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Life Saver

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Summary: Revelations for the Gilmore Girls

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Chapter 10

Title: Life Saver 10/10 plus epilogue
Author: David A. Knapton


Archived: If you want, but it is polite to let the author know you are doing so.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters belong to the owners of BtVS and the Gilmore Girls.

Spoiler: Season 7 of Buffy and mid to late season 1 of Gilmore Girls, so GG timeline is moved a few years.

Rating: 12A/PG-13.

Pairing: Lorelai/Luke plus Buffy canon pairings.

Summery: Set around Chosen Ep. 7.22

Notes: This was inspired by reading a couple of Buffy-Gilmore Girls crossovers and the fact that Hallmark (in the UK) have started showing GG from the first season. This part is longer than the other parts, as it seemed easier to make it one part rather than try to split it!

It should be noted that although a lot of the dialogue in this story comes from the scripts posted on BuffyWorld, plus one scene from the shooting script that was cut before being transmitted. Some of it is changed or even spoken by different people; also, this part also contains some dialogue from mid season five of GG taken from a script on Twiz.

Unbetad again.

‘’ = Thought.

Feedback: If you wish.

Please note I am English, so is my spelling. Live with it.


Dawn and Rory were waiting, arms folded, by the front door when Buffy and Lorelai walked in. Buffy looked at her sister in surprise.

Dawn kicked Buffy in the shin as the Slayer took a step closer.
“Ow,” cried Buffy.

“Dumbass,” said Dawn, Rory smirked at her mother.

Buffy looked over at Xander, who sat in the dining room with Anya, Giles and Willow. “Don't look at me. This is a Summers' thing. It's all very violent.”

Buffy looked back at Dawn, “If you get killed, I'm telling.” She walked into the dining room; Dawn followed with Rory and Lorelai who placed her arm around her daughter’s shoulders.

“Did you find out anything about the scythe?” asked Willow.

“It slices, dices, and makes julienne Preacher,” smiled Buffy.

“Caleb?” said Giles taking off his glasses.

“I cut him in half,” said Buffy.

“All right!” exclaimed Willow.

“He had that coming,” said Anya.

“Hey, party in my eye socket and everyone's invited,” said Xander, everyone stared at him, “Sometimes I shouldn't say words.”

Lorelai looked over at Buffy, “You should go talk to Spike.”

Buffy glanced at Lorelai, she nodded, “I guess!” she handed the file to Giles, “Got some info, see what you can make of it,” she said before heading for the basement door.

“What was that all about?” asked Rory.

“When Caleb turned up Buffy told us to leave, so we hid outside, you know so if things went bad we could warn everyone. We saw Buffy’s ex turn up, though we didn’t know that at the time, then Spike turned up. We couldn’t see or hear what was happening inside, but when Spike came out again he didn’t look very happy,” Lorelai explained.


Buffy descended the stairs, watching as Spike took his anger out on the punch bag.

“So...where's tall, dark and forehead?” asked Spike not looking at her.

“If I didn’t know better I’d guess you could smell him, after all that does seem to be what you vamps do,” said Buffy reaching the bottom of the stairs.


“Lorelai, Madeline and Louise were hidden outside, guess your nose wasn’t working!” smirked Buffy.

“Well I also used my enhanced vampire eyeballs to watch you kissing him,” snapped Spike.

“It was...a hello,” said Buffy lamely.

“Most people don't use their tongues to say hello,” said Spike. “Or I guess they do, but...”

“There were no tongues,” Buffy told him. “Besides, he's gone.”

“Oh, just popped by for a quickie, then?” Spike sneered.

Buffy turned to walk away, “Good, good. I haven't had quite enough jealous vampire crap for one night.”

“He wears lifts, you know,” Spike said.

Buffy turned; she rolled her eyes at the sketch that was obviously a representation of Angel taped to the punch bag. “You know, one of these days I'm just gonna put you two in a room and let you wrestle it out.”

Spike looked in his cigarette packet, finding it empty he threw it away in disgust. “No problem at this end.”

Buffy’s eyes went wide with excitement, “There could be oil of some kind involved.”

Spike walked over to Buffy, “Where's the trinket?”

“You saw that too huh?”

“Yeah. Pretty necklace your sweetie-bear gave you. The one with all the power. I believe it's mine now.”

“How do you figure?” asked Buffy.

“Someone with a soul, but more than human? Angel meant to wear it that means I'm the qualified party,” said Spike holding out his hand.

“It's volatile,” said Buffy, “We don't know...”

“You'll be needing someone strong to bear it then. You planning on giving it to Andrew?”

Buffy looked at the amulet then at Spike, “Angel said the amulet was meant to be worn by a champion.”

Spike looked down, disappointed, but Buffy closed the distance between them and handed it to him.

“Been called a lot of things in my time,” said Spike a little awe in his voice.

Buffy smiled coyly, “Faith still has my room.”

“Well, you're not staying here,” said Spike. “You can't buy me off with shiny beads and sweet talk. You got Angel breath. I'm not gonna just let you whack me back and forth like a rubber ball. I've got my pride, you know.”

“I understand,” said Buffy turning to go.

Spike hurriedly stepped in front of her, “Clearly you don't, 'cause the whole ‘having my pride’ thing was just a smokescreen.”

Buffy sighed, “Oh, thank God.”

“I don't know what I would have done if you'd have gone up those stairs,” said Spike.

Neither saw Lorelai quietly shut the basement door.


A little later, Buffy and Spike lay together on the cot, still fully clothed. Spike who had fallen asleep had his arm around the Slayer and she fondled his hand, deep in thought. He rolled over onto his back, his arm slipping from her, and she sat up.

Buffy stood and began to pace around the basement. She stopped and looked out the window, staring at the night sky as Caleb/First appeared.

“Pretty, ain't it?” said the First.

“You're not him,” stated Buffy.

“No, you killed him right and proper,” said Caleb/First with no emotion at all. “Terrible loss. This man was my good right arm. Course, it don't pain me too much. Don't need an arm. Got an army.”

“An army of vampires,” Buffy sneered, “However will I fight...”

“Every day our numbers swell,” pointed out the First. “But then you do have an army of your own. Some thirty-odd pimply-faced girls don't know the pointy end of a stake,” it feigned concern, “Maybe I should call this off.”

“Have you ever considered a cool name? I mean, since you're incorporeal and basically powerless,” quibbled Buffy, “How about ‘The Taunter?’ Strikes fear in the heart...”

“I will overrun this Earth,” the First told her, “And when my army outnumbers the humans on this Earth, the scales will tip and I will be made flesh.”

“Talk on. I'm not afraid of you,” said Buffy.

The First rolled its eyes, “Then why aren't you asleep in your dead lover's arms?” it said looking over at Spike, “'Cause he can't help you. Nor Faith, nor your friends, certainly not your wanna-slay brigade. None of those girlies will ever know real power unless you're dead. You know the drill.” it transformed into Buffy. “Into every generation, a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world. She alone will have the strength and skill to... There's that word again. What you are. How you'll die... Alone. Where's your snappy comeback?”

“You're right,” conceded Buffy.

“Hmm. Not your best,” pointed out the First.

Spike began talking in his sleep, “I'm drowning in footwear!” With a start, he sat up; Buffy turned to look at him and the First disappeared. “Weird dream,” he said before noticing Buffy standing in the middle of the room. “Buffy? Is something wrong?”

“No,” answered Buffy with a faraway look, “Yeah. I just realized something. Something that really never occurred to me before. We're gonna win,” she said with conviction.


The next morning the Scooby gang plus Faith, Giles, Luke, Robin and Lorelai met in one of the bedrooms.

“What do you think?” asked Buffy looking around; she held the scythe in her hands.

“That depends. Are you in any way...kidding?” asked Xander.

“Or insane?” added Lorelai.

“You don't think it's a good idea?” asked Buffy.

Faith looked over at Buffy, “It's pretty radical, B.”

Giles who sat by the window, “It's a lot more than that,” he said standing, “Buffy, what you said, it—it flies in the face of everything we've ever...every generation has ever done in the fight against evil,” he smiled on the verge of a smirk, “I think it's bloody brilliant.”

“You mean that?” said Buffy with a little smile at her Watcher.

“If you want my opinion,” said Giles.

“I really do,” said Buffy sincerely.

“Whoa, hey,” interrupted Willow. “Not to poop on the party here, but I'm the guy that's gonna have to pull this thing off.”

“It is beaucoup d'mojo,” pointed out Faith.

“This goes beyond anything I've ever done,” pointed out Willow. “It's a total loss of control, and not in a nice, wholesome; my girlfriend has a pierced tongue kind of way.”

Dawn looked at Willow confused, while Giles and Luke looked away and Lorelai and Faith could not help smirking at each other.

“I wouldn't ask if I didn't think you could do it,” said Buffy supportively.

“I—I'm not sure that I'm stable enough,” said Willow a little panicked.

“You can do this, Willow,” Giles reassured the redhead. “We'll get the coven on the line, and we'll find out how they can help.”

“Willow, this might be what the thing that told you to be true to yourself was trying to tell you. That you can do this!” said Lorelai.

Dawn nodded to herself as she came out of her musing, her eyes going a little wide, “Oh! Pierced tongue.”

Buffy now looked slightly panicked herself, “Dawn needs to do a research thing,” she declared.

Giles nodded his agreement rather quickly, “Yes, you do.”

Dawn rolled her eyes at the adults, “It's cool,” she said as she stood and headed for the door, “Watcher junior to the library.”

“I'll go dig up my sources. Quite literally actually,” said Giles.

“I’ll go with you,” offered Luke, Giles nodded and they both left.

Anya turned to Xander, “Come on, let's go assemble the cannon fodder,” she said getting up.

“Hey,” said Lorelai, “Standing right here.”

Xander gave Lorelai a weak smile, “Sorry,” he apologised before turning to follow his ex out the door, “That's not what we're calling them, sweetie.”

“Not to their faces. What am I, insensitive?” said Anya indomitably.

Buffy handed the scythe over to Willow. Faith and Lorelai walked over to stand beside Buffy.

“You can do this Willow,” said Lorelai firmly, the redhead giving the older woman a weak smile.


A little later in the living room, Buffy addressed all the potentials and her friends. “I hate this. I hate being here. I hate that you have to be here. I hate that there's evil, and that I was chosen to fight it. I wish, a whole lot of the time that I hadn't been. I know a lot of you wish I hadn't been either.”

Kennedy, Rona and several others looked away, while Lorelai and Rory gave the Slayer little understanding smiles.

“But this isn't about wishes. This is about choices. I believe we can beat this evil. Not when it comes, not when its army is ready. Now. Tomorrow morning, I'm opening the seal. I'm going down into the Hellmouth, and I'm finishing this once and for all. Right now, you're asking yourself. What makes this different? What makes us anything more than a bunch of girls being picked off one by one?

“It's true, none of you have the power that Faith and I do. So here's the part where you make a choice. What if you could have that In every generation, one Slayer is born... because a bunch of men who died thousands of years ago made up that rule. They were powerful men. This woman,” Buffy pointed to Willow, “Is more powerful than all of them combined.” Kennedy, Madeline and Louise smirked at the redhead as she whimpered, “So I say we change the rule. I say my power... should be our power.

“From now on, every girl in the world who might be a Slayer... Every girl who could have the power... will have the power... can stand up, will stand up. Slayers... every one of us. Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?”


Lorelai swept into the dining room, a determined look on her face. The only ones in the room were Rory and Luke looking through some of the books and talking quietly. “Goodnight Rory,” she said sending a meaningful look at her daughter.

Rory glanced up at her mother, trying to discern her meaning, Rory’s eyes went slightly wide as she realised what her mother intended.

“Night Rory, close the door on your way out,” said Lorelai as Rory rose and headed for the door.

“Ah sure. Night mum, ah night Luke,” said the teenager hurrying towards the door.

Luke watched as Rory closed the door quietly before looking at Lorelai, “What’s wrong Lorelai?”

“Do you remember the first time we met?” asked Lorelai closing the distance between them.

“What?” frowned Luke.

“I'm just trying to remember the first time we met. It must have been at Luke's, right?” said Lorelai.

Luke nodded a little smile coming to his face, “It was at Luke's, it was at lunch, it was a very busy day, the place was packed, and this person...”

Lorelai gasped holding her chest, “Ooh, is it me? Is it me?”

“This person comes tearing into the place in a caffeine frenzy.”

“Ooh, it's me,” said Lorelai gleefully.

“I was with a customer. She interrupts me, wild-eyed, begging for coffee, so I tell her to wait her turn. Then she starts following me around, talking a mile a minute, saying God knows what. So finally I turn to her, and I tell her she's being annoying, sit down, shut up, I'll get to her when I get to her.”

“Y'know, I bet she took that very well, 'cause she sounds just delightful.”

“She asked me what my birthday was. I wouldn't tell her. She wouldn't stop talking. I gave in. I told her my birthday. Then she opened up the newspaper to the horoscope page, wrote something down, tore it out, handed it to me.”

“Really!” smiled Lorelai.

“So I'm looking at this piece of paper in my hand, and under Scorpio, she had written: You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she'll go away. I gave her coffee.”

Lorelai grinned, “But she didn't go away.”

“She told me to hold on to that horoscope, put it in my wallet, and carry it around with me,” Luke said pulling a small scrap of paper from his wallet and held it out to Lorelai. “One day it would bring me luck.”

“Well, man, I will say anything for a cup of coffee,” said Lorelai unfolding the scrap and read it with new remembrance, “Um...I can't believe you kept this. You kept this in your wallet.”

“Yes, four years,” said Luke looking into her eyes.

“So are you going to kiss me,” asked Lorelai.


Lorelai grabbed hold of his shirt, “Luke, by this time tomorrow, we may all be dead... or worse!” she said seriously. “I’ve recently come to realise how much you have done for me and Rory. Luke I love you, now kiss me damnit,” she growled as she pulled him closer.

When they separated Lorelai swung them around so that her back was to the table, hopped onto it, and hooked her legs around his waist, “I want you,” she said.

“Lorelai, we can’t, not here, what if Rory comes back?”

“She won’t, trust me she knows what we’re doing, and that means she will stop the other potentials walking in.”

“Well what about Buffy then?”

Lorelai shook her head, “She’s in the basement with Spike.”


“In her room with Kennedy.”


“In Buffy’s room with Faith. And Giles left ages ago.”

“Xander and Anya?” he asked a little desperately.

“Screwing each others brains out in the kitchen,” Lorelai smirked.

“But we prepare food in there,” Luke said in outrage.

“Luke,” said Lorelai angrily, “If you don’t make love to me this minute I’ll go grab Andrew.”

Luke’s eyes twinkled with suppressed mirth, “Well I guess I should protect the kid from your wild ways,” he said before pulling Lorelai into another passion-laden kiss.


Rory quietly opened the door to Dawn’s room, which she shared with Dawn, her mother and several other potentials including Madeline and Louise, only to find everyone still awake.

“Can’t sleep,” explained Louise before Rory could query everyone sat around in a circle on the floor, “Junior Watcher finished with the books?”

“Hey I’m junior Watcher,” said Dawn, “Rory can’t be a Watcher and a Potential.”

“I think with what we are going to do tomorrow, I’d take the Watcher job over super powers any day... Maybe they made a mistake?” said Rory sitting down in the space the others made for her. “So what we doing?”

“Dawn’s telling ghost stories... well stories about Buffy’s other battles anyway,” said Caridad.

“Right, where was I?”

“The Master grabbed Buffy,” said Madeline.

“Right. So the Master grabbed Buffy from behind and bit her. She tried to move, but he was too strong. He fed on her blood and tossed her in the water, cackling insanely as the bubbles rose around her and she slowly drowned to death.”

“Do you have any other stories?” asked Vi going a little green.

“She gets up again. It’s very romantic. Guys, you gotta stop worrying. It’s Buffy. She always saves the day,” said Dawn.


Luke and Lorelai lay in each other’s arms under a rug, their clothes strewn over the floor as well as the dining room chairs and table. “I can't believe you kept that horoscope,” said Lorelai looking up into his face from his chest.

“You're just lucky I never clean out my wallet,” smiled Luke.

“You can't take it back now. You've exposed yourself. You've been pining for me,” pointed out Lorelai.

Luke chuckled, “I have not been pining.”

“I'm your Ava Gardner,” said Lorelai firmly.


Principal Robin Wood led the way into the school. “Welcome to Sunnydale High,” he announced as everyone began filing in, he started talking as if instructing a class on a field trip. “There's no running in the halls, no yelling, no gum chewing. Apart from that, there's only one rule. If they move, kill them.”

“Ok, potentials, in the basement. Follow Faith and Spike,” said Buffy, the two left followed by the others.

“If you have to go to the bathroom, it's to your left. If you don't have to go to the bathroom, picture what you're about to face. Better to go now,” said Xander as the potentials walked past him.

Luke stopped Lorelai as she went to follow the others, “Watch yourself down there okay. And I guess I don’t need to tell you to look after Rory.”

Lorelai smiled at him, “See you on the other side...” her eyes went wide as she realised what she had just said could be misunderstood, “Ah I mean see you when this is finished.”

“Right,” Luke smirked as he placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it gently. “See you on the other side.” He watched as she hurried to catch up with the others.

“Willow, my office is straight through there,” said Robin pointing.

“It's right over the Seal,” Buffy added.

“I'll start getting you set up,” offered Kennedy taking the bag Willow carried.

“Thanks,” smiled Willow gratefully.

“Ok, civilians. The vampires get upstairs, we have three areas they could get through to another building and then down into the sewers,” explained Robin. “Down the hall in the atrium, the north hall here, and the primary target, through the lounge straight to the science building,” he pointed each out. “Now odds are most of them will head there.”

“I suggest two teams of two for the atrium and north hall then. I suggest Luke, you and I take the lounge,” suggested Giles.

“I concur,” agreed Robin.

“Agreed,” said Luke following Robin into the lounge.

“Xander, I want you with Dawn,” said Buffy.

“I concur,” said Xander.

“We'll check out the atrium,” said Dawn.

“So that leaves me and the dungeon master in the north hall?” put in Anya.

“We will defend it with our very lives,” Andrew assured them.

“Yes, we will defend it with his very life,” amended Anya.

“And don't be afraid to use him as a human shield,” added Xander.

“Good, yes, thanks,” nodded Anya.

“I just want to say how proud I am to die for this very special cause with you guys,” said Andrew taking a piece of paper out of his pocket, “There's some, um...there's people I'd like to thank, both good and evil. Um, a shout out to my brother Tucker, who gave me the inspiration to summon demons and also...”

“Nobody cares, you little monkey,” said Anya pulling him towards the north hall.

“I'm gonna check out our field of engagement,” said Dawn as she started walking away.

Buffy moved to stop her sister, “Dawn...”

“No. Anything you say is gonna sound like goodbye,” said Dawn resolutely turning and walking away.

Buffy returned to the others still standing in the hallway. Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles stood staring at each other in heavy silence for a moment before Buffy broke the ice. “So, what do you guys want to do tomorrow?”

“Nothing strenuous,” said Willow.

“Well, mini-golf is always the first thing that comes to mind,” suggested Xander.

“I think we can do better than that,” said Giles.

“I was thinking about shopping. As per usual,” said Buffy.

“Oh! There's an Arden B. in the new mall,” said Willow enthusiastically.

“I could use a few items,” added Xander.

“Well, now aren't we gonna discuss this? Save the world to go to the mall,” frowned Giles

“I'm having a wicked shoe craving,” smirked Buffy.

“Aren't you on the patch?” asked Xander.

“Those never work,” Willow told him.

“Here I am, invisible to the eye...” sighed Giles.

Xander, Willow, and Buffy walked down the hall together, away from Giles.

“See, I need a new look. It's this whole eye patch thing,” Xander explained.

“Oh, you could go with full black secret agent look,” suggested Buffy.

“Or the puffy shirt, pirate slash...” Willow’s voice faded away.

Giles turned to follow Luke and Robin, shaking his head, “The Earth is definitely doomed.”


Buffy stood beside Faith and the potentials in the basement where the Seal of Danzalthar was located. They had formed a circle around the edge of it.

“You first, B,” said Faith handing Buffy a knife.

Buffy sighed and took the knife from Faith, using it to cut her palm before handing the knife back to Faith who did the same then handed it to Lorelai and so on around the circle. As the last girl cut in her palm, they all held their cut hands out over the Seal activating it. The five points of the pentagram folded back onto each other forming a five-sided pyramid before sinking into the ground followed by other parts forming a staircase into the Hellmouth. Buffy glanced around at the others before leading the way down, Faith following.


At the bottom of the steps, they found themselves on a wide ledge that ran both left and right, with their chosen weapon of preference the potentials slowly spread out along the ledge and nervously edge forward.

Spike looked at the amulet around his neck, “Not to be a buzzkill love, but my fabulous accessory isn't exactly tingling with power.”

“I'm not worried,” said Buffy sounding anything but.

“I'm getting zero juice here, and I look like Elizabeth Taylor,” said Spike.

“Cheer up Liz. Willow's big spell doesn't work, it won't matter what you wear,” pointed out Faith.

They all walked forward to the edge where they could look out and see thousands upon thousands of Turok-Han below them on the floor of the Hellmouth.

“I'm not worried,” said Buffy, her voice squeaking slightly. The Turok-Han were growling and making noise as they clustered around in groups below them. Spike backed up a little. “I'm not worried,” repeated the Slayer.

“Really? 'Cause I'm flashing back to Xander's whole bathroom speech,” said Rona a little panic in her voice.

“Buffy...” Amanda said frightened.

“Just remember,” whispered Lorelai, as she stood close by with Rory, fingering the edge of her sword, “We choose this, it is the right thing to do, just watch each others back and we will get through this.”

“I'm not long as Willow can work her spell before they...” The Turok-Han looked up at Buffy and the others, “See us.” The snarling Turok-Han army rushed toward the cliff.

Buffy held her ground. “Willow...” she said under her breath.

As the Turok-Han began scrambling up the cliff, at considerable speed, each of the potentials stiffened for a moment as they felt energy permeate there being.

Vi smirked, “These guys are dust,” she said confidently.

Everyone took up a defensive stance waiting for the Turok Han. Suddenly dozens of them sprang over the lip on to the ledge, lashing out at those close-by. The now thirty plus slayers met them with equal ferocity.

As they had done previously when some had gone in search of the First’s armoury, the slayers paired with each other, this time they were far more effective now that they had Slayer speed and strength.

Lorelai and Rory met two Turok Han head-on, Rory ducked the clawed hand that slashed at her head as she plunged her sword into the side of the sword-welding one that her mother was exchanging blows with. As she straightened, she did a spinning kick sending the other one back over the cliff edge and Lorelai beheaded the sword welding Turok Han. They moved on to the next.

The only two slayers doing more damage than Madeline and Louise were Buffy and Faith. The two Chiltonites had killed three Turok Han before they had even landed before beheading two more and kicking three others back over the edge.

“This is much easier with super chick powers,” laughed Louise as she blocked a swing by a Turok Han at Madeline before taking its head.

“Oh yeah,” said Madeline throwing a stake into the back of a Turok Han that was about to plunge a sword into Amanda’s back as she pushed a sharpened quarterstaff through the heart of the one in front of her as her partner Vi beheaded another. “Hey Mand, watch your backs okay?” shouted out Madeline.

Amanda giving her a thank you smile as she and Vi moved on to other targets.

Madeline heard the clunk of steel just behind her, turning she saw Louise quickly slice off the Turok Han’s arm that had been about to stab her in the back, “Watch your own back Maddie,” said Louise as she beheaded it.

“That’s your job Lou,” said Madeline as she kicked the Turok Han that was about to tackle the blonde, “Mine’s to watch yours.”

Rona back punched a Turok-Han across the face and Shannon staked it before spinning and plunging her stake in another to the side as Rona did a flying kick at yet another, knocking it down where she bent and staked it.

As Rona straightened, she saw Kennedy reach the bottom of the steps leading out of the Hellmouth carrying the scythe. “Buffy! Catch!” she shouted throwing the scythe to Buffy.

Buffy caught the scythe and immediately used the stake end to kill the Turok-Han on one side of her before using the bladed end to take out another on the other side.

A Turok-Han slashed at Kennedy with a clawed hand, which the Slayer easily blocked with her forearm and punched him down. Before she could finish it off another one punched her across the face, but it did not faze her as she punched it back sending it into the wall next to the steps. She caught another that jumped at her and using its own momentum, threw it into a stalactite. “I could get used to this,” she smirked.

The battle was going well for the slayers having killed around two hundred Turok Han, but the army of Turok Han seemed numberless and some of them were able to get past the slayers and up through the Hellmouth into the school.


Suddenly the hallway next to the lounge seemed full of Turok-Han. The three men braced themselves to do battle with the vampires.

Luke had chosen a long handled battleaxe as his weapon; he had taken inspiration from the scythe and sharpened the end into a stake. He now used it to his advantage, as the first Turok-Han jumped at him he braced the end and allowed the vampire to impale itself before quickly swinging the bladed end through the neck of the second.

Giles sliced one of the Turok-Han across the neck turning it to dust before blocking a sword swing at Robin then knocking its feet from under it and as it attempted to rise beheading it.

Robin meanwhile had turned his attention to the bringers that had slipped into the school to aid the Turok-Han. He punched the first one across the jaw, sending him spinning into two others, sending all three to the floor, and kicked another in the stomach before plunging the long bladed dagger he held into its back.


Spike hit a Turok-Han with a left cross sending it to one side and then hit another with a right cross sending it into the wall. He stepped back and looked down at the amulet; he touched it with his fingertips, jerking his hand away as it burned his fingers. “Buffy! Whatever this thing does... I think it's...” suddenly he moaned in pain through clenched teeth.

Buffy raised her voice to be heard over the screaming and shouting, “Keep the line together. Drive them to the edge. We can't let them do...” she stopped as pain swept through her body. She looked down to see a sword tip sticking out of her abdomen. She stumbled forward and collapsed to the ground, face first.

Faith punched a Turok-Han to the ground where Shannon sliced through the back of its neck. Faith looked around for her next opponent when she noticed Buffy lying on the floor. “Buffy!” she cried out, running to Buffy's side and bent down.

Lorelai and Rory also spotting Buffy fall, ran over to stand guard over the two senior slayers.

Buffy leaned up on her elbows, “Hold the line,” she said holding the scythe out to Faith.

Faith hesitated, “Take it Faith,” said Lorelai solemnly.

Faith reached out and took the scythe, and with renewed ferocity straightened and swung it into a Turok-Han behind her dusting it then at another coming at her from her left before beheading a third that had spotted Buffy on the floor, groaning in pain.

Lorelai and Rory began attacking several Turok-Han that were coming from the other side of Buffy.


Luke and Giles continued to block the escape route of the Turok-Han, while Robin fought the bringers, as Giles glanced over to be sure Robin was okay he saw one get past the Principle’s defences and stab him in the stomach. Giles thrust his sword through the Bringer’s back and managed to catch Robin in his arm as he fell forward.


A Turok-Han managed to grab Faith around the waist and sensing their chance others moved to overwhelm her, “Rona,” she called out throwing the scythe to Rona.

Rona caught the scythe and swinging it left-handed dusted two Turok-Han.

Buffy was still lying on the ground, trying to get past the pain. She watched helplessly as one of the slayers fell dead her eyes still open, never to see anything again.

“Oh no...” said Buffy/First looking down at Buffy's wound reflected on its body. “Ow! Mummy, this mortal wound is all...itchy,” sneered the First, it squat down in front of Buffy. “You pulled a nice trick. You came pretty close to smacking me down. What more do you want?” it gave her a little humourless smile.

Buffy gritted her teeth as a look of pure hatred came to her eyes, “I want you... to get out of my face,” she growled as she got to her feet.

Rona dusted the Turok-Han in front of her. She saw Buffy stand and threw the scythe to her. Buffy caught it with ease and swung it with force, dusting three Turok-Han.

Faith found renewed strength and kicked the Turok-Han off her and sprang to her feet, kicking a sword-welding Turok-Han down where it was dusted by another Slayer, continuing in a full circle she punched another down before catching the arm of a knife-welding Turok-Han swinging it into the Turok-Han’s stomach.

Rory did a sideways kick sending a Turok-Han into the wall and spun to behead another. To her right Lorelai dusted one Kennedy had swung towards her.

Somehow, Madeline, Louise, Vi and Amanda had kept the right side of the ledge virtually clear of Turok-Han now moved to help their sisters who were hard pressed to beat off the continued attack nearer the steps.

Buffy knocked a Turok-Han off the cliff and dusted another with the scythe.

Many of the slayers had seen Buffy fall and had begun to lose heart, now attacked with renewed vigour behind their leader, sensing the possibility of victory!

Spike punched a Turok-Han to the floor, as he went to finish it off he gasped and stumbled backward away from the fight clutching his chest. “Oh, bollocks,” he gasped. A bright blue light shot up from the amulet, knocking a hole in the ceiling, going up through the floor of the Principal's office past Willow and through to the open sky. The light turned a warm orange colour. “Buffy,” he cried out.

Buffy looked over to the Vampire, “Spike,” she shouted beginning to move towards him. However, before she could reach his side, the amulet refracted the orange light out into the Hellmouth like rays of a laser, dusting the Turok-Han throughout the Hellmouth.

The ground started shaking.

“Everybody out, now,” ordered Faith to the others.

Lorelai bent and picked up one of the fallen slayers, “Grab the fallen, we leave no one behind” she shouted as she headed for the steps. Rory put her arm around Colleen helping her towards the steps just behind her mother.

Buffy ran to stand at Spike's side. “I can feel it, Buffy,” he said in wonder.

“What?” frowned Buffy.

Spike smiled at her, “My soul. It's really there. Kind of stings.”

The slayers rushed out of the basement up to the hallway, as they passed Andrew the Bringer hovering over him fell back dead, Andrew's sword in its chest.

Andrew looked shocked, “What... why?” One of the girls helped him to his feet and pulled him towards the front.

Giles helped the wounded Robin away from the building. Luke stood in the doorway encouraging the slayers to hurry. The ground started to shake even more.

“The bus. Get them on the bus,” suggested Robin holding his stomach.

Giles let go of Robin who began making his way to the bus.

Giles yelled at the girls coming out of the building, “Everybody, this way.”

Kennedy helped the weakened Willow walk. Xander and Dawn made their way out of the building as well, dust hanging in the air and more and more masonry falling all around them.

Xander stopped just inside the doors, “Anya! Anya!” he shouted.

Dawn came back in and grabbing his hand pulling him out the door.

Luke was more than a little relieved when he saw Lorelai and Rory finally appear from the building, “Is that it? Is everyone out?” he asked as he helped Rory support Colleen.

“Faith and Buffy are coming,” said Lorelai heading for the bus, the dead/unconscious Slayer still over her shoulder.

Faith ran out from the cloud of dust that had exploded outwards as part of the building collapsed behind her. She jumped onto the bus, “Go,” she ordered as she stood next to Robin in the driver’s seat.

The bus sped off down the street with all the survivors, except Spike and Buffy. Dawn stared out the back window of the bus. Those who were less injured tend to the badly injured survivors. Xander placed a pad to Chao-Ahn’s jaw even as he worried over Buffy.

“Look at me,” growled Vi holding Rona’s jaw, “This is nothing. Stay awake. This is nothing.”

Andrew stared straight ahead, in shock, “Why didn't I die?” he said to no one in particular.

Dawn continued looking out the back window of the bus, searching for anything to give her hope her sister was still alive. Suddenly there was a thud as someone/something landed on the roof, a smile lit up her face as she spotted one of Buffy’s booted feet poking over the back of the bus’ roof.

Lorelai placed a hand on Dawn’s shoulder, the teenager turned her smiling face to look over her shoulder, “She’s alive,” she said with relief.

“Yes honey,” said Lorelai smiling down at the teenager before the smile left her face to be replaced with a look of awe as she looked out the back, “Wow!” she exclaimed as she watched the street and the buildings each side of it disappear into an ever growing hole.

Faith looked out the window as the shaking, which had been easily felt by those on the bus, seemed to stop, “Ease off. We're clear,” she told Robin.

With the amount of pain he was in, he applied the brakes rather hard causing the bus to screech to a halt. He turned the ignition off, before leaning back in his chair and groaned.

Lorelai saw Buffy jump off the roof still holding the scythe, she opened the emergency door at the back of the bus and with a little smile allowed Dawn to jump out and give her sister a warm hug.

Many of the others got off allowing more room for those looking after the wounded, some exited through the same way as Lorelai and Dawn while others used the front door.

Giles looked towards where the town of Sunnydale had once stood, although a few of the outlying structures still stood most were now in the sinkhole, “I don't understand. What did this?”

“Spike,” said Buffy solemnly walking away from the bus a few feet toward the sinkhole. The Welcome to Sunnydale sign still stood perched precariously on the edge for a moment before falling backwards into the hole.

Lorelai put her arm around her daughter’s shoulders, the teenager looked at her mother, a smile coming to her face, “We did it! We made it out alive,” she suddenly turned slightly hugging her mother.

Lorelai hugged Rory back with equal fervour, “Yes baby we did,” they remained like that for a moment longer before pulling apart, “Let’s see if we can help the others on the bus.”

“Okay,” nodded Rory. As they got closer to the front Andrew got off, looking as if he was in shock, “Are you alright Andrew?” asked Rory concerned.

Andrew nodded mutely as Xander walked up to him, “So, did you see?” he asked.

Andrew could not look at Xander, “I—I was scared. I'm sorry.”

Xander refused to let Andrew go, “Did you see what happened? I mean, was she...”

Andrew finally looked at Xander, “She was incredible. She died saving my life,” he said in awe.

Xander put his hand on Andrew's shoulder, nodding in understanding, “That's my girl. Always doing the stupid thing.”

Andrew smiled a little and Xander walked away toward Buffy.

Faith looked around realising that Robin must still be on the bus. She reached the front just before Lorelai and Rory. On seeing him slumped over in the driver's seat, she hurried to his side. “It's not bad,” she told him after giving him a quick check, “You just sit here. I'll get someone to...”

“Hey... did we... did we make it?” asked Robin, his eyes rolling around as if he was unable to concentrate.

Faith knelt by his side, “We made it. We won.”

Robin smiled and tried to laugh, but it turned into a pain spasm. Still looking at Faith, he went silent and his eyes seemed to become unfocused. Faith looked at him sadly for a moment, as did Lorelai and Rory who had stopped behind her, Faith paused then reached toward his face to close his eye.

Robin coughed and drew in a ragged breath, making all three slayers jump. He smiled weakly at Faith, “Surprise,” he announced.

Faith let out a sigh of relief and smiled.

She glanced up as Luke appeared with a first aid kit and knelt next to them, “Go, I’ll see to him,” he said as he ripped away the T-shirt to get at the wound.

Nodding Faith stood up and slipped by Lorelai and Rory who moved on into the bus to see if they could help.

Faith joined Buffy who still stood staring out over the hole that had once been Sunnydale. Dawn stood beside her. Giles joined them, as did Xander, Willow and the now bi-slayers rather than potentials.

“Looks like the Hellmouth is officially closed for business,” Faith smirked.

“There is another one in Cleveland,” pointed out Giles, “Not to spoil the moment,” he bent and picked up a rock throwing it into the sinkhole.

“We saved the world,” said Xander in awe.

“We changed the world,” corrected Willow. She walked up to Buffy's side, “I can feel them, Buffy. All over. Slayers are awakening everywhere.”

“Ooh, the lesbian Witch can feel us,” cried Madeline dramatically holding onto Louise.

Willow looked at the two slayers rolling her eyes causing them and Faith to laugh.

“We'll have to find them,” pointed out Dawn.

“We will,” said Willow.

“Yes, because the mall was actually in Sunnydale, so there's no hope of going there tomorrow,” said Giles.

“We destroyed the mall? I fought on the wrong side,” said Dawn sourly.

“All those shops gone. The Gap, Starbucks, Toys R Us. Who will remember all those landmarks unless we tell the world about them?” said Xander.

“We’re only two hours from LA, lots of malls there,” pointed out Louise.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us,” said Giles looking at them.

Faith looked at Willow, “Can I push him in?”

“You've got my vote,” said redhead.

“I just want to sleep, yo, for like a week,” groaned Faith.

“I guess we all could, if we wanted to,” mused Dawn.

“Yeah,” said Willow smiling, “The First is scrunched, so... what do you think we should do, Buffy?”

“Yeah, you're not the one and only chosen anymore. Just gotta live like a person. How's that feel?” said Faith.

“Yeah Buffy. What are we gonna do now?” asked Dawn looking at her sister.

Buffy looked around at her family, a twinkle coming to her eyes as she looked at her Watcher, “Like Louise said the malls in LA are only two hours away,” she turned with the others walking towards the bus.



Giles re-entered the lobby of the Hyperion, where those who had survived the closing of the Hellmouth had set up a temporary base two days earlier to begin arranging for the many slayers to be returned to their various homes around the world.

He walked over to where Lorelai and Rory were lounging with Buffy and Dawn, “I just got off the phone with your grandmother Lorelai. She and your father are now leading the Council,” he smirked, “Things should get interesting! The remaining field watchers forced the few remaining British Council members, who have dominated it for three hundred years, to accept them.”

“So how is that going to make any difference?” asked Buffy.

“Well for one thing Trix, Lorelai’s grandmother, tried for years to change the way the Council operated, not just how they treated the slayers and potentials. They forced her out around the time I became a Watcher. She has already instigated a program to pay for the slayers and future potentials schooling and they will no longer be taken away from their homes and families.” Giles smiled down at his Slayer, “And once everything is sorted out, she plans on offering you the new position being created, Slayer to the Council, which will mean that you will have the final say on Council policy regarding the slayers and future potentials.”

“Buffy that means you finally get to retire from active slaying... if you want?” said Dawn hugging her sister, “We can finally do all the things we fantasised about doing after mum died.”

Buffy smiled a little sadly, she pulled away from Dawn, “Partly, but what about money?”

“That will no longer be a problem, from now on the Council will be paying all slayers a stipend, and as a member of the Council you will receive a substantial salary,” explained Giles.

“Great, Disneyland first then Italy for shoes,” laughed Buffy.

“What about us? Madeline, Louise and me I mean, did Trix say anything about how we could explain why we have been away from Chilton so long?” asked Rory worriedly.

“There is good news there as well, she said your grandfather has arranged for the Council to finance a large building program at Chilton as well as set up a scholarship program, which will allow up to eight slayers or potentials to be educated there. You can return to school on Monday,” said Giles.

“Is there a reason why so many slayers are going to Chilton?” asked Dawn.

“It has been decided that with so many slayers now available and the shortage of Watchers, and the individual girl’s agreement of course, that groups of slayers will be allocated areas of the world to protect. Those at Chilton, as well as Lorelai, will be responsible for the North eastern United States, they will also be close enough that they can support those slayers guarding the Cleveland Hellmouth if it becomes necessary,” explained Giles. “For the time being each area will only have one Watcher.”

“So who is gonna be ours?” asked Lorelai.

“I am,” came Luke’s voice from the back of the lobby.

Lorelai got up to face the man, a smirk on her face, “I hope you don’t expect me to take orders?”

“Lorelai,” sighed Luke coming forward, “The day you take an order from me, is the day I know the world is coming to an end.”

“Good, as long as that’s straight,” she smiled as she kissed him.

Rory smirked at her Watcher as he separated from her mother, “Are you my new daddy,” she said in a little girl voice, sending everyone into fits of laughter.


Paris watched as Rory all but led Madeline, Louise, and five girls she had never seen before, down the corridor, she could feel an energy coming off them, so it seemed could everyone else because the other students all seemed to melt aside to let them pass, even Francie and her Puffs seemed to cower as they passed them. If she was honest with herself, she had to admit she felt more than a little nervous in their presence! ‘It’s like Village of the Damned.’

“Hey Paris,” said Rory smiling at her as she reached her locker, “These are the new girls, they started today, Madeline, Louise and I were just showing them around. This is Vi, Colleen, Amanda, Shannon and Kelli,” she introduced them.

“Where have you three been for the last month?” asked Paris with equal parts concern and anger, ignoring the hello’s coming from the five new girls; “I’ve been calling all your houses and no one has seen or heard from you in weeks! I even tried getting the police involved, but they said only a relative could report you missing.”

“Oh my mum took me on a road trip to California, and we met Madeline and Louise there, it sort of ended up being like a survival camp thing,” the other seven laughed at Rory’s private joke, “We all came back together yesterday,” explained Rory putting her books in her locker.

“What about Charleston? Didn’t he have something to say about you three missing so much school?” asked Paris infuriated by Rory’s calm demeanour.

“Oh my grandpa had a long talk with him and everything’s okay now,” explained Rory.

“So why wasn’t I asked on your little trip?” asked Paris looking at her other two friends, a little hurt but knowing she would have declined anyway.

“Well you had to be chosen,” said Madeline before joining the others as they giggled.

“What’s so funny?” said Paris getting annoyed.

“You wouldn’t get it Paris,” said Rory in a way that infuriated her friend. Before they could continue the bell went off, “Sorry Paris but we have to get to the gym,” she said beginning to turn with the others.

“But you don’t have gym together,” pointed out Paris.

“That was before survival camp,” said Louise as she and the others fell in behind Rory, “See you later Paris.”


Paris’ eyes went as wide as saucers as she looked on in wonder, watching Rory and the others in the gym through the door window. Madeline and Louise were duelling with Rory and Amanda; she thought her name was, with broadswords. The speed and graceful movements seemed impossible, no one could move like that, not even in those cheesy martial arts movies! Paris’ jaw opened wide in shock as she saw the weights the other four girls were pressing, 400 lbs, this was impossible, she must be dreaming, she pinched herself, giving a slight cry of pain.

Instantly Rory and the others stopped and turned towards the sound, ‘I didn’t make that much noise?’ thought Paris as she unconsciously tried to swallow past the lump in her throat as she backed away from the four girls walking towards her, the other four sitting up and watching as their friends closed the distance with the voyeur.

As Rory pinned Paris to the wall with her eyes, she handed her sword to Amanda, “What did you see Paris?”

“Nothing, I saw nothing,” she lied.

“It’s my fault Rory, I thought I’d locked all the doors,” said Amanda.

“It’s too late now,” sighed Rory she then turned her full attention back to the small blonde, “I suggest Paris that you forget you ever came here tonight, I’m sure if you really try you can even convince yourself you imagined it.”

The four turned to return to their training. Something rose up in Paris at that moment; she moved away from the wall and looked angrily at the backs of the four retreating teenagers, “Was that a threat Gilmore?” her eyes flashing with sudden fire.

Rory stopped, the hairs on the back of her neck rising as she slowly turned back to Paris, who again had difficulty swallowing past the lump as she felt the power radiating from Rory, “Not a threat, just a suggestion. If you pursue this Paris, you will not like were you find yourself,” she said sternly before softening, “Just forget everything you saw and go back to your safe life. There is nothing down our path for you,” she said somewhat sadly as she turned and followed the others back into the gym, “Lock the door on your way out please,” she called out as the door swung closed behind her.

Paris stood there for several minutes before heading out the changing room door, ‘No way Gilmore, I’ll find out what is going on if it kills me!’


Angel and Wesley escorted Dana's gurney out of the basement along with a group of armed guards.

“Chain her into the van. I want armed guards riding with her in the back,” ordered Angel.

“That's all right, boys. I'll take it from here,” said Andrew walking around from the side of the van.

“What?” asked Angel.

“Totally 'preciate your help on this one, big guy. Never could've found her without you, but you got enough problems of your own to worry about,” said Andrew.

“Get outta the way, Andrew,” growled Angel.

Andrew stepped in Angel's path, “She's a Slayer. That means she's ours.”

“Yeah. Sorry. Not how it works,” sneered Angel, he turned to the guards, “Load her up. Don't hesitate to tranq her if she so much as...”

Andrew stood right up in Angel's face, “No. I don't think you... heard me, Angel.”

Behind Andrew, a tall brunette and a group of young women walked out from the shadows. “Think we are just going to let you take one of our sisters back to Wolfram and Hart?” asked the brunette.

“She's psychotic, and I'm not turning her you,” said Angel.

“You don't have a choice. Check the viewscreen, Uhura. I got 13 Vampyr Slayers behind me, and not one of them has ever dated you,” said Andrew.

“She's coming with us one way or another,” stated the brunette.

“And who the hell are you?” growled Angel.

“My sisters,” she gestured to the other slayers, “Call me Mother or Lorelai, except Rory here,” she placed her hand on the Slayer next to her, “She just calls me mum. But you can call me Era Matris Trucido.”

Wesley visibly paled.

“You're way outta your league. I'll just clear this with Buffy,” said Angel.

“Where do you think my orders came from? And who do you think sent Lorelai! Newsflash... Nobody in our camp trusts you anymore. Nobody. You work for Wolfram and Hart. Don't fool yourself... we're not on the same side. Thank you for your help... but, uh...we got it,” said Andrew.

“Get your sister,” ordered Lorelai.

Rory and the others slayers walked over to the gurney taking it from the men and pushed it towards the waiting van, Rory gently brushed some stray hair out of Dana’s face.

Angel watched as they vanished into the night, a frown on his face at what Andrew had said and the title the brunette, Lorelai, had given herself?

The End

A/N: Okay that is the end. I may someday get a sequel idea, but if any writer feels like taking up the gauntlet, I’ve given you a few open threads, then feel free, I only ask that you DO NOT cross it with Harry Potter, cannot tell you how much I loathe those books/films, and that you add a link to this story.

The End

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