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Speaking Challenged When it Comes to Men

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Summary: Willow meets CSI: Miami's Ryan.

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CSI > CSI MiamiAaronlisaFR131742043,23626 Sep 0526 Sep 05Yes
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon and company. And CSI belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer.

Set during just after BTVS Season Seven ended and just before the start of CSI: Miami Season Three. It's a part of the Demonic Forsenic series that I am writing with Ragna. But it can be read on it's own.

Willow had been shocked by Giles’ attitude following the final battle in Sunnydale. Instead of asking her to help out with the new Slayers or even the rebuilding of the Watchers’ Council, he had insisted that she finish her education and avoid the supernatural. It had taken her awhile to understand what Giles was politely telling her and it devastated her to realize that her friends still didn’t trust her when it came to magic. When she had tried to confront him about it, Giles had insisted that she had misunderstood him. But she didn’t believe him, after all he was insisting that the others finish their education and avoid the supernatural. However, there was nothing that she could do, so she had moved to Miami where her parents were currently living. Her father had helped her to apply at the University of Miami, where she would finish the degree that she had started in Sunnydale.

That was how she came to be driving her father’s SUV to the campus, when she was pulled over for speeding. Her day had started out badly when she had woken up late, when she had an important appointment at the university to see if she could enroll for a class that she would need. She really missed the old days back in Sunnydale, especially since Miami seemed too large and it tended to overwhelm her a bit. However, she wasn’t given much time to reflect over the differences between Sunnydale and Miami, as the officer had approached her vehicle.

“License and registration please?”

”Uhm, okay, just let me get them,” Willow said as she blushed and pulled out the proper documents.

“Thank you.”

”How fast was I going? I didn’t really mean to be speeding, it’s just that I woke up late and I have an appointment at the university. And I’m sure that you hear that all the time, don’t you? Sorry,” Willow said and blushed a deeper shade of red over her babbling.

“That’s alright, you weren’t actually going over the speed limit, but your left tail light is out.”

”Oh no, I will have to tell my Dad, as it’s his car. I’m just borrowing it because I am new here.”

The officer just smiled at her as he walked back to his car with her license and registration. She couldn’t believe that she had started babbling at a complete stranger, and one who was a police officer. Next she would start telling him about why she was in Miami, if she didn’t get a control of herself. She took a deep breath and tried to control her nerves.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you,” Willow said as she took the documents back.

“Make sure that you father gets that tail light fixed.”

“I will as soon as I get home.”

“By the way, I’m Ryan Wolf and I was wondering since you were new to the area, if you’d want someone to show you around?”

”Uhm, yeah that would be really nice. I’d like that,” Willow said as she smiled nervously at him.

“Here’s my phone number,” Ryan said as he smiled at her and handed her a card with his number on it.

“Are you sure that you won’t get into any trouble for this? Because I wouldn’t want that to happen to you. Maybe we shouldn’t just in case. It’s just that I’d feel awful if anything happened to you because you were being all nice to me.”

“It’s alright, so don’t worry.”

”Okay, I’ll call you. Oh, my name is Willow, but you probably know that from my license and all.”

“Great, I’ll look forward to hearing from you, Willow.”

As he walked back to his car, Willow couldn’t believe how nervous she was. After all, she had spent the last few years telling everyone close to her that she was gay. Not only that, but she had convinced herself that her crush on Xander and her relationship with Oz had been mere flukes. Now she was being proved wrong, and she liked it. She smiled as she restarted her car, and for the first time she felt content about Giles’ decision to force her to finish her degree.


The End

You have reached the end of "Speaking Challenged When it Comes to Men". This story is complete.

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