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Summary: AU - After their mothers death, Buffy and Dawn move away to England leaving Sunnydale behind. Once there, Dawn receives a certain letter. *wink wink*

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* * *

Chapter 8 – Developments

Dawn’s eyes were sealed shut from terror as she waited to impact with the ground. After a moment, she realised that it hadn’t come. She peeked open her eyes slightly with uncertainty. She was still in the air and on a broom, but it certainly wasn’t her broom.

“That was a close one.” A voice came from in front of her.

Dawn looked up to put a face to the voice. It was Harry. He’d flown up on his broom to rescue her from her plummet.

This was all too much for Dawn; she’d been so close to dying that she was extremely shaken up. All these horrible thoughts at what could have happened rushed to her head, right before she blacked out.

When Harry realised that Dawn had passed out, he steered back down to the ground where the crowd of people were waiting, the first years and Madam Hooch. As he landed, people gathered round from all directions.

“Is she okay?” A voice called from further back in the crowd. It was Willow pushing through towards Dawn quickly.

“I think so, she just passed out from shock. I think.” Harry replied looked down at the unconscious Dawn.

Willow picked her up. “I’ll take her to the Hospital Wing.” She volunteered and set off in a hurry, clutching Dawn’s motionless form.

After Dawn had been taken away by Willow, Professor McGonagall approached the stunned group.

“Mr Potter, please follow me.” She requested and turned back to the castle, with Harry tagging behind.

* * *

Dawn woke up to find herself in a part of the castle she’d never been before.

“This must be the Hospital Wing.” She figured and turned her head around, to be greeted by someone standing over her bed.

“Dawnie! You’re awake.” Willow called out with relief.

Dawn pushed herself up to a sitting position. Apparently too quickly, her head had a blood rush and she felt light-headed.

“What hap-pened?” She stuttered slightly.

“There was that broom accident, Harry flew up and caught you, a moment later and you would be, uh …” Willow trailed off nervously.

It was all coming back to Dawn. “Oh, I remember, I thought I was going to hit the ground but then all of a sudden, I was on Harry’s broom. I must have blacked out after that.” She recalled.

“Yeah, you did. Harry brought you down to the ground and I brought you here.” Willow paused slightly. “I owled Buffy, told her what happened and that you are alright. I’m glad nothing happened to you.” She smiled.

At that moment, the Hogwarts burse, Madam Pomfrey, entered the room.

“Excuse me, Professor, but my patient needs some rest before she goes back to her classes.” She told Willow.

“Of course,” She complied, and headed for the door. “Bye Dawn.”

Willow disappeared from the doorway and Dawn settled back down in her bed. It didn’t take long for her to drift off to sleep.

* * *

Dawn had slept the majority of the day away, finally leaving the Hospital Wing in the evening. She’d missed the rest of the classes for the day.

She entered the Griffindor common room, not long before dinner, to be crowded with many of the first years that had witnessed the incident earlier.

“Did you know you were going to fall when you were hanging from the broom?” One person asked.

“That was extremely scary, I would have passed out much sooner if it was me.” Another first year commented.

Dawn smiled, kind of enjoying the attention, but wishing she could get away from the crowd of people, at the same time.

“Dawn, over here.” Voices called from a corner of the room.

She swung her head around and was pleased to see her three friends. She practically ran over to them and sat down.

“Are you okay?” They all asked with concern.
“I’m fine,” She answered and turned to Harry. “Thanks for rescuing me, I probably wouldn’t be here now, otherwise.”

Harry smiled. “That’s alright, we’re glad you’re not hurt or anything.”

“And guess what?” Ron piped up excitedly. “Professor McGonagall saw Harry’s flying and was impressed. Especially since he had never flown before today, so now he’s a seeker on the Griffindor Quidditch team!”

“Wow, congratulations!” Dawn cheered, then paused, realising something. “Wait a minute! You’d never flown before today?”

Harry nodded and Dawn looked impressed and sick at the same time.

“I’d never flown before either, but my broom went all crazy like that.” She continued. “Actually, it kinda felt like I had no control over the broom. I mean, the moment I got on, I could feel that I didn’t.”

Hermione frowned with thought. “Well, we have another flying lesson during the week and if you fly fine then, Dawn, then we know there was something wrong with that broom.” She thought out loud.

“You guys coming to dinner?” Seamus and Dean asked, walking up to them.

They looked around, the common room was almost empty, and everyone was off at dinner. Dawn, Hermione, Harry and Ron jumped up and rushed off to the Great Hall.
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