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Summary: My pairings for the FFA. Latest Addition: Dawn/the Huntsman

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFALamiaFR1843,388033,97824 Sep 0527 Jun 06Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Disenchanted (Dawn/the Huntsman)

FFA Pairing: Dawn/the Huntsman
Rating: FR13 for language and death
Summary: A bit of insanity stemming from a combination of Jinni’s suggestion for ‘Dawn in danger’ ficlets, and a random suggestion from a discussion on the forums to start a string of “Oh my god, you killed Andrew” fics. (The last of which I’m sure was a joke, but my demented mind couldn’t let it go)

I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Tenth Kingdom. People with much more money than me do.

Dawn and Andrew were running through the forest. Dawn couldn’t help thinking they should have known better than to go into anyplace called ‘the disenchanted forest.’ They had been lost for three days, and completely out of food, when Andrew managed to kill a rabbit. Dawn was in the process of skinning the animal while trying not to vomit at the thought, when a crossbow bolt suddenly flew past her head, pinning a piece of paper to a nearby tree.

Poaching in the disenchanted forest is prohibited.
All poachers will be put to death.
The Huntsman.

Two days later, still hopelessly lost with no weapons but the small knife Dawn had used on the rabbit, they were still trying to hide from the psycho trying to kill them. Having eaten nothing in this time, they were weak and Dawn knew they wouldn’t last much longer if they didn’t find their way out of this place. She was right.

As they rounded a rather large tree, there was suddenly a man in front of them. Both knowing they should turn and run, they froze in shock and fear as this man stared at them, so still that not even his long hair moved in the wind.

“I am the Huntsman, and this is my forest. You are guilty of poaching.”

He lifted his crossbow and pointed at Dawn. Just as he pulled the trigger, Andrew used the last of his strength to jump in front of her. The bolt from the crossbow pierced his heart, and he fell to the ground at Dawn’s feet, instantly dead. Dawn looked down at his body with sadness. She never really liked Andrew, but they had worked together for a long time now, and she never really wanted to see him die. She looked up at the Huntsman, still pointing his crossbow.

“Oh my God! You killed Andrew! YOU BASTARD!”

“And now my dear, it’s your turn.” He fired his crossbow once more.

The End

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