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Bitter memories and sweet dreams

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Summary: a bunch of miscellaneous bits for the fic for all, all in one grouping. Most will be well below adult rating. Some sexual innuendo may be involved.

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Bitter memories and sweet dreams

For whom the angels weep.

Faith/Galen pairingish for Fic for All number 218.

Between Caress of Twilight and Seduced by Moonlight, before Galen get's healed.

Safe for kids, trust me, very safe for kids.

~fic here~

The green man was watching her again, it didn't help much that Buffy was off with the Immortal in Rome and enjoying her time off from the slayage. But why did she get put on sentry duty when there were already so many strong and obviously not mortal men around to protect the princess. That's right princess, she was on sentry duty for some Fae princess of the Unseelie court named Meredith Nicessus. "Why do you keep staring at me yo?"

Galen let a slight smile flicker over his features as he continued working on lunch for the rest of the group. "Because you seemed to have been cast the same lot as me. It's just nice to watch someone who can take care of herself, and protect those around her. Not even Doyle or Frost can do that well without putting Merry first." He paused, "so why are you in here instead of out there sparring with someone?"

Faith shrugged, "sometimes I just want to be a normal girl, live a normal life and such, not have to put duty first and personal enjoyment later." Faith glanced from Galen to the hallway leading to the bedrooms and back to him, "so why aren't you with the rest of them?" She asked bluntly, "You look like a fine enough specimen so why aren't you with the rest of them?"

Galen felt the hurt cross over him like a slap, "Because the former heir apparent to the throne got angry with me and had me ruined and broken a bit." He looked up at her, "You think I'm a fine specimen?"

Faith felt the smile slide over her face like quicksilver, "yeah, I never been out on a date or anything with someone tinged green or with green hair, but I think you'd be a nice change of pace from the other guys I've been disappointed in."

Galen glanced at the food he'd been preparing, he could probably let them fend for themselves and take Faith out for a nice time. They had both earned it big time, and both seemed to know it without being obvious about their wants. Quickly clearing up the food he'd been preparing, Galen took off his apron.

"What're you doing now?" Faith asked in confusion, "I thought you were fixing up some grub for them."

"We are going out and they can fend for themselves a bit. We deserve time out like normal people." Galen offered her a real smile, "How about a movie of the ladies choice and then window shopping and ice cream?"

Faith grinned and licked her lips lascivously, "I'm up for the change of pace." She slid out of the chair and grabbed her purse from where it had landed on the floor near the chair.

An hour later Sage peeked his head out from where he'd been hiding in the flowers, "good, they're gone; I'm glad for them, they earned that chance." he flew his way to the guest bedroom where Faith had stored her luggage to do some snooping.
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