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Red Moon

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Summary: HP/BTVS Crossover- Remus investigates a new evil in Sunnydale (or "What's the deal with Willow and Werewolves?)

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Remus LupinQuitaFR1566,8591125,9804 Jan 034 Jan 03No

The Subject Of Willow's Lack Of Bedroom Activity Becomes Repetitive

Red Moon


The Subject Of Willow’s Lack Of Bedroom Activity Becomes Repetitive

"It’s really much too bright and sunny to be entering a morgue," Remus remarked in that dry tone she was beginning to suspect was characteristic of all Brits, "especially with our purpose."

She threw him a smile –the cheerful smile another scene out of place- as she entered through the door he held for her.

"Would something along the lines of ‘dark and stormy’ be more to your taste?" She teased, though he was much too caught up in the sound of her voice to process her words. He returned her smile and hoped that it was an appropriate reaction.

The reception area, pitiful as it was, was utterly deserted. The last threads of an adventurous nature that lingered in him despite everything he had seen, was mildly disappointed that no clever plan would be needed to bypass a curious mortician. As it was, they merely walked towards the back (he followed her lead as she seemed disturbingly familiar with the building) through a set of swing doors and into the cold chill of the body storage room. The blonde he had met earlier was already present, sitting on an examining table, her legs swinging slightly.

"Oh, you brought your friend." Anya hopped off the table. "Still not sleeping together?"

Willow ignored the question, knowing by now that the vengeance demon liked to use the human-only-for-a-moment card to get away with embarrassing her. "Did you get everything?"

"Yup, it’s all set up." She led them further into the room to where a ring of candles was set up close to the wall. "No offense," Anya told him as she settled herself on the floor, "But three people is kind of overkill for this spell. Do you want to take a walk or something?"

"Actually, I’d like to watch- if it’s alright with you?" He directed the question to Willow who nodded her consent.

The two girls went about the final preparations, lighting candles and eventually pulling the drawer containing the victim’s body out of the wall so it was suspended about their circle. Once everything met her approval, Willow settled herself on the floor opposite Anya, sitting close enough for their knees to barely brush. She murmured her invocations quietly to herself before letting her eyes rest on the book laid out between them. She gathered her power, pulling both from herself and from the constant life stream engulfing her. Using the words of the spell as a focus, and Anya’s presence as an anchor, she released herself into the magic. The rush was sudden, euphoric and enveloping, eliciting an involuntary gasp. It was with great reluctance she pulled back and let the energy slip away, once sure her purpose was accomplished.

Both girls opened their eyes at the same time, and together they stared at the strange symbols appearing on the young victim’s skin.

"What does it mean?" Willow finally asked.

"It means," Anya began after deciphering the ancient runes, "that your supernatural buddy here is off the hook. Whatever did this wasn’t a creature of magic."

After their somewhat unexpected discovery, the three quickly disbanded the makeshift casting circle. Willow cautioned they do it quickly before a morgue worker found them, to which Anya replied cryptically ‘Don’t worry- he won’t.’ The odd statement made Remus question if it was indeed, luck that eased their chore, as he had initially believed.

Once the cold storage room was returned to its previous state, the trio was at a loss as to what exactly they should do next. Willow suggested they spend the time looking for similar attacks happening recently. Anya suggested they go to lunch, apparently her appetite was unaffected by the sickly smell of the freshly preserved corpses around her. Remus, still not feeling quite comfortable with the people he had only met a few hours earlier, was quite diplomatic in offering that they pick up something to eat while they research. The simplistic and somewhat obvious solution coming from the rather good-looking British man had the two girls privately swooning.


"So, " Anya sat on the edge of the breakfast room table, next to stacks of books Willow had spread out. A carton of Chinese take out was in one hand, a pair of chopsticks (to which she was attempting to use seductively) was perched in the other. Her full attention was on Remus. "What exactly brought you to Sunnydale? Visiting a girlfriend?"

Willow snorted at Anya’s attempt at subtly. Her flirtatious behavior might have annoyed Willow at one point, but lately she had been beginning to understand the born-again vengeance demon. Now, for instance, it was obvious that despite however attractive the foreign werewolf was, Anya’s flirting was a product of sheer boredom and no actual interest. Unfortunately for Remus’s sake, he didn’t have the luxury of knowing the blonde’s fondness for shock value and choked on a mouthful of fried rice.

"Uh, no, no girlfriend," he managed to spit out once he could breathe again. "I'm actually here to do some investigating, trying to dig up some information. Something bad is coming, we just don’t know when or what it is." He knew his answer seemed pitifully vague, but there wasn’t much else he could say.

"Then you can feel it too?" Willow looked up from the book she was skimming through and quoted softly, "’From beneath you it devours’."

"Looks like we’re in the same boat as you. We know its bad, and we know its coming… but that’s all we know." Anya threw her chopsticks down into the carton, hunger no longer seeming a priority. The subject had been tired out over the past few weeks since Willow returned, and yet no new information seemed forthcoming. The entire thing kept sending her the oddest sense of de ja vu, and yet she couldn’t place what it reminded her of.

"We’ve been over every book here," which was no small feat, considering the amount of Gile’s private library he left here for them, "and didn’t find anything. But maybe we missed something, so feel free to take a look." Willow shrugged, trying to be cooperative but there wasn’t much they could offer.

"I’d like to," he told her, his voice holding more hope then her own, but perhaps that was due more to the seemingly beginning of an alliance with the odd pair then any real chance of locating the answer in an old book.

The rest of the morning passed in a comfortable silence, broken only by random complaints and/or declarations from Anya. Remus found himself at home surrounded by the dusty tomes, reminding him of his days at Hogwarts. Willow, in turn, found herself a kindred spirit in the ex-professor. His studious nature was similar to her own and his manner reminded her of Giles, but his boyish smile banished any fatherly-figure thoughts to the farthest recesses of her mind. She mentally scolded herself. She was recovering from an addiction to dark magic, a new bigger badder menace was on the way, not to mention the major trust issues she had with men- now was definitely not the time to start re-questioning her sexuality.

They hadn’t moved much when Buffy found them after she and Dawn arrived home from the school. Anya sat idly flipping through something that looked suspiciously more like a Cosmo magazine then a reference book, Remus was absorbed in a particularly fascinating passage, and Willow was trying to simultaneously read, sneak glances at him, and berate herself for becoming distracted at the same time.

"Hey." She broke the silence and all three heads looked up to greet her. Her face crinkled with the signs of confusion as she noticed the man sitting close to her best friend. "Is he-"

"No." Anya answered her as she returned to her magazine.

"Excuse me?" Buffy’s forehead wrinkled even further.

"He’s not sleeping with Willow." Anya yawned after she announced the fact, clearly showing what she thought about the situation.

"Well that’s… good to know, but actually I was wondering if he was the werewolf that I tranqued last night." This time, learning from her mistakes, she directed her query to Willow.

"Yes, Buffy, but we’ve pretty much ruled him out. Anya and I performed a spell earlier that ruled out supernatural causes of death. I checked around too, and there haven’t been anymore victims killed with that MO found recently." Willow pushed the book she had been using away from her, stretching her arms above her head. The action revealed a small expanse of pale skin as her shirt rode up, a fact Remus was painfully aware of.

"I'm going to go- ah, get another book." He told the girls, completely oblivious to the mini-swoon his voice provoked, and giving them a chance to discuss him less awkwardly. He was browsing through an encyclopedia on vegetarian demons, trying to buy some time when a young man entered the room. Remus was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed at the sheer amount of new people, but it was a bit comforting to finally find another male. Remus never had many women friends when he was younger, and later in life he hadn’t had many friends period. Events, and his affliction, hadn’t really allowed it. Still, he tried to pull himself from his reverie, now wasn’t exactly a good time to form relationships either.

"Hello." He greeted the man who seemed a bit taken back at his presence. He received a short reply before the new comer dashed to the kitchen. Remus followed behind at his own pace.

"So yeah… British guy in our living room, anybody got an explanation?" Xander questioned the group gathered in the kitchen.

"He’s not sleeping with Willow," Buffy offered.

"I'm going to go with ‘Huh?’ on that one." Confusion seemed the dominant emotion of the day.

Remus chose that moment to reclaim his spot by Willow’s side. "Your friends seem awfully fond of discussing your sex life."

"Actually," she corrected him, "they just like discussing the lack there of."

Somehow, Buffy, Dawn, and Xander were finally caught up on what they had missed… which disappointedly wasn’t much. The group was quite flexible though, as any in their positions would have to be to survive, so with one final outburst from Xander "He’ll never take Gile’s place!" they quickly adapted to the new situation.

‘I like re-views and I cannot lie- all you other brother’s can’t deny…’


The End?

You have reached the end of "Red Moon" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jan 03.

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