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Dusk to Dawn

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Summary: After Buffy's death in season 5, Dawn is sent to live with her mother's cousin Janine Reynard. Added to part 2 10/11/05

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Dusk to Dawn

Dusk to Dawn

by April

Disclaimer: I don't own Gargoyles or Buffy The Vampire slayer, never claimed to and never will.

Author's note: The rating on this may be a little high. (I'm not used to the new system) I doubt it will go higher than the rating it is. This is AU after Buffy dies in season 5 and in the future of the Gargoyles series. If I make any glaring mistakes please tell me as I don't have a beta and have just started watching both shows again. Reviews are greatly appreciated. Now on to the story.

Dusk to Dawn

part 1: The Begining

She had wanted to stay with Spike and the Scoobies. Wanted to stay with people who really knew her and not the memories the monks had placed in everyone’s heads. Social Services didn’t see it that way though. The day after the funeral they were at the door, with two policemen ready to take her. She had only an hour to pack up a suitcase and leave notes for Spike, Willow, and the others, then she was taken away.

For the first week or so, while social services was trying to locate her father or another relative, she had contact with everyone. Everyone was trying their hardest to get her back, and away from the foster home she was living in now. Then social services found Hank Summers.

From the moment she set foot in Hank’s Hollywood apartment she had known she wasn’t wanted. His new girlfriend made that abundantly clear. However he was her father and that was enough for social services to quit entertaining any inquiries from the Scoobies about keeping custody of her. The apartment had no phone line, and even if it did, Hank refused to let her call anyone at all. According to him the Scoobies were part of the reason Buffy had committed suicide from the tower and therefore the reason he was stuck taking care of her.

A month after moving in with Hank, she was sitting on an airplane on her way to New York. Candy, Hank’s girlfriend, had convinced him to get rid of her. Not wanting the scandal or the publicity of just giving up custody of her to Social Services he had packed her things, given her a thousand dollars, and a letter, and put her on a plane.
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