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No Lies

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Summary: Xander goes to east coast and meets a certain person before she became a Slayer.

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part 9

Title: No lies 9
Author: Robert Jackson
Permission to archive: yes, just let me know where.
Pairing/Characters: F/X
Rating: Pg13 to r
Summary: See the first part
Warnings: See the first part. Also Not been beta read on risk.
Notes: you can find most of my stories at

Sunnydale Zoo

Xander and Willow roared into the parking lot. They both knew why they were here. They walked through the grounds many times. Watching the animals. And making small talk. Willow noticed most of the animals would draw back from Xander as he walked near the cages the only ones that didn’t were the big predators. They on the other hand came up and growled their challenges at him. And the Hyena’s they came to the edge of their cages and only watched him. One even seemed to bow a little then turn and head back to their pens.

Soon they were in the picnic area. Xander had picked up a snack pack’s from a concession stand. And moved to a table. It was THE table. Xander and Willow sat there. Eating there food once done. Xander looked at his red headed friend.

“I call the last meeting of the ‘We hate Cordelia’ meeting to order.” Xander said with a soft voice.

Willow just looked at him.


Willow and Xander sat around this table eight years ago. Jessie was sitting with them. They had just met a few days ago, when Jessie had moved to town. It was Jessie’s birthday. And His parents had invited everyone from his class to a party here at the Zoo. Cordelia was even here. Thou she was not going to seen with the trash that came to the party. Jessie had fallen in love with Cordelia at first sight. And made plans to be her friend.

But it was not to be. Cordy had slammed Jessie badly. She had the boy almost in tears before Xander had shown up. Trying to get them to stop. It was a party that meant ice cream and cake, and if the birthday boy left crying he wouldn’t get any. He knew it was kind bad to look at it like that way but he did. The only person that had ever really shown him any friendship up until that day, was Willow. And she wanted the Ice cream and Cake. Her parents had been out of town for he last birthday and the Au’pair, Her mom had gotten her hadn’t wanted to go though the trouble of having one. So her was he chance to have some and she wasn’t going to pass it up.

But with Cordelia, doing the Cordelia thing. She knew it was cutting down her chances for Ice cream and cake. Xander was trying to make it work out so she could get some.

But when Cordy switched her attack to Xander, Jessie stood up for Xander, something no one had ever done for him before. Starting a friendship and with a few words became Xanders best friend, and with Xander came Willow. The boy’s friendship almost became as close as the friendship between Willow and Xander. And thanks to Cordelia, without her, they would have never became friends, as closed off as Willow was at the time, and how close Xander was to her, They would have never opened up to someone else. A true friendship was formed that day, a new family two Brothers and a sister was formed. And the friendship grew all three doubted that they would have been friend for long if not for Cordelia, she was the driving force behind them. She would push one and the others would come to the rescue. And as time when on she was the one to pushed them together. A shy hacker, lazy slacker, and normal kid, what else did they have in common other than be the target of the Queen of Sunnydale. But soon it didn’t matter about Sunnydale or what Cordelia though, they were friends, And if not for vampires all three would have grown old together sharing their lives til the end.

The years had flown by but the only thing that was constant with them was every year. On Jessie’s birthday. They would meet in the park at the Zoo. And have a small meal. Talk about the world and forget the world. It was Just Xander Willow and Jessie. Till it was just Xander and Willow again.

Where there was once three now only two.

*End Flash Back*

“Last meeting?” Willow asked, it hurt, was Xander telling her he was leaving her?

“Yes,” Xander said looking at his oldest friend, “At least the last meeting of the We hate Cordelia Club. I don’t hate her, do you?”

“Well,” The red headed witch said after a moment of though, “not hate. But not friends with her either.”

“Same here.” Xander looked around the park, “We’ve changed. Just like this park has.”

“Yes,” Willow looked over at him, “what happened to you?”

“I changed.” Xander said if that explained it all.

“I know,” Willow said uneasily, “I can feel the change in you. Not bad but you don’t feel the same.”

“Still you friend.” Xander said a smile on his face.

“I know and I’m still your friend.” Willow said with tears in her voice, she just knew that Xander was going to leave her. “What are you now?”

“A Volk.” Xander said looking at her again, in his eyes she could see something move, almost like when she looks into Oz’s eyes before he changes.

“You going to bite me?” Willow tensed to run. She came knowing full well it could be a trap but this was her Xander.

“I could,” Xander said with a smile his face, “Wouldn’t do anything to you. Just you would have been bitten.”

Willow just pulled back to move away.

“Don’t go.” Xander sounding almost like a plea. “You’re my oldest friend. I would never hurt you. You’re the reason I came back.”

“What?” Willow said.

“I am here to make sure your not hurt by anything.” Xander as he reached across the table to grab willows hand. She didn’t fight it. But she could have pulled her hand free from his grip easily.

And with hold she knew that he would never hurt her.

“You’re my sister,” Xander said, “My sister in all that matters. I will be here for you.”

“So where are we?” Willow asked.


“Just answer me.” Willow said. “Do you eat people now?”

“Nope,” Xander smiled, “Why kill people when a dear or a nice rabbit is much easer to catch?”

“Ewww” Willow said.

“Friends?” Xander said turning hopeful.

“Always.” Willow said with a smile.

“Then you forgive me?”

“Yes,” Willow said then with frown on her face, “Of what?”

“I gave Oz the brother talk.” Xander said his eyes shining with a smile.

“You threaten my boyfriend!?!” Willow all but screamed.

“Nope,” Xander said. “I told him the truth. I would hurt him if he hurt you.”

“XANDER!” Willow was shocked.

“Hey you’re my Willow.” Xander said getting a little defensive. “I don’t let anyone hurt you.”

Willow just looked at Xander.

“Forgive me?”

“I’ll think about it.” Willow said looking over at her friend.

“Well,” Xander said, “if you won’t forgive me I guess I got to shoot you.”

“What?” Willow said as Xander reached under his jacket. And pulled out a...


It was later afternoon. Both Buffy and Oz had searched the town for Xander and Willow. And had narrowed it down to the Zoo.

As the closed in on the picnic area they heard Willow scream. Both took off like a shot. Only to find will running from Xander who was closing in fast laughing the whole time. Buffy charged in tackling Xander knocking him to the ground. Oz grabbed Willow and started to pull her away, as he did he noticed that Willow was wet.

Buffy forced the Demon Xander down into the dirt. She could feel him moving then. It wasn’t Xander anymore. It was fucking mountain lion.

Buffy jumped back as fast she could. At the same time she heard Willow screaming.


The mountain lion was getting up and spinning to face the Buffy. Now that was scary enough, to be facing a mountain lion, but to see the intelligence behind the eyes of the breast. Buffy pulled her dagger from under her shirt. And Jumped as the Lion did the same thing.

Only as the both of them jumped, a voice called out, it was not a loud or anything, but it cut through the back ground noise just the same, and as the voice was heard both Xander and Buffy stopped in mid-air.


Looking over at Willow. She stood there her hair flying in unfelt wind her eyes black, Oz was laying on the ground beside her. A shocked look on his face.

“Uh,” Buffy began, “He was hurting you.”

“No he wasn’t.” Willow looked at Buffy with those scary black eyes, “We. Were. Playing.”

“But... You were yelling and he was with the chasing.” Buffy said, as Xander shifted back to his normal self.

“Will’s let me down and I’ll go.” Xander really didn’t want to come between Willow and her friend, he didn’t know Oz enough to call him and they had a ruff start. And Buffy and him, he had only known her a short time before he sent to Boston. And in that time she had slammed him any number of times. The sexy dance, then the whole Angel thing.

“No he made me have sex with Jonathan!” Buffy yelled out.

Then a shocked Willow dropped both Buffy and Xander to the ground.

“He did what?” Willow said looking at both of them.

“I did no such thing!” Xander said then, “Willow?”

“Yeah Xan?”


“Uh,” Willow said her eyes once again their normal color. “Sorry.”

“Still got a bruised a....”Xander said only to be interrupted by Buffy.

“He cast a spell on me!!”

“Xander did you cast a spell on Buffy?” Willow asked.

“No,” Xander said, “I when to a birthday party, then home, and entertained a guest most of the night. No spells.”

“Was that before or after the strip club?” Buffy snarled.

“The party was at the club, one of the girls I know had her party there.” Xander said as if he was explaining to a five year old.

“Xander you know a girl that works at a strip club?” Willow asked her face red.

“Wills,” Xander said, “I know lots of girls that work at lots of strip clubs.”

“I bet you know all the sluts” Buffy snarled at Xander.

“Willow,” Xander said through clenched teeth, “I’m going. If I stay I might hurt your friend and don’t want that. I’ll see at school tomorrow. And for the record I don’t do spells. I cant. Volks cant cast spells.”

As Xander walked away, Willow turned to look at the other too. She crossed her arms and started to tap her shoes.

“Were going to have a long talk.” She said,

“Willow,” Oz said looking at her again, “Why are you wet?”

“Water pistol.” She said still tapping her foot, “Like I said Xan and I were playing.”

“Oh, boy.” Both Oz and Buffy said looking at each other.


It was passed midnight when the trio made it back to the Literary. It had been a long afternoon, for both Buffy and Oz. Willow had yelled, threaten and even promised what would happen if they keep up with the Xander bashing. Xander had came clean with Willow told her about who he was and what he was. But she knew he didn’t tell it all to her. Like she still didn’t know were he lived or what he did for a job. Only that he was there to watch out for her. And do the right thing, no matter the cost.

The library was trashed. Sitting in the middle of the room was Giles wearing leather jacket, and Buffys mom in what loosely could be called a dress, and Faith dressed in her normal clothes, all were dirty and smelled slightly of gas. Faith was laughing so she could hardly stay in her chair.

As Buffy walked into the library She heard Faith tell the adults, “Just wait till Buffy finds out what happened!”

“What happened?” Buffy asked as both Joyce and Giles jumped up. But before they could say anything.

“Mom,” Faith said with a smile, “And G here were bumping ugly’s on a police car!”

“WHAT?!?” Buffy yelled balling her fists.

“Why thank you so very much Faith,” Giles said taking his glasses off to wipe them, “Your tack and sensitivity are your best features.”

“Then,” Faith counted with ever looking at Giles, “We stopped a chaos mage from turning all the adults in Sunnydale to kids and stopped a demon from eating a bunch of Babies. Other than that it been a normal day.”

Faith sat back, her work was done. Hit them with all this and no one would question how she had found about Ethan, or the Mayors plan for the babies. He dad or Control had told her the inside man had found out about it and fed the information to them. They still would not go after the Mayor he was up to something big and they wanted to make sure what it was before that acted. No one wanted a half done spell just laying about only to go off when some poor slob opened the wrong book and the wrong time.

Willow was following the fight between Giles Buffy and Joyce. Faith walked up beside her.

“So,” Faith began, “how was your day?”

Faith couldn’t ask what she really wanted to ask, were was Xander, but she thought if she talked long enough she could find out.

“Good, made-up with an old friend,” Willow said still looking at the fight, “Deciding if need to get some new new ones.”

“That good, huh?” Faith said watching as Willow would glance at her boyfriend, you could almost see steam coming out of her ears.

“So what happened?” Willow looked at Faith, this was a side of the dark slayer she had never seen, sure Faith talked to Willow before but never about anything other than demons and vampires, maybe a little on some spells every now and then but never about day to day stuff.

“Got my friend back,” Willow said looking once again at the fight, “new friend show and attack old friend. Kind of all when down hill from there.”

“Was Xan hurt?” Faith asked before she could stop herself.

“Xan?” Willow asked,

“Your friend,” Faith said back tracking, “I heard you call him that.”

“Yes, He went home.” Willow was still looking at Faith, the pieces were their, she could see them but they weren’t adding up. The looks of Faiths face when she saw Xander this morning, the little slips of names and places that only she and Xander knew about. Also both had been in Boston. But she couldn’t figure out how they fit, She knew Xander was seeing a girl in Boston but her name was Dana and came from a happy home, while Faith was a street child bad family worst environment. Still, something just didn’t add up.

“Well,” Faith said with a look around, “I am off. Need to get back to the hotel before the next shift of girls come in. Fresh Pussy just brings in the guys. And takes forever to get to sleep till they wear out some.”

Willow just blushed and all thoughts about Xander left her mind with the images just ran thought her head.

“Uh,” Willow said, “You don’t have to stay there. You could stay with one of us.”

“Thanks Red,” Faith said stopping to look at her, “That means a lot, but I need my own space, You know? I don’t play well with others.” And with that she out the door.


The End?

You have reached the end of "No Lies" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Feb 06.

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