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Taking Away

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Summary: Clark gets taken away from his parents by someone who loves him.

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Smallville > Buffy-CenteredWingwyrmFR1511,543274,63423 Sep 0523 Sep 05Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Title: Taken Away

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except my own crazy idea’s. If you see and recognize it, it ain’t mine.

Author: SuspectWyrm

Rating: 15-ish. Not for children, but not adult.


Kal looked around the dance floor. He was looking for another girl to dance with, a girl, woman, who could keep up with him. He saw her in the middle of the floor going like crazy. Guys surrounded her and danced and when they became tired another took his place and she kept dancing.

She was strong, she could do anything he could do. Maybe.

He cut through the dancers and took her in his arms, “Hey Beautiful.” She smiled up at him with eyes as green as his. Her blonde hair swung with the same energy that she herself had.

“Hey yourself Gorgeous. Think you can keep up with me?” He soft voice was enticing and he grinned.

“Sure I can...”

And they danced. And danced. And kept dancing until the club closed down and they were told to leave. The other men and women that usually surrounded them had left long ago, leaving the two alone.

“So, you got a place?” She asked as though she wanted to come over and check it out.

“Yah. You want to see it?”

“Sure. I’m Beth. Elizabeth Giles.”

“Kal. Kaliber Ellison.” They shook hands and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. When they got back to his apartment she started to strip him. He grabbed her hands and pushed her away.

“Kal, what’s wrong?” Even though she had slid to the other side of the room from the force of

his push, she hadn’t even blinked. Just got up and came back over.


“If it’s nothing, then let me see.”

The shirt buttons slowly came undone under her fingers and he looked into her eyes as the huge scar was revelled. “My dad is a real bastard.”

“Oh.” That was all she said before continuing undressing him. She didn’t care that he had a scar that covered his entire chest. When he started on her clothes, he found out why.

She had more scars then him. She had been injured so much and so badly that even with her apparent super strength, had caused bad scarring all over her body.

“What happened to you?” This time he wanted to know.

“Well, Dad did some, my old boyfriend did some, I was in a gang and we had rivals. Lot’s of reasons.”

After sex they lay in bed and told each other the truth about everything about themselves. Kal gave the red ring over to her and they cried together and talked and Clark and Buffy became more then friends or lovers, they became family. They were siblings in the fight for good. They had each other and no one else could even come close to knowing what they knew, or seeing what they had seen.


Buffy stood at the door of the yellow farm house and licked her lips. Would Kal be happy to see her? Would he let her stay, even just for a little while? She was twenty-two, but passed for a seventeen year old. Her newest ID said eighteen. After defeating the First and losing Spike and everyone but Giles and Dawn, she had left. They understood. They didn’t want her in their life any more anyway. Dawn was at Oxford, doing her PhD in Economics and Giles had started up a Slayer school. It thrived. She left.

An older woman came to the door and opened it, “Yes?”

“Um... Is Ka... Clark in? I... I’d like to talk to him.” Mrs Kent, from the look of her, let her forehead wrinkle a bit at the name Kal but nodded.

“Yes, Clark is up in the loft of the barn. He’s doing homework.” Mrs Kent put on her shoes and came out, “I’ll take you there.”

“Oh, um,” Buffy licked her lips again, “I’m Elizabeth Giles. My uncle just sent me to Smallville to finish up my last year of highschool. He wanted me to get a feel for small town living.”

“How did you meet Clark?”

“I met him in Metropolis last summer. I... um, yah.” Buffy shut herself up. Don’t start babbling Buff... Beth. My name is Elizabeth Giles. Beth. “My parents died two years ago and I ran away from LA which was were I was living, and I got to Metropolis and... I needed to forget everything. I met Clark there and we... connected.”

“And why did your uncle choose Smallville to send you to finish up highschool?”

“Well, he asked me where I’d like to go, so that I wouldn’t run again, and I remembered that Clark lived here, and I really wanted to see him again, so I asked to go to Smallville.”

Mrs Kent cocked her head to the side and looked thoughtful, “I seem to remember hearing the name Giles before...”

“Yah... My uncle is Rupert Giles, owner and CEO of Watcher Enterprises and WiccaCor. He also owns Slayer LTD.”

“Ah yes, Mr Giles is almost richer then the Luthor’s then?”

“... Well, Uncle Rupert gave me a bank account and he said that I could buy LuthorCorp with the money that I had in it. Uncle Rupert just gave me a little something to keep me up to speed with his daughter, Dawn. She’s doing her PhD at Oxford even though she’s a year younger then me.”

“Beth? Buffy, that you?” Clark appeared leaning over the railing looking so exited his mother thought he would burst.

“Hey Kal. I’m doing my last year and a half of highschool here.” Clark let out a yelp of enthusiasm and raced down the stairs at his super speed to pick Buffy up and swung her around. Buffy squealed with joy and wrapped her arms around her lover.

“Clark!” Mrs Kent exclaimed at the blatant display of his powers.

“Oh shit...” Buffy heard Clark whisper into her hair.

“Shh, Baby, don’t worry about it.” Feeling a bit naughty Buffy whispered her plan into Clark’s ear and he nodded. Taking the initiative, Buffy threaded her hands though Clark’s hair and pulled him down into a smoking, bedroom only style kiss. Clark got really into it and when they looked up, both of Clark’s parents were standing there, watching with disapproval in their eyes.

“Mom, Dad, this is Buffy.” Clark held up her left hand and showed off the plain gold band on her ring finger, “My wife. I married her in Metropolis.”

“Hey Kal, where’s your ring?” Buffy frowned at her ‘husband’. Clark grinned and just a second later was back with the ring on his finger. “That’s better Luv.” They kissed again and turned back to the parents. “My name is really Elizabeth Kent nee Giles, but I didn’t know that Clark wanted you to know. I’m sorry for the deception...” She lowered her eyes and an innocent look came over her face.

The Kents didn’t fall for it. “Really? Clark, how could you! You got married in Metropolis and you didn’t tell us! You didn’t even hint to the fact that, not only did you get married, she knew about your abilities!”

“Dad! Back off! Christ!” Clark took a deep breath, “Yes, I got married to Buffy, and yes, she knows about my abilities. But she also knew about the ring. She was the only one who could get me to take the ring off of my own free will. I took the ring off for her Dad. I broke the ring on purpose for her Dad. I love her.”

“Wait... That scar that you have...” Clark pulled open his shirt and Buffy continued, “had, you said that your dad was a bastard...”

“No love, I was adopted by the Kent’s. My biological dad gave that scar to me.”

“Oh. Okay. Now I don’t have to kill him,” her nonchalance at killing Jonathon shocked Martha and Jonathon. Now what had Clark brought into their life.

“No Buff, you don’t have to kill anyone.”

“Why not?”

“Because Jor’El is already dead. Really dead. Remember?”

“Oh that’s right. The planet blew up...” She looked thoughtful, “To bad I wasn’t the cause of the explosion. No one hurts you Kal. No one.”

“I know Buffy. Same goes for you.”


“Ah-hum...” Jonathon cleared his throat and the lovers turned back to him. “I don’t care if you’re married or not, you are not staying in our house, under our roof. I’m not letting my seventeen year old son have sex under my roof.”

“But you don’t know that Clark is seventeen Mr Kent. And anyway, if you kick him out, because he will come with me if you don’t allow me in, we’ll just go to my house. I’m sure you remember the name Giles, don’t you? The one family in the world that’s richer then the Luthor’s by a fucking landslide? Remember them? I’m the Heir Apparent.”


“Come on Clark, lets go. If they don’t want me here then I’m leaving.” Buffy grabbed Clark’s arm and dragged him out of the barn, pulling him towards the 1967 silver Shelby Convertible parked in the driveway.

“Buffy, my clothes?”

“At the house. You don’t need anything from them Clark,” Buffy turned to stare at the elder Kent’s in disappointment, “Nothing. If they don’t accept you for who you are, then you don’t need them.”

**The End**

The End

You have reached the end of "Taking Away". This story is complete.

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