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Tru to Form

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Summary: As usual Xander gets in over his head and a beautiful woman has to help him out. At least it isn't a slayer this time around.

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Tru to Form

Tru to Form

Author: Dragonhulk

Disclaimer: I own nothing and should be writing a paper for school instead of working on this.

Summery: As usual Xander gets in over his head and a beautiful woman has to help him out. At least it isn't a slayer this time around.


"Ms. Davies!" snapped the teacher.

"Wha?" asked Tru Davies as she woke up.

"If the subject matter means so little to you perhaps it would be best if you dropped the class," said the teacher before checking the time. "That will be all for the day, I'll see you next time everyone."

Tru stifled a groan as she grabbed her bag. The teacher was a real pain, but he was the only one that had an opening, and the class was required.

Walking out of the building her day got even worse when a strange man grabbed her by the shoulder.

"Faith? What are you doing here?" asked the stranger.

"Sorry, you got the wrong person," said Tru as she maneuvered out of the mans grasp while trying not to stare at his eye patch.

"Guess so," said the man with a faint smile. "Sorry for grabbing you like that."

"Just don't make a habit of it," said Tru as she got on a bus that would take her home. She was a bit relieved and disappointed when the man didn't get on the bus with her.

He seemed nice enough, and was probably interesting if the eye patch was any indication of his life. If she wasn't in a rush to get home she probably would have stayed and gotten to know him better.

Oh well it was probably for the best. Her track record with men wasn't the best lately, and she wasn't ready to take that risk again.


"Hey Harrison," said Tru with a warm smile as she greeted her brother.

"Hey Tru, got any racing tips for me today?" asked Harrison as he sat down.

"Sorry, strangest thing about today is some guy mistaking me for a girl named Faith," said Tru as a waitress brought them came to take their order.

"Come on sis, some deals fell through and I need some extra dough," said Harrison after giving his order to the waitress.

"Hey, you know it doesn't work on demand," said Tru. "And to tell you the truth I'm enjoying the break, it's giving me a chance to catch up on my school work."

Harrison was about to reply, but no words came out of his mouth. Instead he simply stared out the window of the diner with his mouth open.

"What the hell?" slipped from Tru as she turned around to follow her brothers' gaze. The sky was a blood red, and the sun seemed to be getting darker.

"What was that about it not working on demand?" asked Harrison without taking his eyes off of the sky.

"Got to be some kind of industrial accident," said Tru as the sun turned black, casting everything in a dark light.

"If your right they'll be waiting for you at the morgue," said Harrison as Tru began to leave. When Harrison turned around only to find that Tru had left he silently cursed himself for not telling her what bets need to be placed.


"Davis is this a guy from the industrial accident?" Tru asked her boss when she saw him standing over a body.

"No, this is one Alexander Harris who has somehow died from blood loss without any major injury," said Davis as he finished looking over the body for any external injury and only finding some minor puncture marks on the arms and legs. "Wait, what industrial accident?"

Growling in frustration Tru dragged Davis to his office and turned on his television. She didn't even have to turn to a normal news channel, when the sun turns black everyone is gong to report on it.

"My God," whispered Davis as he fell into his chair.

"Yeah I'm guessing that today is one of those days so I'm going to stay here until they bring in whoever is responsible for this," said Tru just before a file caught her eye.

"That the Harris file?" asked Tru.

"Yeah," said Harrison, never taking his eyes off of the TV.

"Crap," muttered Tru as she recognized the photograph as the man she had bumped into when leaving her class. She was about to put the file down and go back to the news when she heard a sound that was becoming all too familiar.

"Tru," came a whispered voice from the autopsy room.

Knowing what was going to happen next Tru made her way to the autopsy room, flinching slightly at the wound the eye-patch had covered. If he was calling for her he probably had a link to what ever was happening, or at least she hopped he did.

"Help me," gasped the corpse of Alexander Harris just before time began to rewind, giving the inhabitants of the world another chance.
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