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Contemplations on a Firefly

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Summary: Various ficlets done in the Firefly 'verse for firefly100 and ff_fridays. Various ratings and themes.

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesJmariaFR154776012,30928 Sep 0521 Oct 05Yes


Title: Dealer

Author: Jmaria

Rating: Pg

Challenge: 92 - miracles

Disclaimer: Joss owns them, but I wish I did.

Word count: 339

Summary: Shepard Book has some thoughts about maintaining the faith of the crew.

A/N: First pure Firefly fic. Have done a few crossovers, though.


I deal in matters of the faith. When I boarded Serenity, I never intended to have my own crisis of faith. A shepherd is supposed to lead and guide his merry flock. I seemed to have gotten a whole herd of black sheep. There is the Captain, who despises any sort of faith and subsequently, it’s dealers. There is the companion Inara, who in her own way, deals her kind of beliefs. I don’t necessarily agree with her trade, but she is a good woman.

There is Kaylee, a girl so sweet and loving that one can find little at fault with her. Jayne . . . is Jayne, I find that there is no word or string of words that can explain the man better. Zoe and Wash are an odd combination, but they suit each other well. Then there is Simon and his sister. River is, well, the word ‘special’ doesn’t come close to describing the girl.

You see, we all had our reasons for getting on this boat. Some were lofty and noble, others were petty, and some were ways to escape the cruelty that seems to abound in our world. I remember what it was the Captain said to me once.

After a particularly grueling heist, I did my shepherd's duty. I put everything into perspective.

“Shepherd, you did your part, you don’t gotta come up to me and give me one of them lectures on morals and such,” Mal had laughed.

“I wouldn’t expect to do that, Captain. I’ll just thank the Lord for what he’s given you.”

“Don’t be doing that on my account.”

“Oh, I’m not.”

That seemed to set him back, and he got that look that he always gets when he’s trying to work out a man’s motives.

“Huh.” This confused him a bit.

“I’m doing it for us all. Someone’s got to make sure our little miracles keep happening.”

You see, while I deal with matters of Faith, the big man up there deals with the miracles we’re given.
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