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Bubbles of Existence

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Summary: A compendium of my FFA entries and perhaps a few other small scenes.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAKyliaSkydancerFR721,984011,35123 Sep 0528 Sep 05No

Current Meditation (Gwen/Storm)

Chapter: Current Meditation

Pairing: Gwen/Storm

FFA: 113

Disclaimer: I don't own the Angel series or Gwen, though I'll admit she's the epitome of hot. Nor do I own the X-men or Storm, though she's pretty awesome as well. Oh and the flower bit is inspired from The Wheel of time, which I also down own.

"Concentrate. just close your eyes and concentrate."

Gwen wanted to scream that she *was* concentrating but wisely kept quiet, knowing the only response she would get from Storm was a raised eyebrow and a look that made her feel like a petulant child. So she heaved a big sigh and closed her eyes again.

"Feel the current inside your body, catch hold of it. It is deep as a riverbank, step into it. Let it surround you. Feel its power. This is what you have been rejecting. You cannot control something until you learn to accept it. You must Accept it. Open yourself to- Gwen, are you listening?"

Gwen's eyes snapped open. "Yes, I'm listening. I'm listening but it's not working." She gave Storm a sullen look. "Not all of us can have your incredible focus and control. Some of us-"

"Stop being so stubborn!!" The elder woman's eyes flashed. "You must control it, you have it in you to control it and I'm not letting you out of this room until you make some progress." She gave Gwen a look of steel, going for the one thing that could get through to her wayward pupil. "You have hurt people Gwen. You've killed people, even though you didn't mean to. Do you want that to continue happening?"

Gwen shook her head and closed her eyes again.

"Now then child, concentrate. A current is a river, always moving. What you must do is have it move to your command. Accept your power and embrace it. Grasp hold of...."

Gwen felt herself drifting off into the words around her. She looked inside and ran her being through the crackling blue thread she found. Grasping it she struggled and it struggled back, neither gaining the leading edge. A snippet of Storm's words came to her, '...Acceptance is key, you must embrace it as a flower embraces the power of the sun...' Taking a breath she stopped struggling and simply opened herself up, letting it fill her and grow still. Gently she stroked it, became friends with it...or at least acquaintances.

Watching her, Storm noticed the change and stroked up her back. Finding the device that restrained her power she loosened it and it fell off into her hand. She stepped back and spoke softly. "'re doing it. Open your eyes."

Gwen slowly opened her eyes and looked at her teacher who had a hand held out to her. Her eyes drawn down to the open palm she gasped at what was held there. "The LISA? But..." she trailed off as Storm extended the other hand to her in an obvious invitation to take it. "Are you sure?" Storm nodded. 'Here goes nothing.' thought Gwen as she took the proffered hand.

and nothing happened.
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