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Why Me?

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Summary: Cobra Bubbles thought he was having a good day. (Buffy, Lilo and Stitch)

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Cartoons > Lilo and StitchJoeBFR71010,86135015,70225 Sep 0519 Apr 14No

You're It

You’re It


Disclaimer: If your recognize it, it probably belongs to someone else.  I make no profit from the following.


Faith Lehane was lounging on the beach asking why she was still in Hawaii, there was really nothing holding her here. Her arms had healed up just fine and the doc had cleared her for Slaying almost a week and a half ago, so why was her butt in this beach chair, a beer sitting in an ice bucket on one side, her cigarettes and a lighter on the other with the island breeze blowing her dark brown locks around the underside of her hat?


She couldn’t be pinning for that SOB, could she?


Faith had been surprised when Robin had shown up the day after she had been hurt in the dismantling of Jumba’s training bot, he’d actually seemed concerned.  Well to be fair he had been, Buffy had called and said she had found this great spa on the other side of the island and called her, Robin, Willow and Kennedy to come and join the fun, and it had been one of the best weeks of her life, she should have known that something was going to give her a gut punch.


The day after they had gotten back from the spa Robin had taken her out to dinner, and he had dropped the bombshell, Giles had offered him the headmaster’s job at the school and he was going to take it.  Faith had no problem with Hawaii except for one, there was about zip things to fight in the islands and she was not ready to give up active slaying, not by a long shot.  What had hurt more was that Robin had to know this, and he didn’t ask, and didn’t hesitate to take the job.  Faith had stood up and left the restaurant. That must mean she was growing up or something, because she knew at one point in her life she would have taken him apart.  She found out when she hit the first bar that Everclear was illegal in Hawaii, really the first bad thing she had found about the place except for nothing to beat on, so she tried some of the local moonshine but it was only about a 100 proof, but the bar had a good stock of Bacardi’s 151, rum was never her favorite, but hey, any port in a storm.


Buffy found her about three hours later and Faith expected her to go into preachy mode, but instead she sat down and poured herself a drink.  Faith expected her to try and tell her how much they needed Robin at the school, like Faith couldn’t see that too, but she didn’t do that either.  Instead she simply sat there and waited for Faith to start talking, when Faith didn’t, Buffy just let her sit there and drank with her.  She thinks Buffy might have been faking it though, Faith really didn’t remember much about that night, but somehow she had gotten back to her cabin, her shoes at least had been peeled off, and she had been put to bed.  She thought she may have gotten a lot off her chest, she sort of remembered eventually ranting about Robin more than a bit, but couldn’t quite remember what she actually said.  So she had moved out of the cabin they shared and moved in with Buffy, the other Slayer hadn’t said anything so she thought they might have worked it out at the bar.  The only thing Buffy had said was she would appreciate if Faith smoked outside.  Robin had left the next day to go back Cleveland to get packed up, Faith had decided then and there she would stay until he was on his way back, soak up some more rays for the Cleveland winter.  She wasn’t dodging the break up, no sir ree.


She suddenly became aware of a presence close by, glancing up into the umbrella she was under she saw a small blue creature, it looked kind of like a Kuala bear, except it’s ears were long and floppy, it quickly reached out with a clawed hand and tapped Faith on the forehead, “You’re it,” it said in high irritating voice.


Faith exploded out of the chair grabbing for Stitch, but he was too fast and agile.  He was already halfway across the beach before she had untangled herself from her towel.  He charged up the steps that ran behind Nani’s property line and led to the school grounds. But, her longer legs had her closing the distance.


The tag games had started the day after her drinkingfest.  She still didn’t know if the blue alien had figured out for himself that she was feeling down, or if someone had put him up to it, But these chases were fun.  Faith had already suggested to Buffy if she wasn’t planning on including the blue alien in training classes she dang well should.


 The steps flew by under her; she was still gaining on the little guy. When he leaped the memorial in the center of the quad she lost some ground as she circled around it, it felt strange jumping the thing, like she was jumping her own grave.  She was gaining ground again as Stitch, giving her a toothy grin as he cut around the corner of the greenhouse.  Faith smiled to herself as he did so, and two seconds later a loud ‘bong’ echoed across the campus. 


Faith slowed to a jog as she turned the corner of the greenhouse.  Stich was laying next to a culvert, flat on his back and rubbing his head, normally it was an inch or two larger than his body, but someone, whose initials may or may not have been FL, had placed a metal plate with enough holes drilled in it to let water flow across the mouth of the culvert.


Coming up to were Stich was rubbing his head Faith said, “You made two big mistakes, 1) You used this dodge before, and 2) You didn’t check the route out before you started.


“Yeah, Yeah,” Stitch replied, sitting up.  Giving Faith a wide grin, “You win.”


“You got that right,” Faith replied, reaching down to the alien.  Stich took the offered hand and let himself be pulled up.  She glanced back in the direction of the sea, there was nothing holding her here, and Robin sure wasn’t keeping her from Cleveland, she’d see what flights were available, and be heading Cleveland bound, if Robin wanted to stay in paradise, she was fine with it, maybe someday she’d be ready too.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Why Me?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Apr 14.

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