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Scoobies: Atlantis

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Summary: A response to Stacia's Transplanted Scoobies challenge.

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-A Seasons(s) 1LightSpinnerFR15101,0680918,39326 Sep 056 Oct 05Yes

Fashion and Acronyms

Scoobies: Atlantis
Drabble #2: Fashion and Acronyms

“Oh my God,” said Cordelia. “You’re right, fashion says you can’t wear plain tees. But that doesn’t mean a shirt should have funky seams, or ugly rows of buttons.”
“Who are you, and how did you get in here,” Weir asked, both insulted and worried about the base’s security.
“I’m Cordelia Chase, and I was sent by the PTB,” she started.
“The who,” interrupted Sheppard.
“Stands for The Powers That Be. They’re sorta like supreme powers that like doing nothing that isn’t cryptic, or sending people just about anywhere. I was sent to help, and obviously you guys need it.”

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