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No Lies

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Summary: Xander goes to east coast and meets a certain person before she became a Slayer.

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No Lies

Title: No Lies

Read the story and find out what its about.

Rating: I don’t know, for ages 15 and up? May go up at a later date.

Takes place after the second season with some changes, first Kendra has not died. She had been hurt by Dru but recovered. Buffy sent Angel to hell 4 months before the ending of school.

The Beginning.

“Guess this is good bye.” Xander whispered to Willow as he held her tight. He was leaving, Child services finally came to pick him up. They were sending to his only relative that could keep a job and would take him in. His Uncle. And of course he didn’t live around here. He lived all the way in Boston. So he was gone. Buffy had gone. Ran away after sending Angel to hell, not that he had shed a tear for that jerk. She had ran away, and now he was being sent away too. Leaving the Hellmouth in Giles hands. He and Kendra would make sure everyone was ok. Hard to believe what he had done and what he had been taught in the short time that he had known about Vampires and things that go bump. He had said goodbye to Cordy the day before. They had only dated for a short time, in secret but it had been dateage. More than he had with anyone else. A lot can change in two years, this was the biggest. Not that finding out about Vampires was small, just he leaving never to return from all intents and purposes. He was going to have to leave a letter for Buffy to get to say bye to her. Just a letter. He wished it could be more. But it wasn’t to be. He had told Giles goodbye that morning. It was Afternoon now and he was leaving.

“Write me.” Willow said. “Every day.”

“Will do, got your email in my bag, along with every thing else.” Tears were in his eyes. He was saying good bye to the one person that he loves more than anything. And that he knew loved him. It was one of the reasons he never acted on her feelings for her. He didn’t want to chance losing that love.

As soon as they could Child Services packed him up and shipped him off. The first time he had been in a plane. He tried to sleep on the plane but he kept getting these weird dreams. Ones were he was in planes and helicopters, he was a soldier. His commanding officer was this big guy. That spoke with a German accent. He was a good C.O. though. Dutch that was what he was called, he was loyal to his men and the men were loyal to him. He could remember being his scout. He remembered the jungle. And the trees that he stood watch over so everyone could try to get away from something. What he couldn’t recall. Just that it was big and was a killer. And that he died there. And others he was off running in the grass lands. Always looking for something, either to eat or mate. Each day was the same over and over again.

He didn’t understand what it was. He was going away from the Hellmouth. Things and dreams like this don't happen.


In another world just next door to Xander's.

“Are you sure about this?” One being was asking another. Both beings where .powerful - almost gods, but not yet. And the game they were playing had been going on for thousands of years.

“Yes, it’s my move. I am sure.” She needed to protect the soon-to-be Slayer. And what better way, then get someone there for her that knew what was going on.

“ Ok, my move.”

Again someone, somewhere had their lives changed. They just didn’t know it. Just as it had happened years after years.


The first thing his new guardians told him. Get a job and a hair cut. His uncle Joe was a ex-marine and Aunt Martha was an Accountant. She worked at a big firm in town. Joe ran a car shop. He would build custom cars and motorcycles. Uncle joe was the only Harris that did anything with their life. But it might be that he was the only Harris that had left Sunnydale. Who knew? But he didn’t like Xander on sight that was the only reason he took him in was because he was family. He was a reminder of Tony Harris, his much hated brother. But had taken him in because he was family. Martha didn’t really dislike Xander but didn’t like him either. She had not wanted kids. She had her work. Now she had a teenage boy. One from a broken home, well maybe not broken at least cracked.

The first month was hell on Xander. Uncle joe put him to work at the shop. He learned more about cars in the first day than he had learned all his life. But he was making money and his soldier's memories were coming back and that was a big help with his uncle. And his aunt even gave him an old laptop to use. So he would stay off hers. He would email and chat with willow with it. But it still wasn’t home. In a weird way he missed Sunnydale, not the vampires or Demons but his friends. But he really missed Buffy, that little ray of sunshine.

The second month was better. He had saved up enough for a motorcycle. And used to explore the town. After work he would just ride. Riding wherever the wind would take him. Then he would head home. He had not made many friends yet. School that was fun. As soon as he started he found out there where all kinds of rumors about him running around. That he was a member of a gang or that he got a girl in the family way. Just all bullshit. He was filling left out more and more. But he found out that the school work itself was easier to him. The books were harder but the stuff in them came easier. He didn’t know what to make of that.

The other thing he started to do was work out. One of the body-workers at the shop was a member of a gym and got Xander a pass there. He would go there three times and week. At the gym he would use the weights. He also took self defense classes. Soon he was helping to teach them too. Another aspect of the Solider was coming out. The Classes to him were like refresher courses. He had known the moves, his body just hadn't responded right to them, but soon that was so not a problem.

At the same time he noticed his senses had started to improve. He was seeing better hearing better, and his sense of smell was improving. And Taste he had started to eat more and more meat, and a little bloody at that. He hadn’t told anyone about that. Not even Willow on his chats with her.

The next big thing to happen was the terrorist attack in the keys, a nuke was set off and a Girl kidnaped. It was all big news. His Uncle wanted to go to war over it. Just no one knew who those guys were. They were all dead and no one to credit for it. Most of the World just sat back and watched as America licked it wounds. And helped where it could. No one wanted
another attack to happen. To anyone, especially to themselves.

He heard the news that he was going to be tortured for a Saturday. Aunt Martha’s Company was going to have a Company picnic. All employees had to come and bring their families. Well if not families the people living under your roof.

So bright and early Saturday. His riding day, the day he left and just rode around the city or out in the county, he instead was sitting in a city park looking at all the people from Aunt Martha’s company acting like they were teenagers again. Playing football, or baseball. Even had a frisbee game going. Then he saw him. Walking across the field beside him was a small woman they were holding hands and talking while they looked around. It was the guy from his dreams, his

“ Dutch?” he whispered but unknown to him standing behind him was another man. Who was brought up short by the name. Gib had been on a stake out all night with Harry, and invited himself to the picnic. Hey, Free food. Was all he told Harry and Helen. It was just something he did get to places that he shouldn’t. But when he heard that name. Dutch was Harry’s undercover name while he worked as a Merc a few years ago, when he saw something that to this day he doesn’t talk about. Just that his whole squad died doing whatever they were doing. And this kid just called him by that name. Someone that should really be too young to know about what Harry had been doing then. Did we have a leak somewhere. He watched as Xander turned to leave.

{Got to get out of here.}, Xander thought. {This is like living on the hellmouth. Don’t need that to follow me here.}

As he was leaving he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was a Dark angel. Sitting on a bench in the park, watching approvingly as the adults were playing around. You could see by the look on her face she was NOT having fun.

{This is just what I wanted to do on my Saturday morning. Watch old people sweat.} Dana thought to herself.

Dana felt someone watching her and turned her head to see who. It was a dark haired guy that she had seen around school. Her family just moved here from Washington after the bomb thing in the Keys. New cover, same thing. Lies. And she was just starting to make friends too. When she had first noticed him across the quad at lunch sitting by himself. Any way Her friend Sherry looked him up. He came from a town called Sunnydale that had a very bad gang problem so to be shipped here so he was provably in one of the gangs. She didn’t know what to believe about him.

She had made friends. But with them new lies also. She could not tell anyone what happened. Who she was or why they moved here. Not big lies but lies none the nonetheless. She could not even be proud of her mom and Dad for what they did for the country. No one must know. So to everyone she had to lie and say, "My dad is a computer sales man, not a spy. My mom is an Accountant not a spy that helps save the world a lot."

The guy was still looking at her. Not in the creepy way though. It was nice. He looked like he was looking at her, not what she looked like but her, not like Marv and his bunch. It was nice. Even though she knew it was just her imagination. Then Marv pulled up. And whistled at her to get on.

Xander stood rock still looking at the girl. She was IT. He could feel it. The one. Now he had felt that before and understood it. Buffy was another one that he felt that way about. At least til the email she sent. But here in the park he felt whole while looking at her. He was going to walk up to her but a motorcycle pulled up into a parking spot beside her and she got on with some guy that was driving. The guy felt very hellmouthy. But then they rode away. She glanced back at him. But soon she was out of sight.


Being A, “Well they met. But doesn’t look like your move will help. She is moving away from him.” the satisfaction dripping in his voice. He had waited a long time til she had made a mistake like this. The removal of the boy from Sunnydale had the powers stumbling to find a replacement for him.

“ It was just the first contact. There will be others.” She was sure this would work out. Even if they could change reality on a whim, humans still had free choice and will. Sometimes they did the wrong thing no matter what you did make them see. And placing that little something in them to be attracted to each other. Dana and Xander still might not come together. It was what made the game so fun. It's what brought down Camelot. Her opponent made it that Gwynevere and Lancelot where attracted to each other. The free will they had brought it down. Instead of doing the right thing they had fell and cause her to lose that move.

Xander avoided everyone at the picnic after that, the girl, Dutch. It was too much he just hung around on the outside just swinging in to grab a bit to eat every now and then. He would watch his Aunt and Uncle for any sign that they were reading to go.

Unknown to Xander he too was being watched. Gib was keeping a close eye on him. And when he did leave the park. Gib followed him.

The next two weeks went by like a lead balloon. He Aunt and Uncle were worse than ever, they took every thing out on him. Just not Physically. He had not impressed the boss at work enough for them, So he had every shit job they could think of. At home and at his job. The only outlet he had was the bike he started at the shop. His Uncle let him build it in his spare time. So he would stay off the streets and stay away from his house as long as possible. And it was coming along great. He was building it from the ground up. Only the frame was built by someone else. The guys at the shop, felt sorry for him and helped out on the bike as much as they could. Showing how to do this and that on the bike. At the end of 2 weeks. He had a custom bike build just for him. He had it painted black and had a red willow tree air brushed on the gas tank on one side and celt cross on other. He had another cross worked in the leather of the seat on the bike and extra large saddle bags on it. But he also had something more; he knew he could do something right. The bike was a beauty and no one could take that away from him. His Uncle was going to sell it, but one look from Xander changed his mind. No one was taking this away from him. It was cool he thought. And it was his. From the ground up. So he ended up with two motorcycles. But one was a Junker. Just something to get from point a to point b. The one he build he put his soul into it was part of him. By the time he had finished it he new everything about it from where the welds were just a hair too big under the chrome to the click it does before it would start. It was his.

Now School. How can he put it. It... Sucked. But not really. He found that since he had left the Hellmouth his grades came up. And he was no longer the class dweeb. He was the cool outsider. From Cali. Him Cool. Who would have thought that Cool and Xander would be used in the same sentence. And then he found out his Dark Angel from the Park went here to. Didn’t have any class together but had lunch at the same time. But she always hung out with Marv and his crew.
And Marv gave Xander the Super dooper willies. It was a hellmouthy feeling if he had ever felt one. And Marv didn’t like Xander on sight. So he would just watch her from across the room or the quad wherever he could. There was just something about her. A smell or a movement that attracted him.

Across the room. Dana watched her personal stalker. She didn’t know if she needed to be worried or not. He never came around her but was always watching her, with those dark amazing eyes of his. Ever since the park he was always watching with those eyes. She would have walked up to talk to him but Marv didn’t like him. And she would loose all her new friends if she got on his bad side. And she was just fitting in here. Had friends and was not going to start over again just because some guy looked cute, and had a nice butt in his jeans. Even if he drove a cherry bike like his.

But she had a few dreams about him. And in those dreams he was always at her side no matter what was happing he was there for her. That was the best part of the dream, at least til they started doing other things. And on his bike at that. She would often wake up in a sweat from the dreams. She didn't really know what to do. That was til she discovered masturbation. That guilty little thing she told no one about, that she touched herself while thinking about Alexander. But didn’t he call himself something else. Xander? Something like that.

Later that day. Xander was getting on his bike on his way to the shop to work for a few hours. He noticed Dana. That was her name. He had over heard some of her friends in the Hall way talking. Dana was sitting on the curb waiting for someone. She watched the cars drive by one by one. Xander just sat and watched for a while. Then Dana looked up at him and smiled. Xander did a fast look around then pointed at his chest with a who me? Look on his face.

Dana’s smile got bigger then she waved him over. Xander pushed his bike over to her.

"Hey," he said in a low voice. Try to sound cool Xander, he thought to himself.

“ Hey , right back at you," she said, trying to sound like a cool girl. No one was around so she could talk to him without her friends knowing. And since her ride was late it was a perfect time. Uncle Gib was always an hour or so late. Mom and Dad were in Washington today. To see the Boss. So Gib was to pick her up and watch her til they get home tonight.

“ My name’s Xander.”

“ I’m Dana.”

“ So ride late?”

“ Yep, My Uncle, he’s always late.”

“ You want a ride?”

Dana looked around. No one was here. No would see her. Gib wasn’t here. Xander could see her thinking about it. Say yes, say yes whispered thought his mind.

“ Sure.”

“Uh, I just have to go by work and tell my Uncle first, then I can drop you off any where you want to go.”

“ No problem.”

Xander sat on his bike. And Dana climbed up behind him. Her arms tightened around his waist. As the bike started up and pulled off on the road. She felt a peace that she had not felt in a while. On a bike there was no lies, no secrets just the bike and the wind.

Soon the bike was flying down the road. The wind blowing her hair. Freedom. Her arms tightened on Xander. It felt good to both of them. Xander could feel Dana's breasts pressed into his back. And with that an her arms around him he had to double his concentration on the road. What with his mind running up these little fantasies.

After a stop off at the shop. His uncle let him off, but gave him a lot of flack about it. Told him that he would have to make up the hours or he wouldn’t get paid. But soon Xander was driving Dana around the city. She never told him where she lived just pointed down streets. Soon Xander understood she just wanted to ride, and he was fine with that. It had been a long time since he had a friend to just kick it. Not since Sunnydale. They ended up at the mall. Just sitting in the middle of the main causeway eating some Pizza and having a good time.

Unknown to the both of them. On one side of the mall was Marv and his crew. Watching them. Fire burning in his eyes. He had Dana all set up. She was to be his next conquest, or dinner. Marv wasn’t exactly human. Well he was mostly human. His grand mother was a Succubus. And he had just found out that he could feed off sex. It changed the girls he had sex with made them like it more. But he really didn’t see the problem with that. It just meant he could get a refill easier. And now that Sunnydale bastard had taken his meal away before he got a taste. He was going make him pay.

On the opposite side of Marv was Gib. He had been watching the boy now for a while. He had finally thought he had just been hearing things at the park. But now he was not to sure. The kid was moving in on Dana. He was just glad he had not told Harry yet. It would have been a blood bath right now. With tactical strikes and guns blasting. So he had just watched, but there was nothing to see. He was just a kid. Then he found out that this Xander guy was at the same school as Dana. So he watched again. Still nothing. Now the kid was sitting with Dana in the middle of the mall. That was something. Time to tell Harry.

Note: Harry and Helen do not know about Marv, he is just some guy at school as far as they know. Dana doesn’t like them to meet her Family, Daddy is way over protective, and can kill you with a finger nail. Nuff said.

The next day at school was great til lunch time. Dana had had great time yesterday with Xander and after he dropped her off last night she did a lot of thinking. And it came down to Marv and his friends or Xander. It was a no brainer to her. Xander. Xander was funny and nice. A bit of a dork but he was nice. Marv spent too much time being cool, and trying to be tough. Xander was just himself, mostly. He still tried the cool moves. And she could see that he had not tried them
out on anyone else. But she was cool with that. It was nice. HE was nice. And he didn’t play at being tough he was tough. He just covered it well behind masks. Something she was use to. Her family life had been nothing but masks for a long time.

As she was walking into the lunch room. Xander was being lead out by a Teacher and the school nurse was sitting with one of Marv’s boys. Joey. Joey looked like he dad had gotten a hold of him. Nothing seemed broken. But he was beaten badly.

“What the hell?” she asked herself only to have Sherry, who was sitting by the door anser.

“ Xander,” she said looking at her friend, this was some of the best gossip than she had had all year, “Joey walked over said something to Xander, who looked pissed. Then Joey said something else. And the fight was on. It was GREAT!”

“ I thought you liked Joey?”

“ Yea, I do, but he is an ass and since Marv and I started to date, not that fun anymore.”

Faith looked at her friend, she had only known her for a while but this wasn't right. They just talked yesterday and Joey was her one true love. At least that what she had said. Now he wasn't fun anymore. She could remember that happening to a lot of girls here. One minter they were in love with someone then Marv would show up, and it was all over. Her mind tripped over things that she her Mom and Dad had said, Drugs? Was Marv using drug on these girls. One more reason to move away from Marv's group. She just hoped it was not too late. And she needed to find out why he was fighting with Joey, from what she had heard Sunnydale was full of gangs. And if Marv was using them could this be a start of something like that here?


Later Dana sat out side of the main Office. She could hear Xander’s Uncle yelling through the wall.

Xander sat in the office looking from face to face as his Uncle yelled, and yelled and yelled.

The principle looked at his record. Then looked at him. Then again at the record. And the notes that Snyder had put in them too. Xander felt that he was lucky that the cops hadn’t been called. Everyone believed that he just hit a student that was wanting to talk to him. Not say what he had been saying. He had to hit him, and once that had started he had a hard time stopping. But at least he didn’t kill him. He could have and almost did, The Hyena and soldier both wanted him dead. Don’t leave a wounded enemy behind.

After the meeting was over, at least his Aunt had not been there. And the punishment given out. 3 weeks on detention and 20 extra hours at work without pay, to pay for the medical bills. As he was walking out he noticed Dana she didn’t look at him but bumped him on her way past him. He felt her slide a piece of paper into his hands. Then she kept on walking.

As he got on his bike his Uncle had given him 20 minutes to get to the shop. He read the note. On it was a time one the morning and a location. The first place I saw you. The park he remembered her telling him that.

So later that night, after sneaking out here he sat in the park. Waiting, and waiting. Til Dana walked up. She had trouble sneaking out herself. Her dad was on the war path for some reason, about school and boys. Her mom took it all, but was watching her closer than ever. What was going on she didn’t know. The only thing she had heard since they got back was something about the Order of Teraka. Whatever that was. It took them forever to go to sleep and she still felt like they were watching her. She hoped Xander would wait for her to show.

“ Sorry,”she said looking at him, “ My rents took a long time to go to sleep.”

“ No problem, I needed to get out tonight anyway. If my Uncle is going to make my life hell might as well deserve it.”

“ Hey, Yeah what happen?”

“ Guy said some things. Pissed me off, he met my fist. No big.” Which to Xander wasn’t as small, back in Sunnydale there was no way he could have done what he had done. That was what amazed him. He was a tough guy now.

“ Yea, but what?” Dana looked at him. She didn’t want someone around that would fly off the handle and attack people just for saying good morning. Though some mornings she felt like that. She was so not a morning person.

“ Don’t worry, it's noting I can't handle ,” Xander said looking everywhere but at her.

“ Xander I have only known you for a few days. And I can tell when you're lying. And if you want to be my friend, there will be no lies between us.”

“ It’s nothing, just drop it.”

“ No, what did Joey say?”

“ He called someone I know a name.”

“ Must have been some name.”

“ Yep, it was.”

“ Who was it?”

“ No one.”

“ Xander, you got in a fight because someone called someone you DON’T know a name?” Dana asked with expiration.

“ Yea, I am funny like that.” Xander looking around again.

Then a thought hit Dana.

“ Was it me?”

Xander looked at her sharply. That was all the anser she needed. It was about her.

“ What did he say about me?”

“ Nothing! I should be going.” As he started to get up, Dana put her small hand on his arm stopping him. Xander looked at the small beauty sitting beside him. He so didn’t want to tell her anything but she deserved to know what her friends say about her.

“ Joey told me that Marv was saving you for himself. And That I needed to move on, or I would get hurt.”

“ So that’s when you hit him?” She was shocked that Marv would have sent Joey to say that but not surprised. Marv controlled everyone in his circle.

“Nope, he said he was also waiting for him to make a slut out of you so he could get his turn. That’s when I hit him. No one talks about my girls like that.”

“Your girls?” She didn’t know if she liked the sound of that.

“Yea, My girls. You know females that are my friends.”

“ So I am your friend.”

“ You need to ask?” Looking at her with a lopsided smile.

“ That’s sweet, in a male pig kind of way," she said an leaned in to kiss his cheek. At least that was the way she had planned. But Xander was turning to say HEY. And her kiss ended on his mouth. His open mouth, their tongues just happened to meet. Then in a very serious and fun kiss. For Xander and Dana it was a first for both. Not the kissing. Both had did that before, not even the tongues. That too was done before. It was like the other kisses had not meant a thing. Only what they were doing right know meant anything. That was until...

Two hours before.

Harry sat at a computer termal in his home. Dana was in bed and Helen was changing for bed. Gib had told him about Dana's new friend, how he knew about his code name when he was in jungles, and maybe what happened down there. He was searching the files that had been drawn up on the boy. And with the order having a contract on him and his family. And this new boy knew to much. The order had been seen in his home town. Then there was the high death rate there, along with what seemed like the Mayor was involved with something underhanded , he had shipments coming in from around the world, above board and smuggled too. And he had a very high turn over in his office, which wasn’t that bad but when they never went anywhere. Just gone. It was something. Omega had sent in 3 teams so far and all had gone missing.

Then there was information that the boy had met with at least one member of the order. No details only that he was alive and the agent was dead. Or missing as the town liked to report people. Then there was the army base. Report of a teenage boy stealing a rocket launcher. Now that had him sit back. He could remember doing something like that when he was with his men in South America. Used the same tactics also. This boy was starting to sound more and more like an agent. But from what he had read and found out in his research on him he wasn’t. He was just a kid from a bad home, that had moved here and was trying to make a go on a new life. Just then the phone rang. It was Gib.

“ Harry, do you know were Dana is?”

“ In bed.”

“ Well, the tracer you put in her underwear is in the park, and the team we have trailing the kid said he been in there for about 2 hours now.”

“ Get a team together and pick them up.”

“ Harry, I can’t do that. This is just hormones man, just pick her up before they go too far.”

“ Gib, do you want what you did in England to come up?”

“ MAN! That is low. All right I’ll get them.”

“ No, I’ll be there too. Just hold off til I get there.”

Then Helen’s voice came on the phone.

“ Till WE get there.”

She had picked up the phone as it rung and then heard Harry and Gib talking. There was no way that she would let them traumatize her daughter the way they did her. Bad enough that she had not planned on doing anything. But Dana was growing up and had to spread her wings. But that was all she wanted her to be spreading right now. But she wanted grandkids some day so she wasn’t going to let them scare her so much that she would never want to be around anyone else ever again.

The Van pulled up just in time to see Xander and Dana kissing. And as there hands started to move to new places. Harry’s world came apart. His little girl was being molested right before his eyes. But what Gib and Helen saw was two kids starting something that should be stopped.

Harry didn’t even say a word, he was out of the van and on the move. His stocking mask in place before he was out of the van. The rest of the team moving to catch up.

Xander had been kissing Dana. It was like he had just started and been doing it forever. He never wanted to stop. But breathing was becoming a problem for both of them. As they broke the kiss. But had one word, WOW!

Dana noticed the gold chain around his neck. Drawing back.

“ What’s that?” pulling out the chain only to find a ring on it.

“ Would you believe that it was the ring of an order of Assassins?”

“ And just why would you have one?”she asked with a smirk on her face.

“ Lucky charm?” He had found it after the fight in the church and hung on to for good luck, he had thought that if he had lived through an attack by three assassins he needed all the luck he could get.

Dana just dropped the ring and looked into his eyes. And drew him back into a kiss, this time her hands started to roam. That caused his hand to do the same. Just when it was getting fun. A large hand dropped on to him a threw him off Dana.

Landing Xander thought to himself. Of course not, I can't get to second base without the world coming down around me.

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