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There And Back Again The Horsemen's Tale

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Horsemen". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Cordelia makes a different wish in season three and lands Willow and Xander in a new world, with a few changes. last two chapters added

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Highlander > Willow-CenteredangrymonkeyFR18820,614337886,52921 Sep 0525 Oct 05Yes
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There And Back Again The Horsemen's Tale

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters.

Raiting:FR18 there will most likely be a large amount of violence and mayhem later on.

Summary: Cordelia makes a different wish in season three and lands Willow and Xander in a new world, with a few changes.

Note1: The whole confrontation with the horsemen in Highlander never happened, Mac found out Methos was Death and after much whining and self-righteous posturing was able to reform a tentative friendship with the old dude. The other three horsemen never showed up.

Note2:This story has nothing to do with hobits I just liked the titile.

There and Back Again The Horsemen’s Tale

Chapter 1:

Fall 1999

Anyanka was annoyed; she had come to this Hellmouth to reek vengeance on some unfaithful man. However after three days of playing the sympathetic ear to Cordelia she was starting loose hope that the brunette was going to make a wish. The problem was that every time Anyanka opened her mouth to suggest a wish, she was interrupted by another tirade about the faults of Xander or Willow or some Bunny person. Ah well what’s a demons life without a little challenge now and then, better start paying attention it sounds like her rant is winding down.

“... he so totally didn’t appreciate what I gave up for him, I mean I like totally lost all my friends after dating that loser, the only ones I had left were part of the that stupid Scooby gang and they’re all siding with him and his little hussy. I mean I guess I should have expected what happened. She’s been in love with him since they were in diapers, I get so sick of them being all friendly and close. Sometimes I just wish they were stuck together long enough to get sick of each other...” As Cordelia paused for breath Anyanka considered the wish, it wasn’t as gruesome as she usually preferred but it had potential. Suddenly she was struck with a brilliant idea, smirking she turned to Cordelia, and revealing her true face she spoke one word “Done.”

Meanwhile In the Sunnydale High Library:

Giles exited his office and spotted Willow poring over one of his more dangerous magic books while Oz sat next to her drumming his fingers to some beat. He sighed inwardly and spoke in a somewhat exasperated tone, “Willow, how many times have I had to tell you that you the dark arts are not something to be toyed with, that book is much too advanced and dangerous for a witch of your level.”

The young redhead’s face shot up and quickly flushed with embarrassment. “Sorry Giles” she stuttered, “I figured you wouldn’t mind since I’m only reading and not casting. I mean what’s the worst that could happen.”

As she finished this sentence she seemed to fade away along with her book bag, book, and chair, only to reappear a second later with empty hands, and dressed in an oversized beige trench coat. Since the chair failed to reappear with her she promptly fell on her ass. As she hit the ground there was a muffled clunk and a delicate curved sword fell out of the folds of the coat. Oz jumped up to help willow to her feet but she waved him off. After carefully getting up and dusting herself off she asked in a vaguely English accent, “Where exactly am I?”

At the same time in the halls of Sunnydale High, Xander was being belittled by the Ferengilike troll Snyder when he proceeded to fade in and out in a similar manner as Willow had. Like Willow his backpack had disappeared and he was now wearing different clothes. He was still wearing jeans, however, his shirt, which had been rather colorful and baggy, was now replaced with a much louder and tacky Hawaiian monstrosity.

Snyder paused, repressing the strange occurrence like all good Sunnydalites and stated in a quite intimidating voice, “I’m warning you Harris, I’m watching you and if you step one toe out of line you'll be expelled before you can blink.”

Xander looked around confused then, staring Snyder in the eyes with an expression that made Angelus look like an overgrown puppy with fangs, stated in a calm steady voice that held no accent or for that matter emotional inflection, “Who the f*** are you?”


Reviews always welcome, first fanfic be gentle.
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