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Scoobies: Atlantis

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Summary: A response to Stacia's Transplanted Scoobies challenge.

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-A Seasons(s) 1LightSpinnerFR15101,0680918,39026 Sep 056 Oct 05Yes

Sleeping Beauty

Scoobies: Atlantis
Drabble #4: Sleeping Beauty

“Hold on,” commanded John.
“What is it, sir,” asked Aiden.
“I thought I saw something,” and with that comment John walked into one of Atlantis’s many yet unknown rooms to find that he was right. There was a woman with long blue hair lying on a bed. She looked dead, but when the Major checked he found a pulse. “What do you think happened?”
“Seems pretty fairy tale if I’m going to be honest, sir.”
“So, what? You want me to kiss her,” John asked incredulously. Aiden’s response was to try suppressing a smirk. “Fine, fine. I’ll do it. ”

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