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Tru to Form

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Summary: As usual Xander gets in over his head and a beautiful woman has to help him out. At least it isn't a slayer this time around.

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Television > Tru CallingDragonhulkFR1556,6751229,52823 Sep 055 Dec 05Yes

Truths from a stranger


The first thing Xander noticed was that the vampires were making an effort to keep their game faces off, but he didn't know why. He had already marked them as vamps when they didn't have a reflection in the mirror in the back of the diner; which was probably why they had shattered it.

"First one to moves dies," said an attractive black vampire.

"We don't want any trouble, just take the money from the register and go," said the owner while pointing to where the cash register was embedded in the back wall where the mirror had been.

"We don't want money, we want him," hissed the black vampire while pointing at Xander.

"So tell me Tru, are your dates always this interesting or is it just me?" asked Xander.

"There is no way that kid should have been able to do that," said Tru in a shocked voice.

"Maybe he's on PCP," said Xander as he purposefully ignored the vampires. If he could get them to come over here he could probably catch them by surprise and give everyone else a chance to run out the doors.

"A kid that can't weigh more than ninety pounds just lifted fifty pound register that was bolted to the counter and threw it over a hundred feet so hard it stuck in the wall. As far as I know there is no drug in the world that would make what I just saw even remotely possible," said Tru as she began to come out of her shock.

"Maybe the register was fake and this is a hidden camera show, let me check," said Xander as he got up and began to walk to the wall away from the vampires.

He hadn't gotten five steps away from Tru when Xander felt powerful hands crushing his neck. Judging by just how big said hands were Xander was guessing that it was the large male that had lost his cool first. Of course considering how quickly his brain was being deprived of oxygen he really should be acting instead of thinking.

"Cut that out Norman, we need him alive," said the black woman before Xanders world had dissolved into darkness.

"Norman? Man your mother must have hated you. On the other hand though the obvious steroid abuse while you were alive makes sense now," gasped out Xander when Normans grip loosened.

"Can't you do anything other than talk?" asked Norman as he dragged Xander towards the other two vampires.

"Well now that you mention it," said Xander just before taking advantage of the fact that Norman was holding him above the ground to launch a double boot kick to the crotch of the lanky teenage vampire.

As the vampire dropped to the floor cursing his immortality Norman was thrown off balance enough by Xanders' momentum to drop the one eyed carpenter on his butt. Now Xander would never be considered one of the world's greatest fighters, but he had survived living on an active Hellmouth for most of his life and had come up with three personal rules when fighting. The first rule was simply not to die. The next two were that nothing was off limits, and if it works keep doing it until it stops working. Keeping this in mind Xander thrust the stake he had hidden up his right sleeve into Norman in a place that made him wince in sympathy.

Of course after he had done this he was still left with the female vampire. Also because his luck is what it is the female vampire happened to be very pissed at him for removing her bedmates for the foreseeable future.

"We may need you alive, but not in one piece," hissed a deformed face as she broke the arm that still held the stake, and then got a surprised look on her face.

"Rule four; always keep a back up," said Xander as she crumbled to dust.

"A number two pencil?" asked Tru.

"Hey, it’s hard to carry one stake around without anyone noticing, so I use wooden pencils as back up when killing vampires," said Xander as he grabbed his stake and put Norman and the teenager out of their misery.

"Those were vampires?" asked Tru as she motioned to the piles of dust.

"Yeah I know they don't look like the ones Hollywood shoves down your throat, but they were real vampires. Now could you please call 911 before you repress this before I pass out from the pain in my arm?" asked Xander with a grimace.

As Tru started to dial 911 on her cellphone a deformed figure that made the Master look handsome burst through the window and grabbed Xander. Before everyone's eyes blood began to come up through Xanders skin, and travel through the air into the bat creatures mouth.

The steady stream of liquid life would have continued to flow into the creature until there was nothing left in Xander if Tru hadn't decided to hit the creature over the head with a chair. The creature turned in rage and looked like it was about to shred her into bloody pieces when it simply turned away from her, unfurled its wings, and flew out the window it came in.

"Nice work," said Xander from where he weakly lay on the floor.

"What the hell is going on?!" demanded Tru even as she started once again to dial 911.

"The simple answer is that your parents lied to you. Every monster they told you wasn't under your bed really exist and they want to do all the things you were afraid they wanted to do, plus a few that you couldn't imagine in your worst nightmare. I'm one of the people that try to keep the monsters under the bed so people like you can sleep safe believing the lies your parents told you," said Xander as he tried to make a crude sling out of his jacket.

Growling in frustration when she got a busy signal for the fifth time Tru closed the phone and started to help Xander make a sling and asked, "Ever meet someone that could travel one day back in time after the dead ask them for help?"

"No, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was someone like that out there. Heck with my luck the person would probably be a beautiful woman that ends up saving me," said Xander as he winced when he tried to move his right hand.

When Xander looked back up at Tru she had a smirk that he had become all too familiar with over the years. Groaning Xander closed his eye and said, "You're the person, and you just saved me. I should have known you would have some kind of superpower when I met you."

"And why is that?" asked Tru as she started to repeatedly dial 911 again.

In response Xander simply tossed her his wallet. Tru got the hint and began to rifle through the pictures he kept in there. They were all pictures of striking women, but the last one really caught her attention. The face that was captured could be mistaken for her own in every detail except the eyes. The eyes of the young woman in the picture were hard, daring anyone to get close to her, eyes that Tru never had, even after her mothers death.

"Her name's Faith, and she has superpowers too," said Xander just before he began to hear sirens. "Now I think someone else called 911 and got through, so its time for us to go."

"Your arm," began Tru but was quickly silenced by Xander.

"My arm can keep until I track down the Man-bat wannabe. I was keeping some very dangerous stuff in my blood, and I need to kill that thing before its master can use what it took," said Xander.

"It just took some blood, how could it be dangerous?" asked Tru as she followed him out the door.

"Its dangerous because of a little magical mix up I had when I came here. The contents of a very bad book somehow stopped being a book and started being my blood as soon as I touched it. I was supposed to just kill some time here until some friends of mine could arrange for evil book blood to be replaced by nice human blood," said Xander.

"Anyway to contact your friends?" asked Tru.

"No problem," said Xander as he took out a very broken cellphone out of his pocket. "Okay, so a bit of a problem."

"Don't worry, you can use mine," said Tru.

"Still a problem. Me and my friends go a bit paranoid for a bit and added a few extra security measures. My cellphone had some hardware and spells that allowed me to contact the others, and before you say it I know that we went a bit overboard, even if we had just finished dealing with a nest of shape shifters. I can still contact them, but I need a computer and net connection to do it," said Xander.

"I know just the place, and while we're there we can probably do a bit to help that before we stop whatever it is we're going to stop," said Tru.

"We?" asked Xander.

"Listen I think I saw the beginning of the end of the world before the day rewound, and there is no way I'm sitting back to let it happen again," said Tru.

"Okay, okay," said Xander as he held up his good arm in an attempt to stop the rant Tru was building up. "I've been around enough super powered women to know when I'm not going to win. Just promise me you'll start running when I tell you to. Being Rewind Girl doesn't mean you'll be good at fighting demons, and Faith would kill me if I let a possible sister get hurt."

"Don't worry I'm not suicidal, I'll run if you tell me to," said Tru.

If his arm wasn't throbbing so badly Xander would have noticed a distinctive glint in here eyes that was often in his when he got the same lecture. If he saw this glint he would have immediately started to make other planes, but as it stood he simply said, "Okay good, lead the way."
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