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Scoobies: Atlantis

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Summary: A response to Stacia's Transplanted Scoobies challenge.

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-A Seasons(s) 1LightSpinnerFR15101,0680918,38026 Sep 056 Oct 05Yes

Pylea, O Land That I Hate

Scoobies: Atlantis
Drabble #5: Pylea, O Land That I Hate

Krevlornswath of the Deathwak clan had just been sitting in the grass near Pylea’s big ring of stone when it turned on and did a whole ‘whoosh’ thing. “Whoa, nelly.” Then four people in coordinating outfits walked out. “Uh-hi. Who are you, and does that go the other way?”
“Of course it does. Don’t you know what that is,” replied the somewhat stocky one.
“No, and really don’t care, sweetpea. Just want it to get me outta here.”
He went over to it, looked around for a minute, then turned back to them. “Yeah, how do you turn this on?”

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