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A New Sheriff in Town

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Summary: S2. Another Xander gets a power story. After staking a certain vampire by accident, Xander gets offered his job.

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Games > Horror > DarkwatchEdScottFR1843,76533413,35021 Sep 0514 Nov 05No

A New Sheriff in Town

Title: A New Sheriff in Town (1/?)

Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of

who are me.

Summary: S2. Another Xander gets a power story. After staking a certain vampire by accident, Xander gets offered his job.

Warning: Crossovers (Darkwatch) More to come later.

Rating: Hard R

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

Jericho Cross was in Sunnydale to serve the warrants on Angelus, Spike and Druscilla. Jericho lost Spike and Dru in Prague. Angelus was on probation as long as his soul stayed. He was told this, and he forgot when he saw Buffy Summers. The last remaining members of the Scourge of Europe would have been dust hours ago.

But those damn Polgarans on the outskirts of town took a lot longer to dispatch than Jericho had thought. They had also hurt him more than he usually got hurt. So before he went to do his job, he needed someone to eat. He figured since this was the Hellmouth, another teenager wouldn’t be missed. Jericho stalks behind the teenager he was planning on feeding on, spun him around to look into his eyes as he died… and felt a sharp pain in his chest.

He looked down and found a wooden stake in his heart. A look of shock was all he could do until Jericho Cross turned into dust. A look of shock and disapproval was on the face of his intended victim. And he muttered.

“Why couldn’t you have been Angelus?”

Xander’s POV

It was the night after Angelus had killed Jenny Calendar. Xander was out looking for him. Or the rest of his family. Spike would be easy, being confined to his wheelchair. He’d need sunglasses and ear plugs to counteract Dru and the powers the Watcher’s Journals says she has. With Angelus, he’d need guns. Big ones.

Since he had started working with Buffy, Xander had started training himself for one move that anyone can do. Upon being grabbed from behind, he’d take his stake and put it against his heart, pointy part facing the vampire. When a vampire goes to feed, he stakes himself. Or herself, as the case may be. Case in point, the vampire in the long coat and cowboy hat trying to feed on the best male friend of the Slayer. Xander was glad his new idea worked, just not on the vampire he was hoping it would’ve been. Xander looked at the cowboy vampire as it dusted and muttered.

“Why couldn’t you have been Angelus?”

A bunch of items didn’t dust with the vampire, like belongings normally do. First, was a pair of six shooter revolvers and gun belt. Next was a Winchester rifle. All three guns looked old and well cared for. Finally, there was a medallion. The medallion was of a skull on top of a star that looks like a sheriff’s badge. Xander put the gun belt over his left shoulder, held the rifle in his right hand and put the medallion on since there were sharp edges all over it and he didn’t want to ruin his hand or bloody the medallion. When the medallion was secured to Xander’s shirt, he was teleported to an Old West style courtroom.

A judge that looked vaguely familiar to Xander was on the bench. There was a bottle of whiskey and a gavel on the judge’s table.

“Hello, Sheriff. Uh, what is your name son?”

“Ale… Alexander Harris, Your Honor. You can call me Xander.”

At hearing Xander’s full name, the judge started laughing. So did everyone else in the courtroom.

“Alexander? Your name is Alexander.” He looked to his bailiff and smirked while pointing at Xander. “His name is Alexander. Do you have any idea how funny it is that the newest sheriff’s name means Protector of Man?” The judge looked at a confused, scared Xander and paid attention to him again.

“Sorry about that, Sheriff Harris. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Judge Roy Bean. I was once known as The Hanging Judge. You have been chosen to be our new lawman. Well, law vampire actually.”

“Vampire?” Thinking fast, Xander took one of the revolvers and pointed it under his own chin. Cocking the hammer back. “You’re not turning me into a vamp. I’d rather be permanently dead.”

“We’re offering you immortality.”

“No. You’re offering my corpse immortality. What makes me who I am will be dead. Sure, my body will have my looks and memories, but it won’t be me.”

Judge Bean walked down off his bench slowly. There needed to be a new Darkwatch. And since this teenager was clever enough to defeat Jericho Cross, he’d be a good start.

“Alright. Maybe we can come to a compromise. We give you the abilities, healing factor and you still be able to go out into the sun. You don’t get the fangs or the need to feed on human blood. The organization Darkwatch needs new blood. We’re rather desperate. What I am about to say, I have never said in my life. Please help us. All of our other sheriffs are dead.”

Xander looked at Judge Bean’s eyes and saw he was telling the truth. There was something off.

“Why don’t you just give me my soul?”

“Because there are lawyers,” everybody in the courtroom, including Judge Bean, turned their head and spit on the floor, “in Los Angeles that need a souled vampire for as apocalyptic prophecy. We won’t be playing into their hands. You’ll be charged with destroying the only known vampire to have had a soul, but doesn’t now. So he fucked up his probation. He stayed undead as long as he had his soul, and since he is no longer in possession of it, he’s ours. Murder has no statute of limitations.”

“I agree to your compromise. Angelus needs to be stopped before he kills anymore of my friends.”

“Wonderful! This is going to hurt.” A white light flew out of Judge Bean’s hand and hit Xander. The pain was intense and he let everyone know it didn’t tickle.
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