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In Search of The Slayer

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Summary: A Fic For All Joyce/Harry potter. Harry is an investigative Journalist searching for the elusive Slayer. Little does he know that she is the daughter of the woman he has just took a liking too.

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In Search of The Slayer

In Search of The Slayer

None of the characters in the story belong to me. Harry Potter belongs to the talented JKR, while all the characters from BtVS belong to the equally talented Joss Weldon.

Ships: Joyce/Harry

I have played with the timelines to make the pairing more acceptable.

Chance Meetings.

“Hey Mulder,” shot Hermione as he walked into the cottage he shared with his two best friends. “How goes it in the world of fantasy fiction?”

“Investigative Journalism Hermione,” he replied, with a huge grin throwing the latest copy of The Quibbler into her lap.

Her eyes widened dramatically, “you got an interview with a Yeti?”

“Yeah.” His grin suddenly encompassing his whole face, “She’s coming over to do a magazine signing tomorrow, in the foyer of The Quibbler if you wanna meet her?”

“That’s a woman?” asked Hermione, a look of disbelief filling her features.

“Hermione Granger,” he said, in his best imitation of Molly Weasley, “I never thought you would be as shallow as to judge a book by it cover.”

“I… erm… I…”

“Relax Hermione, he’s only trying to wind you up,” calmed Ron walking down the stairs. “Besides, do you really think the Famous Harry Potter would waste his charms on a man?”

A frown filled Harry’s face, he his fame meant that he could have his pick of some of the most beautiful women in the Wizarding World, but he was unwilling to base a relationship on such a shallow attraction.

“Uncle Harry,” shouted his ten year old name sake from the top of the stairs before he launched him self into his godfather’s arms. “How long are you staying?”

He pulled himself from the hug and rubbed the boy’s mess of frizzy red hair. “Off to the States tonight half pint,” he replied with a look of sorrow in his eyes.

“What’s it this time Uncle Harry?” asked the boy, excitement evident in his eyes, “a Chupacabra or a Sasquatch?”

“Got the Yeti in the Himalayas,” replied Harry retrieving the copy of The Quibbler from the boy’s mother. “No this is something much more controversial, a myth that has been dogging the Wizarding World for five centuries.”

“The Slayer, you found the Slayer?” asked the boy his eyes wide with wonderment.

An unladylike snort came from Hermione, “Harry I wish you would stop filling my son’s head with such nonsense,” she chastised.

“Yeah, but mom you said that about the yeti,” challenged her son.

Harry gave the witch a smug look as she scowled in his direction. “The existence of a yeti is one thing. There are many mystical creatures we have yet to discover, but I refuse to believe in the myth of a young muggle girl that goes out and fights vampires and demons on a nightly basis, it’s… it’s incredulous.”

“We made her use a big word Uncle Harry,” said the young Weasley, smiling brightly, “I think we’ve got her on the ropes.”

Hermione had to force herself not to laugh, “come her you little rascal,” she bellowed, “I’ll give you, ‘we have her on the ropes.’” The witch chased her son around the room performing tickling charmes with her wand.

A week latter

He sighed with frustration as he stirred the sugar in his coffee. He had nothing more than when he got here. They were all afraid to mention her name encase it brought her wrath down on them. He knew the spiel, he had seen wizards and witches this worried when they were talking about Voldemort. The thought sent a buzz of excitement running through his veins, a teenage girl that elicited as much fear among vampires and demons as the Dark Lord had amongst the Wizarding World, this was big.

He was drawn from his thoughts as a woman walked into the room. She was short with strawberry blond hair; she was in her early to mid forties, ten or so years older than him. She scanned the room looking for a familiar face. She paused her search as she saw him and smiled in his direction. He found himself smiling back.

She was so different from anybody he had seen before. She had the looks and class of a Narcissa Malfoy, but the air of a Molly Weasley. She seemed oblivious to all of the heads turning as she walked through the shop and up to the counter. He watched as she got her coffee and sat at an empty table facing the entrance.

He returned his gaze to the letters he had received this morning. One from his godson, telling him about being accepting for Hogwarts; and the other from his editor asking for any developments on The Slayer story.

He looked up as the door swung open to admit two teens. One eighteen, with blond hair down to her shoulders and a bright smile in her green eyes. The other about fourteen, with long straight brown hair and she was scowling at the other. She smiled too as they spotted the strawberry blond and headed for her table.

“High mom,” said the older teen looking at the woman with affection in her eyes.

“Mom,” Harry felt his heart sink. He should have known that a woman like that would be taken. He sighed and started to leave the shop.

“Buffy, Dawn, so how was your father?” asked the mother trying to look happy.

He walked to the counter for a refill, instead of exiting the shop. Soon he was back in the seat pretending to read his newspaper while he eavesdropped on the conversation.

“Didn’t show,” said the blonde, her mother had called her Buffy, “but no big, we went to the movies.”

“Yeah,” said Dawn, “we saw Sleepy Hollow, that Johnny Deep is so dreamy.”

The mother laughed at her daughter’s musings, but her eyes didn’t belie the disappointment she felt in her ex-husband. “So what are you doing tonight?”

“Going to the Bronze with Willow and Xander,” said Buffy looking at her mother with pleading eyes.

“Sleepover at Janice’s,” replied Dawn.

“Have her mother call me when you get there,” said the mother looking at her youngest daughter.

She smiled back brightly kissing her mother on the cheek before running out.

“I’ll be late tonight,” said Buffy, “I’ve gotta patrol after the club outs, if I’m gonna keep Giles of my back.”

“I don’t care what you are Buffy,” said the mother with concern in her eyes, “I still worry, be careful out there.”

The woman turned to him staring directly in the eyes, a broad smile on her face. “So did you get all that?”

“Excuse me?” he asked his cheeks starting to redden at being caught listening in to her private conversation.

“Oh come on you were listening to every word,” she countered a smirk on her face. “So now you know me, a single mother with two teenage daughters. Divorced from a no good waster who hasn’t got the time to spend the time with our wonderful daughters.”

He smiled at her brightly, “I also heard that you are free for the evening?”

She laughed brightly, “after such a disastrous marriage, why should I risk my heart on you?”

Harry looked at her seriously, “I’m not your husband.”

She smiled sadly, “I know. I shouldn’t take it out on you because my husband can’t keep his appointments with our daughters.”

He smiled again, “Have you eaten yet?”

She looked flabbergasted, then smiled, “I’ll have to go home and changed first.”

His smile brightened, “Where should I pick you up?”

“1630 Revello Drive,” answered rising from the table, “pick me up at eight.”

“Oh by the way,” she turned to look at him, “Harry Potter, and you are?”

She laughed brightly blushing that she had arranged to go on a date with a man not even knowing his name, “Joyce Summers.” She turned and walked out of the door.

A bright smile filled his face. Oh yes his trip to California had just taken a turner for the better. He may just take his time looking for this Slayer.
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