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Knights of the Round Table

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Summary: Ficlets and drabbles done in the King Arthur (2004 movie) verse.

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Movies > King Arthur (2004)JmariaFR154474012,94520 Sep 0523 Jan 06Yes

Knights of the Round Table

Title: Two Kinds of Comfort

Author: Jmaria

Disclaimer: Not mine (I wish)

Word Count: 100

Character: Bors, Dag (kinda)

Rating: PG

Challenge #7 (at ka100)

He knows better, knows his gods will carry his friend onto another place, a better place. But somehow, he feels robbed. It wasn’t his life that was taken, but his dreams for the future were shattered. Dag was to be there. He was supposed to be there when he wanted to moan on about Vanora. His plans are gone, death is ever present in this world of constant darkness. How can six men hold back legions of blood-thirsty Saxons? It was a foolish plan to begin with.

Only two comforts are left. The ale, and the dust of Dag’s grave.
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