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Scoobies: Atlantis

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Summary: A response to Stacia's Transplanted Scoobies challenge.

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-A Seasons(s) 1LightSpinnerFR15101,0680918,37026 Sep 056 Oct 05Yes

The Pet

Scoobies: Atlantis
Drabble #6: The Pet

“Where did you say you found her,” Beckett asked.
“Sumner’s quarters,” answered Sheppard. “Ford and I were cleaning them out. Is something wrong?”
“It’s a rat. What could be wrong,” snarked McKay.
“Actually, that’s the problem,” Beckett stated.
“Yeah, I mean, she was obviously smuggled in; everyone knows pets aren’t allowed. But we can’t exactly send her back.”
“No, son,” replied Beckett. “The problem is, according to her DNA, she’s human.”
“That’s impossible!”
Three weeks later McKay was proven wrong when Beckett undid the self-imposed incantation.
If only Willow knew the trouble giving the colonel his daughter, ‘Amy’s pet,’ caused.

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