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Bubbles of Existence

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Summary: A compendium of my FFA entries and perhaps a few other small scenes.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAKyliaSkydancerFR721,984011,35123 Sep 0528 Sep 05No

Spider Science (Fred/Peter Parker)

Chapter: Spider Science

Pairing: Fred/Peter Parker

Disclaimer: I don't own thecharacters from angel or spiderman. As well, Fred's theory is blatently stolen from the episode "SuperSymmetry"

FFA: 1326


~Wedding Reception at the Jamesons~

"Peter Parker?" The man with the camera turned around, hearing his name and confronted a face from his past.

"Winifred Burkle" He frowned. "I haven't seen you since...what are you doing here?

"I'm...representing Wolfram and Hart actually. We're a law firm in Los Angeles. I'm head of the Science and Tech Division."

He nodded. "So, how has your life been? What's happened to you?"

Fred bit her lip. "Well, you remember that dimensional theory I told you about?" He nodded warily. "Well, it kinda came and kidnapped me. A few weeks after I met you. Believe it or not. I was stuck in another dimension for three years."

"Somehow I believe you." He seemed more relaxed now. "So that's why I couldn't find you anywhere. I'm glad you didn't ditch me."

"Of course not silly. So did those experiments you were working on the last time I saw you work alright? I know you-"

CRASH!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!

Everybody whirled around at the commotion as long lines of men dressed to kill...literally...streamed in.

"Fred looked over at Peter. "Better go take those pictures." He nodded and strode off.

~Three and Something Years Prior~

Winifred Burkle glanced over at the student swearing under his breath a few tables away. They were the only ones in the science lab so late, she working on her thesis, he working on...well, she didn't know what he was working on.

Truth was, Fred had a bit of a crush on this guy, he was so sweet. So, while she wanted to know what he was doing, she was quite aware that any conversation with Peter Parker would be nothing short of disaster.

Unfortunately, he didn't have the same inhibitions. Having seen her glances his way he was headed over to her table.

"Hey, I'm Peter. You're in my Physics class aren't you?"


He continued looking at her.

"Oh! I'm Fred." she said sheepishly.


"W-Winifred Burkle actually. I just never liked the name Winifred when I was young so I would always shorten it to Fred and then when I got older I started thinking if I had a name that sounded like a guy maybe I would be taken more seriously because girls aren't taken very seriously in the physics field and I'm babbling. Hi."

Peter chuckled. "Nice to meet you Fred. What are you working on?"

"Well...I have this theory on dimensional physics. See, there are, um...There are several competing dimensional theories. And, while each provide insights, physicists have long searched for a unifying theory—one that can account for both the behavior of the smallest sub-atomic particles and the largest forces of nature. If space-time can undergo massive rearrangement of its structure, which I believe it can, tearing and reconnecting according to a pre-determined disposition, then T-duality would allow for the compactification of extra space dimensions— and I'm boring you."

Fred cursed at herself silently. Whenever she got nervous she ended up babbling about science. It was a horrible habit of hers and had cost more than her fair share of crushes. The guy probably thought she was the biggest geek on the planet now. Any moment she expected him to start backing away.

"No, you're not boring me at all. In fact, your theory is fascinating. Mind if I ask a few questions?"

", not at all. Go ahead." She found herself becoming more and more in awe at this student who had not only not backed away but was surprisingly asking extremely pertinent and intelligent question. 'God, I'm in love I swear. Good-looking *and* intelligent, I may just die. God let me not ruin this now.'

She ventured a question of her own. "So...umm...what are you working on?" Peter blinked and got a shifty look in his eye. 'I've ruined this now. Why did I have to open my big stupid mouth?'

"It...It's kind of a secret." He felt guilty at the look on the poor girl's face. "I'm sorry, I really am."

"It's alright. I shouldn't have asked. I'm sorry." Fred turned back to her work, face flaming red with embarrassment. The boy stood there a while looking at her but she didn't meet his eye. Sighing, he went back to his work.

Minutes passed. Long minutes like torture. Fred couldn't take it any more, she started to pack up.

"Promise you won't tell?" She turned at the whisper to look at him. "Promise?" She nodded.

"I promise. After all, my theories aren't exactly for most people either. I don't know why I told then to you-" She stopped babbling. "I won't tell."

He motioned her over. "I'm trying to construct some sort of fluid with a high tensile strength but it has to be incredibly light and compactable. I also need to make something to store it, with some kind of trigger or nozzle to shoot it out at high speeds on demand. Now here are my problems..." He outlined his ideas to her. Meanwhile her brain was spinning together clues.

Shooting fluid. Highly tensile. Like a spider's. And those looked like wrist guards he was explaining. Interesting. He was a photographer for the Daily Bugle, wasn't he? The one who had been getting all those pictures of... Interesting. Very interesting indeed. She bent her brain to the task at hand.

"I think I might have an idea." Fred pulled a pad of paper towards her and scrabbled for a pen. Intrigued, Peter fished one out for her. "Thanks." He leaned over her shoulder to see what she was drawing, a very distracting event. She started scribbling. "See, if you add an extra molecule here and make hexamethylene diamine and then you connect it here with an amide end up with something that can be stored as a liquid but turns into a semi-solid polymer upon hitting the air. This also has the added effect of giving it strength since it somewhat resembles nylon in it's chemical composition.

Peter looked at her. "Nylon?" She blushed. No, no, it's a good idea. It's something i never would have thought of. Things like nylons are generally in the forefront of a guy's mind. He pulled the pad of paper towards him and examined it. " solves another problem I was thinking of. If it had been pre-made thread, it could possibly get tangled. Liquid though...Hmmm..I could possibly use some kind of shearing device to thin it into strands." He looked up and grinned at her. "You're really amazing, you know that?"

"M-me? No, I...I just...I.."Fred gave up and splayed her hands up helplessly.

"Now then, this changes all my ideas for the wrist shooter..." He noticed the girl didn't blink an eye. She must have figured it all out by now. Smart girl. Brilliant girl actually, considering what he'd seen of her today. He only hoped she was true to her word.

He had a feeling she would. Right now his brain was urging something important however. "H-hey Fred?"

She looked at him, surprised at the stutter since she hadn't heard him stutter the whole time she'd been there, not even when he'd knowingly exposed his secret to her. Where did the confident man she'd been dealing with all afternoon go? He looked so nervous. "Yeah?"

"I..I was wondering...if you'd like to do this again sometime. Well, not this exactly, I mean.." He took a deep breath. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've never met someone like you. I'd like to be able to spend some more time with you. Could we maybe...go out for lunch sometime or something?"

'Wow,' thought Fred. 'I was not expecting that.' Yet she looked inside herself and knew she felt somewhat the same, although she would never have had the gumption to act on it. After all, she'd had a crush on this boy because he had seemed so smart and amazing in class. Finding out he really was smart and amazing and that he actually found her not repulsive was something she hadn't really imagined.

"A-Are you sure? I mean, most people find me kinda standoffish and technical and I'm really boring and..." she trailed off seeing the look on his face. "I'm going somewhere for the holiday starting tomorrow. I'll be gone for a month. If you still want to spend time with me then, I'd love to spend some time with you too."

Peter smiled. "Good. Wanna help me figure out the best amount of pressure to have this trigger respond to?" She smiled at him and they got back to work.

~Wedding Reception at the Jamesons~

Fred watched from a corner in satisfaction as the villains were trussed up with sturdy webs and hung from the ceiling for the guests to ridicule until the police got there.

"Guess those experiments worked well after all."


sources other than the shows for information include: (information about web shooters) (for the chemical formula for nylon)

I hope you enjoy.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Bubbles of Existence" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Sep 05.

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