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Tru to Form

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Summary: As usual Xander gets in over his head and a beautiful woman has to help him out. At least it isn't a slayer this time around.

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Television > Tru CallingDragonhulkFR1556,6751229,52823 Sep 055 Dec 05Yes

Tru luck


"Ms. Davies!" snapped the teacher.

Tru's eyes snapped open, her eyes quickly taking in her surroundings and said, "Sorry, I'm a bit wiped from reading chapter seven last night. The part about the endocrine system was confusing so I had to read it several times."

"While I am impressed that you took the initiative to read ahead perhaps you should simply do the required reading so you can stay awake for my lectures," said the teacher before checking the time. "That will be all for the day, I'll see you next time everyone."

Tru opened up her bag, took out her cellphone, and dialed a number from memory as she walked down the halls. Soon enough a male voice answered and said, "Hey Tru, what can I do for you."

"Harrison I need you to find out anything you can about an Alexander Harris from Sunnydale California," said Tru as she tried to remember as much as she could from his file.

"That's going to be hard Tru, Sunnydale is a hole in the ground, along with all of the town records," said Harrison.

"Crap," said Tru. "Listen just find out what you can, I'll try and get some information from the source."

"I'll call you back as soon as I have something," said Harrison just before hanging up.

Tru altered her course slightly. She had already spotted Alexander and didn't want to take the chance that he would somehow mistake her for this Faith person again. Pretending to trip and stumble into she took them both tumbling towards the ground.

"Faith?" asked Alexander shocking Tru. Apparently she and this Faith shared more than a passing resemblance.

"Faith?" asked Xander as he looked at a very familiar face.

"Sorry," said the woman as she picked herself up. "My name's Tru, not Faith, and once again I'm really sorry for this."

Xander looked at the woman closely. She looked and sounded exactly like Faith, but there were small details that were off. Her stance wasn't as sure as Faiths' and her eyes didn't have the buried pain either.

Of course just because she wasn't Faith didn't mean that something Hellmouthy wasn't going on.

"So, you go to school here?" asked Tru in an attempt to break the silence.

"No, I'm just checking it out," said Xander while silently adding as a possible source of evil in his head. If his experience in Sunnydale taught him anything it was that school was evil and to check them out before doing anything else.

"Ah, so what classes are you thinking of taking?" asked Tru, making some false assumptions from Xander's statement.

"Probably some drafting classes. I work in construction, and it always pays to know the latest tools being used," said Xander.

"Cool, want to grab something to eat?" asked Tru.

"Well, I need to meet someone in a couple of hours, but if you know someplace close I'm game," said Xander with a smile.

"Cool, I get my own boytoy for a couple of hours," said Tru in a very Faith like tone.

Xanders only outward reaction to the comment was to raise his eyebrows, but inside he was having a mental debate about if Tru was either a long lost twin, or a supernatural clone.

"I'm sorry I have no idea where that came from," said Tru as she began to blush as hard as Willow back in high school.

"Its okay, I have a friend that talks in a similar way, so I'm use to it," said Xander with a grin. "Now I believe you were going to show me someplace to eat?"

"Right this way," said Tru as she began to walk down the street.

Following close behind Xander and Tru were four pale individuals that didn't exist according to modern society. They had been following Xander for three hours and they all knew they were running out of time.

"I say that we just take him right now," snarled a large male.

"And have every Slayer in the world after us? No we stick to the plan," said a black female.

"The plan sucks," said a lanky teenaged male that would never grow into his body. "In case you haven't noticed the weatherman screwed up his prediction and the sun will be out in half an hour, tops. We can only follow him so far from the alleyways."

"That diner he's going into doesn't seem to crowded," said the fourth. "Not that many people we have to kill and the surveillance would be easy to take out."

"Fine, but no feeding," growled the female. "If the Slayers investigate make them look at the humans first. If you get thirsty feed off a bum or the target after we get the info we need."

"You know you never did tell me your name back there," said Tru as she and Xander sat down at a table.

"Sorry, Xander Harris, pleased to meet you," said Xander while extending a hand towards Tru.

"Tru Davies," said Tru as she took his hand.

"So Tru, do you usually ask out guys that you bump into outside of your school?" asked Xander with a smile.

"No, but you seemed interesting, so I decided to take a chance," responded Tru.

Xander could tell that Tru wasn't being completely truthful with him, but that was okay, he was used to it by this time in his life. Of course this was when he noticed that things were about to go down hill quickly.

"Quick question, have you been having nightmares where you were fighting monsters?" asked Xander as he looked out a window.

"What?" asked Tru.

"Please answer the question," said Xander as he reached into his coat.

"No, I haven't had any nightmares like that," said Tru with a bit of fear in her voice.

"Crap," said Xander as he pulled out a stake. "You may want to run now."

Any response Tru would give was cut off by the sound of shattering glass as nightmares walked into the waking world.
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