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Hell on Neptune

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Summary: Crossover with Veronica Mars for the FFA

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Television > Veronica Mars > Dawn-CenteredDigiEmissaryFR151551171,98721 Sep 0521 Sep 05No
For the FFA!
Disclaimer: Buffy and Veronica Mars aren't mine, and I don't claim them to be.
Notes: Post BtvS Season 7, AtS Season 5, Veronica Mars Season 1.

The lunch bell rang and Dawn exited the school. She walked on to the patio, looking around apprehensively. Everyone seemed to have their own cliques set up (not surprisingly, based on what she'd read about the town). She officially hated being Buffy's "find-open-minded-teenagers-from-the-school" girl. She needed a shorter title, too. Buffy, though, thought the assignment was perfectly suitable, especially after the crack Dawn had made about her age on the way there.

"Hey! New girl!" came a cry from a blonde at an almost-empty table. "This table's open."

"Thanks," Dawn replied as she sat down. The young man sitting next to the blonde, who she assumed was a friend, held out his hand, and she shook it.

"I'm Wallace, and this is Veronica Mars," he said. Dawn replied with her name and shook Veronica's hand as well.

"First day?" the blonde girl asked. Dawn nodded in response, and Veronica grimaced sympathetically. "I'm sorry about them," she continued, gesturing at most of the rest of the students. "If it's any consolation, I've lived here my whole life and they're not fond of me either."

"Unless they want someone investigated, then they really suck up," Wallace said with a smirk.

Dawn raised an eyebrow at that, and Veronica not-so-discreetly hit Wallace in the shoulder. "Well…" she began, trying to seem modest, "My dad's a P.I. and I help him out sometimes."

"I don't know why you keep putting on that act, Veronica, it's not like we're gossip-free here," Wallace said.

Dawn had seen this kind of thing before (or at least she remembered seeing it) with Buffy and Xander. She decided to take the risk and tell Veronica and Wallace why she was in Neptune. "Hey, if you're serious, I should tell you the real reason I'm here."

The faces across from her both adopted very intrigued looks, and she continued, "Did you guys hear about the Sunnydale collapse?" They both nodded. "Well, the official story was crap. For starters, vampires and demons are real. Sunnydale was over a demonic hotspot called the Hellmouth, and destroying the city didn't get rid of it. It's moving to Neptune, and things are going to get bad if it does."

Looks of utter disbelief met her explanation. The Scoobies had anticipated this, though, and they had gotten her a special gift from the Powers that Be. Unfortunately, it would only work once. Dawn weighed her options, and leaned across the table and kissed Veronica full on the lips. A vision assaulted her thoughts (though without the usually-pursuant migraine): Buffy, staking a vampire; the first opening of the Hellmouth; the battle against the Turok-han; the hell-on-earth that Neptune would become if the Hellmouth established itself there.

Meanwhile, Wallace was trying very, very hard to keep his face from erupting into a grin. Logan, across the patio, smacked his head against the table in frustration.

Veronica gasped as the vision ended. She turned to Wallace and said in a soft voice, "It's true." Her tone kept Wallace from protesting.

"Also," she said, as the impact of the vision began to fade, "that was a pretty good kiss."

She and Dawn both blushed.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hell on Neptune" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Sep 05.

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