her covers and bounced out of bed, ready to start another exciting day at Hogwarts.

After getting dressed, she set off down to the common room in search of Hermione, she wasn’t in the dormitory. Dawn found her sitting on the couch with a large book resting in her lap.

“Morning.” Dawn called out as she sat opposite Hermione, managing to break her concentration and Hermione tore her eyes away from the book.

“Oh, Good Morning. Didn’t sleep in today?” Hermione greeted. “Does that mean that you didn’t have that dream again?”

Dawn nodded slowly. “What are you reading?”

Hermione held up her book so that Dawn could clearly see the cover, which was titled ‘Charms – Grade One’.

“Oh, do we have Charms today, I have no idea what to expect for that, but it can’t be worse than Potions was yesterday.” Dawn commented as two people appeared behind them.

“Ugh, Potions.” Ron called out, shuddering. “But you do know what else we have today?” He quizzed enthusiastically.

Dawn pulled out her timetable and read off it. “Okay, today we have flying.”

“I can’t wait, of course it’ll be the basics and I’ve already had some practise from playing Quidditch with my brothers.” Ron beamed.

“Well we better get to breakfast in the Great Hall first.” Harry stated, joining the conversation.

They all made their way to breakfast before their first Flying lesson with Madam Hooch.

* * *

At breakfast, they’d stuffed themselves with all kinds of scrumptious foods, like they had every meal so far. There was no shortage of food at Hogwarts, that’s for sure. After they had finished eating, students slowly left the room and off to their classes.

The four young Griffindors headed outside the castle and to where their first flying lesson was to be taking place. There were brooms lining the grass at the place and the students went and stood near one, taking up all except the four left for them.

Dawn walked over to the broomsticks and stood by the one on the end furthest away from the teacher. Because she was so nervous, she leaned over and looked down the line.

“Uh, does anyone mind if we change? I don’t really trust myself to be on the end and this far away from the teacher.” She called out hopefully.

“Sure, I don’t mind.” Harry answered happily and changed places with Dawn and she thanked him.

“Okay class, I’m Madam Hooch. Welcome to your first flying lesson.” The flying teacher introduced as she turned to address the group. “Flying can seem a little difficult and frightening at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will really enjoy it. You could be on the Quidditch team some day.”

An eager smile appeared on quite a few students faces, among them Ron.

“Now,” Madam hooch explained. “Please step up to your broomsticks and say ‘up’.”

The students slowly wandered up to along beside their brooms, some quite hesitantly. Dawn was nervous herself and took a deep breath as she stepped up to it.

“Quickly now.” Madam Hooch urged the hesitant people.

The students began to bark ‘up!’ at their broomsticks.

“Up!” Dawn said firmly, feeling stupid that she was talking to a broom.

It rolled around on the ground a lot, but didn’t jump into her hand. Dawn looked up at the other students; they were struggling a bit too. She also noticed that some had already succeeded, including Harry.

On her third attempt, Dawn was successful and the broomstick launched itself into her palm and she held it tightly.

“Okay class, now mount our broom. We are simply going to float in the air for a few seconds and then touch back down, leaning forward slightly.” Madam Hooch ordered as if it were as simple as clicking your fingers.

Dawn mounted her broom nervously. The whistle sounded and everyone went to kick off. As soon as Dawn had done so, she knew something was wrong. She couldn’t control the broom. It hurtled itself, along with Dawn, up around thirty feet in the air, flying in loops and circles, completely out of control. Dawn screamed and tried to grip the handle tighter, as she felt her hands beginning to slip.

“What’s going on? This isn’t good. I can’t keep hold forever.” She panicked in her head.

The broom suddenly jerked violently, changing directions again. Dawn’s firm grip, that was turning her knuckles white, had failed and she couldn’t keep hold of the broomstick any longer.

She knew that she wouldn’t survive the deadly fall and screamed out ear-piercingly as she fell closer and closer to the ground.
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