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Wake Up

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Summary: Willow and Xander look for famliy

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Author’s Note:
Okay so it has been two years since I have written anything. In all actuality, I forgot this story existed. I hope you guys like the new chapter. I wanted to bring Leon more in to the story.
In addition, I want to clarify a few things Xander and Willow are 17 but this is set somewhere in season two of BTVS. Jesse was shot but did not die. This is 7 months after the movie so FAF2 never happen

Disclaimer: I own nothing and these characters belong to their respective creators.

11 AM Outside of Dom’s House************************************************************************

Sitting in a car outside of Dom’s house are Willow, Xander, and Brian.

“Now guys I am not coming in there with you. Dom and I need to take sometime to try and work out our problems.”

“I know Brian but you better start soon. This fighting is hurting our relationship to Jesse and Leon.” stated Willow.

“I know Wills. I will come pick you guys up at 3 call if the plan needs to change.”

“Thanks Brian see you later. Come on Wills.” Xander yelled excited half way out of the car.

By the time the two people had reached the door Jesse had it open and was bouncing in excitement.

“Hey guys come in come in just be quiet Vince and Dom are still sleeping.” Jesse spoke quickly.

Once down in Jesse’s room the three started to reminisce over their childhood. When Leon joined ten minutes, later the group spilt up in to two factions.

Jesse and Willow were at his computer discussing old childhood memories and showing each other the new things they learned about computers.

Leon and Xander were a different story. When they were younger the two acted like brothers because they had a serious common bond.

“So Xander what happened after we left?”

“My dad kept hitting me until I got a growth spurt three years ago. Then a friend died and a new girl arrived. We were friends until she hurt Willow pretty badly. Oh Willow had a boyfriend but he helped to hurt her.” Xander relayed silently crying.

“Holy Shit are you okay Xander? I can’t believe that bastard still hurt you after I hoped he would have stopped.” Leon stated hoarsely.

“I had a feeling he would not stop.” Xander stated with tears on his cheeks.

“What happened with this friend and the boyfriend?” Leon asked perplexed.

“He wanted sex and Willow was not ready so he found it with a friend of Willow’s.” Xander stated emotionless.

“He is lucky I did not kill him. Willow is to precious to cheat on.” Leon seethed.

On the other side of the room, Willow noticed that it was three and told the other two.

While walking the two out the boys gave them huge hugs and promises to see them later.

When Willow and Xander were in Brian’s car driving away Dom and the others had just pulled in.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wake Up" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Aug 08.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking