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A New Sheriff in Town

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Summary: S2. Another Xander gets a power story. After staking a certain vampire by accident, Xander gets offered his job.

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Games > Horror > DarkwatchEdScottFR1843,76533413,34021 Sep 0514 Nov 05No

Chapter 2

Title: A New Sheriff in Town (2/?)
Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of
who are me.

Summary: S2. Another Xander gets a power story. After staking a certain vampire by accident, Xander gets offered his job.

Warning: Crossovers (Darkwatch) More to come later.

A/N: I’m using my discretion when it comes to the ammo used.

Rating: Hard R

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

The pain subsided enough for Xander to stop screaming. He was still in pain, it was only bad enough for him to live with it without complaining. He woke up laying down on a bench. The only people there were the Judge and his bailiff. When Xander’s eyes focused, Judge Roy Bean handed him a glass.

“Here you go, Sheriff. This will help wake you up.”

Xander sat up, took the offered cup and downed its contents in one gulp. The whiskey burned his throat and woke him up. Judge Bean was laughing as Xander coughed. The judge patted Xander on his back.

“I told you that drink would wake you up, Sheriff.” Xander was confused about being called sheriff.

“Excuse me, Your Honor. But why do you call me Sheriff?”

“About 90 years ago, all of our law vampires were at a bar they frequent and while they were having a grand time, the noise they were making made it possible for someone to plant explosives and blow the bar up and everyone and everything in it. Only Jericho was in Jamaica taking care of a voodoo priest. For the last 90 years, Cross has been all over the world doing his job. Hoping to find out who did it. It was Angelus and Darla. He was on his way to get justice when he ran into some Polgara demons that took more out of him then he thought. He was hungry and needed blood. You just happened to be the nearest victim. Apparently, he chose poorly.”

“So I’m the only one? Will I be getting any backup soon? Who can I call on if I get over my head?”

“There are two you organizations you can count on and one that wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. The two are the Helsing Organization and Iscariot. Since you’re not a vampire, Iscariot won’t have any problems helping you. The one you should worry about are the Watchers. I’m sure you’re aware of them. They want to run the show, even though Helsing has the backing of the Royal Family of Great Britain and Iscariot works for the Vatican. They don’t play well with others. And watch out for Travers. He’ll try to convince you to help him. If he does, you have my permission to give him a lobotomy.”

Xander never heard of this Travers guy. If his boss was telling him to be wary of him, Xander was going to be wary of him. Xander knew he shouldn’t trust the Judge, but he did keep his word about not turning Xander into a vampire. That’s one point in his favor. Xander was shaken out of his inner monologue when Judge Roy Bean stood up.

“Here is the equipment you’ll need for your job.” The judge first held up two Colt .45 revolvers and a holster to hold them both.

“The Colt .45. You’re basic weapon. Six bullets in the cylinder. Will automatically reload when you stop pulling the trigger. If something you shoot at doesn’t go down in twelve shots, run, wait then shoot again.”

“What kind of ammunition do the guns contain?”

“No clue. All I know is that they work. They’re as lethal to magical beings as regular bullets are to regular humans. If a human gets in the way, they’ll get hurt or killed just the same. The only difference is there are no bullets left for an autopsy, unless you’re OUR coroner.”

Xander thought it over about the ammo.

“That’s good to know, Your Honor. What else do you have for me?” The Judge held up a double barreled shotgun and sling for holding it on your back.

“Your double barreled shotgun. Your real stopping weapon. Just fire, pull back the slide and fire again. Same mystic type of ammunition as your Colts, except shotgun shells. Next is your badge. When you wear it, you will be impervious to all magic directly sent to you. Some of the warrants I need you to administer, the perps use magic. But for right now, you won’t need to worry about that added bonus. Also, your left eye glows red on command so you can see who is human and who isn’t by their body temperature.”

At this moment, Xander wished he had a mirror so he could see his red eye. Maybe later.

“And finally, a leather jacket with which to hide your guns. Try it on. Tell me how it feels on you.”

Xander smiled as he put the full length jacket on. It was a more of a modern style jacket that cops wore than an Old West style duster that cowboys wore. The jacket was the type the detectives wore on Law and Order. He liked Lenny Briscoe and John Munch as TV cops because of their senses of humor.

“Sheriff, on the inside left pocket is a credit card with $25 Million linked to a Swiss bank account to buy more powerful weapons, armor and rent hotel rooms as needed. Don’t abuse the credit card and buy video games.”

“Will do, Your Honor. Oh, one last thing.” That got a chuckle out of the room. “Since I don’t have a cell phone, how will we contact each other?”

“You will feel your badge get warm if I need to talk to you. Just touch it and I’ll appear as a ghost and we’ll talk. If you need to talk to me, just touch your badge and say, ‘Your Honor’ and I’ll appear as a ghost to talk to you. Also, other people will be able to see me, as I know there are some people you know that I might need to talk to. Now, to get back to Sunnydale, just walk outside the courthouse and you’ll be back in your hometown. And it will be like you never left. So, here are the warrants needed for Angelus, Druscilla and Spike. Good luck, Sheriff. And happy hunting.”

Xander exited the courthouse and appeared back in Sunnydale ready to do his job. But first, he had to find them. First stop, Willy’s Alibi Room.

“Wait til they get a load of me.” Xander’s laughter was heard echoing all thru the streets of Sunnydale. And no one knew who would laugh like that.
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