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Summary: AU - After their mothers death, Buffy and Dawn move away to England leaving Sunnydale behind. Once there, Dawn receives a certain letter. *wink wink*

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Title: Discoveries

Author: Akalea

Rating: PG-13 - Just to be safe and so I can throw in the odd swear word..hehe :)

Disclaimer: The usual, none of these characters belong to me....

Summary: AU - After their mothers death, Buffy and Dawn move away to England leaving Sunnydale behind. Once there, Dawn receives a certain letter. *wink wink* (Crossover with Harry Potter)

Author's Note: Well there a lot to say. It's an AU so Buffy isn't a slayer nor do they know anything of vampires or demons, she is 18 and Dawn is 11. The Scooby Gang still exist, except Giles (as much as we all love him, he doesn't fit in with this storyline!). The gang is back at Sunnydale, where there isn't a hellmouth. :)
Also, Harry and the Gang are starting their first year at Hogwarts, so this takes place during Book 1, except since it is an AU, I'm taking my own spinon things. :)
This is my second Buffy/Harry Potter Crossover story, the other one didn't go quite so well...anyway, start reviewing giving me tipsto help me make my story better. Thanks.

* * *

Chapter 1 - Running From The Truth

Dawn stared out the window at the unfamiliar landscapes that surrounded her. A street lined with parked cars and luscious green trees and a park across the road with enormous oaks and spectacularly planted gardens. She watched the people pass by, so caughtup in their lives that they didn't even notice an eleven-year-old girl, sitting at the window they were passing, with a small tear running down her cheek.

She gazed down at the book she held tightly in her hands, her diary where she wrote her in most thoughts and feelings, and put pen to paper.

Dear Diary,
Hi, it's me. Why is everything going so wrong? First mum (A.N: that's the way I write it) dies... so suddenly, leaving Buffyand me on our own. Then, the next thing I know, I've moved across the ocean to a country that I don't even know, by Buffy. Moved away from the people who are my friends, the people who I care about.
I'm trying to understand why we've moved here to England, and why we've just dropped everything we had back in Sunnydale. I think that Buffy needed a break and is trying to run away from the truth - mum is dead. Oh, I really miss her.

Dawn's tears started to flow and she roughly scribbled her name at the bottom of the page. She threw her diary down in anger and curled her legs up to her chest, burying her head in between her knees. She breathed deeply for a moment, trying to calm herself down and then slowly stood up.

She knew she couldn't just sit up in her room all day - that she'd have to face life sooner or later.

"Too bad Buffy isn't though." She thought to herself, recalling the whole situation she was in. She inhaled and walked over to her door, reaching for the brass door handle.

"Well, her goes." She muttered to herself as she walked out into the hall.

* * *

The new house wasn't anything spectacular. If anything, it was quite the opposite, very dusty and putrid. Buffy looked around the kitchen. All the boxes were sprawled out on the floor and in every other room too.

She absent-mindedly began unwrapping the fragile glassware and crockery that had been wrapped up in newspapers from the move to England. Her expression was blank and hard to read, as she sat there in silence. Her thoughts were racing, she thought about the death of her mother, all the responsibility that had been dropped on her shoulders because she was now Dawn's legal guardian.

She couldn't take it all in, in a just a moment, her life had been turned upside down. Her face cracked, and she began to shake.

Dawn walked into the kitchen and saw Buffy sitting at the kitchen table, unpacking boxes. Immediately, Buffy straightened up and gave a small smile to her little sister. Dawn forced a smile in return, she was getting used to pretending to be okay. She turned aroundand walked over to the cupboard and started to raid it for food.

No such luck. There wasn't a single ounce of food in sight. She turned and gave Buffy a look of desperation.

"Buffy, where's the food?" Dawn questioned, just as her stomach gave a loud rumble.

"Oh," Buffy began, a little distracted. "Well we've got to go to the supermarket later. First I'm going to unpack some more and I also have to think about looking for a job. But don't worry, there'll be food."

Dawn nodded and slowly walked out of the room, disappointedly. She entered the lounge. It's furniture covered with sheets and a thick layer of dust. She thumped the couch to rid it of the dust and when she had very little success she gave up and just sat down on it anyway.

She gazed out the window - something she'd been doing often recently. This was her escape from the problems that she'd been facing lately, Buffy's was to leave and get a fresh start. Dawn had spent hours looking up the streets, watching people walk past, cars thundering by and the birds flying around with such freedom.

At that moment, her interest was drawn to a particularly large bird flying in the distance. Actually, now that she thought about it, the bird looked as if it were headed her way. She watched it flap its large grey wings with such grace, until she could make out it's other features. When she could, Dawn frowned at what she saw.

It appeared to be a large grey owl, also with something attached to its leg. It came close, landing on the front fence of her house.

Dawn stared at it, it appeared to be looking at her - as if it were waiting for something. So Dawn decided to open the window and findout. As soon as she had, the bird flew past and landed on the couch.

Dawn jumped from shock; she wasn't expecting that to happen. She'd it expected it to fly away from fright when she had opened the window. But instead it sat on her couch with its leg held out with something attached to it.

She slowly and uncertainly reached over and detached the object, which appeared to be a letter. The bird gave a hoot and flew over
to the couch.

(A.N - Did you like it? Did you hate it? I'd love to know. Please submit a review and tell me.)
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