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Life Saver

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Summary: Revelations for the Gilmore Girls

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Chapter 2

Title: Life Saver 2/10
Author: David A. Knapton


Archived: If you want, but it is polite to let the author know you are doing so.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters belong to the owners of BtVS and the Gilmore Girls.

Spoiler: Season 7 of Buffy and season 1 of Gilmore Girls.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Lorelai/Luke eventually plus Buffy canon pairings.

Summery: Revelations all round for the Gilmore Girls. Set around Showtime of Buffy, episode 7.11 from which some of the dialogue comes, courteous of, and GG is season 1.

Notes: This was inspired by reading a couple of Buffy-Gilmore Girls crossovers and the fact that Hallmark (in the UK) has started showing GG from the first season.

It should also be noted that although a lot of the dialogue in this story comes from the scripts posted on BuffyWorld some of it is changed or even spoken by different people

Thanks so much to my great beta Tiger.

‘’ = Thought. [Flashback] = Ah duh Flashback.

Feedback: If you wish.

Please note I am English, so is my spelling. Live with it.


The last three days had been hell for Lorelai and Rory. Luke would not let them stop except for fuel, toilet breaks and food, which they ate as they moved ever westward.

It seemed as if they had been pursued from home all the way to California. They had to fight off three further attacks by the bringers, the last saw both Lorelai and Rory wounded, though luckily the wounds were only minor. Rory sustained hers when she had rushed to her mother’s aid when the bringers had ambushed them at a small roadside diner.

The owner, who was working the late shift by himself, was in the kitchen and saw nothing! The three dead bringers may take some explaining to the Highway Patrol though. At least he was still alive.

Lorelai stared out the window, absently drawing Rory into a light hug, both feeling the need for that simple comfort. She thought back to when this journey had begun, had it only been three days? It seemed a lifetime ago...


“So tell me again why those things back there were after Rory?” asked Lorelai hugging her daughter while trying to wrap her head around the idea that someone wanted to kill her daughter. Not forgetting all the other things Luke had told them about, vampires, demons, Hellmouths the list went on and on.

“I told you, because she is a potential Slayer, if a Slayer dies another is called. The Slayer line goes back to before the written word,” said Luke, a little sharply having explained it twice to her already. “The First Evil is trying to eliminate the line.”

“Okay, don’t get snippy. This is a lot to take in,” Lorelai snapped back. “But why Rory?”

Luke gave Lorelai a hard stare, but softened after a moment knowing what he had been trying to keep to himself. “Look first of all you need to remember that you did not know... But because you were a potential and you had a child before you were eighteen... you passed your potential to Rory.”

Lorelai went pale, Rory sensed her mother tensing, she pulled away looking intensely at her. “Mum, no it’s not your fault, you didn’t know.”

“But... Oh god Rory I’m so sorry,” said Lorelai tears coming to her eyes.

“No mum, don’t be. Okay my life has taken a left turn in the last few hours but if you had not rebelled against Grandma and Grandpa I would not have been born.” A little hardness came into her eyes. “Would you have preferred that?”

“Oh honey, no of course not. My life may have been hell for a while when you were born but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me,” said Lorelai drawing Rory back into a hug. “It’s just the thought that I did this too you,” she said kissing the top of her daughter’s head.

Lorelai looked over at Luke, the concern on his face. “So you’re Rory’s Watcher... And my dad is one as well.”

“I’m only her unofficial Watcher, as I said, your father couldn’t send someone from the Council as they would have found out that he had yours and Rory’s names removed from the list of potentials,” Luke told them. “Besides which, the Council may have had Rory killed for fear she may one day be called...”

“Woah back-up,” interrupted Lorelai. “Why would they have killed her, I thought they were the good guys?”

“What made you think that?” said Luke with disgusted in his voice. “Most of the Council were, were a bunch of self-serving bigots that liked to dictate how the people on the line conduct the war that they originally were supposed to fight...”

“Okay so they’re Republicans,” Lorelai smirked, getting a little chuckle from Rory. “But what has that got to do with them killing Rory?”

“I was getting there. Okay it is very rare for a potential to have a female child before she loses the possibility of becoming the Slayer at eighteen. In fact, it has only happened three times in the last thousand years that a potential has given birth to a girl, including you. Many more potentials over the years have had boys, a lot of whom became Watchers.

“The reason the Watchers probably would have killed Rory is that had she become the Slayer, the line would have been sealed to her forever, meaning that unless she had at least one daughter before she was killed, the line of the Slayer would cease to exist. But even if Rory did, it would still mean that there would be no Slayer until any daughter reached puberty.”

“And so those highbrow assholes would kill her! If I ever meet them I’ll tear them a new one,” growled Lorelai.

“Sorry, but they are all dead. Didn’t you see the news two nights ago about the terrorist bomb in London that killed seventy five people?” Lorelai nodded. “That was the Council.”

“Oh god... all those people,” said Lorelai.

Rory pulled back from her mother again. “But you just said you’d tear them a new asshole,” she pointed out.

“Well yeah, but you know I wouldn’t really do it... not unless they threatened you, kiddo,” said Lorelai.

“I love you mum,” smiled Rory, hugging her mother.

Something occurred to Lorelai just then. “Why now? Why hasn’t this happened before, trying to kill all the potentials?”

“I don’t know! But something must have changed to give the First a chance to attempt it... Maybe the Slayer and her Watcher know because until we find out the what, why and how, we are fighting blind,” said Luke.

“So what’s this Slayer like?” asked Rory.

“I have no idea, other than she was the first Slayer to tell those sanctimonious assholes where to stick their rules and traditions. I only know her name and address.”

“Ooh, she sounds like my kind of girl,” Lorelai said with a smirk.

[End Flashback]

“We’re here,” came Luke’s voice breaking Lorelai out of her musing. Climbing out of the truck the Gilmores stood looking at the two-story house until Luke joined them. “So what are you waiting for?” he asked.

“You of course, for the last three days you have insisted on checking out everywhere Rory and I go... even the restrooms, which is really disturbing in a perverted kind of way,” said Lorelai while Rory laughed at the looks Luke was giving her mother.

“Come on then,” said Luke leading them up to the door and knocking.

A girl about Rory’s age, who gave them a suspicious look, answered the door. “Yes, can I help you?”

“We’re looking for Buffy Summers, are you her?” asked Luke.

For some reason that made the girl laugh. “What would give you the idea I would want to be my sister,” she said. “What do you want with her?”

“Dawnie let them in, the Coven phoned they are a couple of potentials,” said a redheaded young woman pulling the door out of Dawn’s hand and opening it wide before doing a double take when she saw Lorelai. “Wow, how did that happen? You’re too old to still be a potential,” she said looking at the older woman.

The three people on the doorstep exchanged looks. “Mum’s still a potential?” asked Rory.

“I think we should talk about this inside,” said Luke.

“And you are?” asked the redhead.

“If Lorelai is still a potential that would make me her Watcher as well as Rory’s. My name’s Luke,” he said.

“Right, come in,” said the redhead. “I’m Willow and that’s Dawn,” she said, indicating the girl. Willow led them into the dining room. “Do you want anything to drink?”

“Coffee please,” said Lorelai and Rory.

“I’ll have tea if you have any?” said Luke.

“Well that seems to confirm it. The only ones around here that drink tea are Watchers,” said Willow, she looked at Dawn.

“Okay, I’ll do the drinks,” said the teenager heading towards the kitchen.

“Have a seat,” said Willow as she took one herself.

“Thanks,” sighed Lorelai. “It’s been a hell of a trip getting here. So are you a potential too?”

Willow smiled. “No, I’m a Witch.”

“What, with broomsticks and black hats?” Rory asked, wide eyed as she took the chair next to her mother.

Willow’s features darkened for a moment. “If I could find the person that started that stereotype, I’d forget the Rede and flay them alive.”

“Oh ah... sorry I didn’t mean to offend you,” said Rory quickly.

Willow smiled reassuringly at the teenager. “No I’m sorry; it’s not your fault. Anyway we don’t fly on broomsticks... although if we wanted to I guess we could?” She mused for a moment. “So have you come far?”

“A small town just outside Hartford Connecticut called Stars Hollow,” said Luke.

“And you’re their Watcher and you didn’t know Lorelai was still a potential?” said Willow.

“I’m not their official Watcher. When Lorelai was shown to be a potential her father, who is or was on the Council, used his influence to have her name removed from the list of potentials...”

“Then I got pregnant with Rory when I was sixteen,” interrupted Lorelai.

“Right,” said Luke. “Then when it was shown that Lorelai had passed the potential to Rory, he had her name removed as well, knowing that if the other members of the Council found out they would probably have Rory killed to protect the Slayer line.”

“What do you mean, protect the Slayer line?” asked Dawn returning and putting a tray of drinks on the table in front of them. Just as she took a seat, Buffy came through the front door, her face like thunder, looking around.

“Buffy,” said Willow.

“What is it?” asked Dawn as they all stood.

Buffy glanced at Andrew, who had his feet on her couch. She glared at him, and he sat up and wiped off the part of the couch his feet had been. Buffy just rolled her eyes and headed towards the basement door with Xander just behind. The others followed them.

Buffy slowed down as she reached the halfway point on the stairs and looked over at the potentials sat on the floor in a circle. “Get away from them,” she said in a threatening voice.

Kennedy looked up from the book she was reading, “Who? Get away from who?”

Eve turned to stare at Buffy, a knowing look in her eyes, “What's the problem, officer?”

“I said get away from them now,” Buffy said firmly through gritted teeth as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Buffy, what did Eve do?” asked Dawn.

“That's not Eve,” explained Xander.

“Eve's dead,” added Buffy.

“I don't...I don't understand,” said Rona in confusion.

All the girls stood and backed away from Eve. Eve stood up more slowly and faced Buffy. “Oops! One more down. Oh, well, can't save 'em all, can ya, Buffy,” she said turning to face the potentials. “Thanks for the slumber party, girls. It's been real fun the last couple of nights. I learned a whole lot...”

“Shut up, and get out,” ordered Buffy.

Eve turned to face Buffy. “Or you'll do what?” she sneered, “I'll be sending a guest over to visit y'all later on tonight, after the sun goes down of course. Try and make him feel welcome before he rips y'all to pieces. Bye.” Eve disappeared in a flash of light.

“I need to go wash up again,” said Andrew running back up the stairs past the others.

“That was just weird,” said Lorelai from her position on the stairs.

Buffy looked at her. “Who are you?”

“Lorelai Gilmore, and this is my daughter Rory. According to your friend,” she pointed at Willow, “We are both potentials.”

“What?” exclaimed Buffy looking at Willow.

“It’s true Buffy, Luke here is their Watcher. He was about to explain it,” said Willow.

“Right then let’s talk,” said Buffy, starting up the stairs.

They all returned to the dining room and after the introductions were made, Luke told them all he knew about potentials.

“The field Watchers were always told that if a potential had a female child before she turned eighteen her potential would pass to her daughter and if that child was ever called as the Slayer the power would be sealed to her and any of her descendents forever. So either the Council has always lied to them or there is a reason that Lorelai retained her potential,” said Luke.

“With the Council I’d say there’s a fifty-fifty chance of both,” said Buffy musing over the possibilities. “It’s just the sort of sanctimonious thing those bastards would do. They can’t just tell us about the danger when we are potentials, oh no,” she growled.

“Told you she was my type of girl,” Lorelai said to Rory.

Buffy smirked then turned to Willow. “Will, can you go on the net later and see if you can dig anything up?”

“Sure Buff, but what about what the First said?” said Willow.

The potentials had joined them to hear Luke’s tale and began to worry about what the First had said as well.

“We should run,” suggested Vi.

“And go where, Vi?” asked Kennedy.

“Annabelle ran. Look where it got her,” pointed out Dawn.

“What happen to her?” asked Rory.

“The Turok-Han caught and killed her,” explained Willow.

“The What-Han?” asked Lorelai.

“A sort of Ubervamp,” Dawn told her.

“Safer in than out,” said Buffy.

“How can you say that? It was here Buffy, in the house, living with us for days,” said Molly.

“And you didn't even know it,” Chloe reminded them.

“Well, none of us knew it,” pointed out Xander.

Vi looked around fearfully. “It could still be here. It could be any one of us.”

Willow shook her head. “No, The First can only take the form of dead people.”

“Yeah, well there'll be plenty more of those soon enough. We're dropping like flies here,” said Rona.

“You have only lost two in Sunnydale since this started, whereas several hundred of your sisters have die all over the world,” said Luke soberly.

All the girls started talking over one another as their fears grew.

“Hey,” said Buffy raising her voice silencing them all. “Look, I know you're all scared. You know what? I am too, but Giles and Anya will be back soon, and hopefully they will have the information that we need to stop the First. In the meantime, we need to stick together, OK. we're stronger that way. We cannot afford to fall apart now.”

Andrew stepped up to the table. “She's right. Where would the Justice League have been if they hadn't put their differences aside to stop the Imperium and his shape-shifting alien horde?” He crossed his arms.

Buffy gave Andrew a withered look. “Don't help me.”

“Buff, the sun goes down, and UberVamp's on its way. So a plan'd be good right about now,” said Xander.

Buffy looked at Willow. “Will, I'm sorry to ask, but...”

Willow nodded, “I know, we need a barrier.”

“A major one. Something tells me this vampire doesn't need an invite to get into the house. Can you do it?” said Buffy.

“I'll try,” said Willow smiling weakly.

“Try?” exclaimed Lorelai.

“You heard her,” said Kennedy coming to the redhead’s defence.

Xander looked worried. “Buff, are you sure about Willow doing the hocus pocus again? I—I mean, last time she...”

“Xander, we don't have a lot of choices,” Buffy pointed out.

“And what if that doesn't work? What if that monster gets through?” asked Chloe.

“Then we'll deal,” said Buffy.

“Deal? Fight, you mean. How are we supposed to do that?” asked Rona.

“And with what?” added Vi.

Kennedy looked around at her fellow potentials; “With whatever it takes,” she turned to look at Buffy, “Right?”

“Buffy, you fought the Turok-Han, and it almost killed you,” said Molly.

“But she survived,” said Rory.

“Because she’s the real Slayer,” Chloe pointed out.

“Wh-what chance do we have?” said Rona.

“Honestly, you staked that thing, and it didn't die,” said Molly.

“No, but that doesn't...” Dawn said trying to defend her sister.

“Maybe it can't be killed,” surmised Vi.

While the girls were starting to argue again, Buffy just stared straight ahead with her arms crossed. Willow was staring off into the distance, before looking at the Slayer.

“That mean we shouldn't try?” asked Dawn.

“There's that word again,” said Rona.

“Hey, it's a good word,” said Kennedy.

“Give up. Can we do that? Surrender, I mean, so it won't kill us,” asked Chloe hopefully.

“I don’t think it works that way,” pointed out Lorelai. “If this thing is as bad as you say it is, it will kill all of us if we give up.”

Buffy walked into the kitchen. Willow stood up to follow her, as she walked past Xander; he jumped, staring at Willow. “What?” he asked.

Kennedy looked at Xander. “I said trying is good.”

Xander smiled a little weakly. “I just thought it beared repeating,” he said before following Buffy and Willow into the kitchen.

“Um, and exactly how many UberVamps were at the Geneva Convention?” Dawn asked Chloe.

“Come on, we're all potential slayers. You know how to fight even if you don't know how you know it,” pointed out Kennedy.

“Fighting's one thing. Winning's another,” said Vi.

Lorelai looked around at all the teenagers. “If the super vampire comes after my daughter I’ll fight it with everything I can to save her.”

“I don't want to die,” whispered Chloe.


It had grown dark outside and bringers were encircling the house. Dawn peered out between the cracks of the boarded up window. Molly and Chloe were on the couch beside her, also looking out.

“There's more of them now,” announced Dawn.

Xander walked into the room followed by Rory and her mother. “And two more out back,” he said.

Molly looked around at the others. “Why aren't they doing anything, attacking?”

“They don't want in. They're here to make sure we don't get out,” Buffy told them. She turned to the other window, where Rona, Vi, and Kennedy were looking out. “Rona,” she enquired, seeing the sword in Rona’s hand.

Rona walked over to Buffy. “Like this'll do any good. I mean, what's the point?”

Kennedy smirked and pointed to the tip of Rona's sword. “It's this end, right here. Just stick that in the bad guys. Any more questions?” She went to the weapons chest herself and took out a crossbow. “This'll do me.”

“Are you sure you know how to use it?” Buffy asked.

Kennedy practiced loading and shooting the unloaded weapon. “Since I was eight.”

Buffy smiled as she handed her a quiver of bolts.

Andrew walked up to Buffy. “Can I have something? Come on, the Turok-Han's coming for me too, you know. I have a right to defend myself...” Buffy just raised her eyebrows. “...if you say so.”

Buffy looked into the weapons chest and grabbed a bottle of holy water, handing it to Andrew, who held it close to his chest as if it was the most precious thing he could have.

Alone in the hallway Willow stood floating a lit votive candle a couple of inches above her hand. “Facing my fear, I'm facing my fear. Hear that Fear? I'm facing you,” she said quietly.

Kennedy walked into the hallway and saw Willow. “Wow,” she said breaking Willow's concentration and causing the candle to drop into her hand. “You really can float stuff,” said the potential.

Willow smiled weakly. “Just testing.”

Kennedy closed the distance between them. “Oh, right. Heard this voodoo once turned you into the big scary.” Willow blew out the candle. “Big, scary Willow, that's something I'd almost like to see...”

Willow face took on a serious look. “No, you wouldn't.”

“I said ‘almost,’” pointed out Kennedy.

“I needed to make sure. Last time I tried using magick, the turned it around on me. Got inside. I felt it just surging through me, every fibre of my being. Pure, undiluted evil. I could taste it,” explained Willow.

“How's evil taste?” asked Kennedy lightly.

Willow made a face. “A little chalky,” she said as she and Kennedy went back into the living room.

“Guys? Something's happening,” said Dawn from her place by the boarded up window.

Lorelai looked out at what Dawn had seen; the Turok-Han was approaching the house. “Oh, my God!” she exclaimed.

“Here it comes,” announced Buffy, as the Turok-Han walked toward the front door, growling.

Everyone gathered in the living room behind Willow. The Turok-Han began beating on the door, trying to enter the house.

“Caerimonia Minerva, saepio, saepire, saepsi,” Willow said beginning the spell but she seemed to be having difficulties.

“Um, deflector shields...deflector shields up!” Andrew said in a worried voice.

“Willow..." said Buffy. concern in her own voice.

The Turok-Han finally broke the door down, and Willow finished the spell as her eyes turned black. “Saepio impedimentum!” she said and a barrier went up, between them and the Turok-Han.

“It's working,” said Rory as she stood next to her mother and Luke, all three holding axes.

“For the moment,” added Vi.

“Will...” said Buffy worry on her voice.

They could all see the redhead was struggling to maintain the spell. “It's—it's strong,” she said gritting her teeth.

“It's hurting her,” said Kennedy in concern.

“Hang on, Willow,” said Buffy.

“I don't know,” said Willow as sweat began to appear on her forehead.

“She can't hold it,” said Dawn in alarm.

“What do we do? What do we do?” asked Rona panicking.

“Run. Everybody run,” cried Buffy.

As the Turok-Han continued to try to penetrate the barrier, everyone ran out the backdoor except for Buffy and Willow who stayed to the very last possible moment.

Xander and Luke led the gang outside, going after the bringers with their axes. Kennedy used her crossbow to take out a couple. Hand-to-hand combat ensued. Xander lost his axe to a Bringer as it overpowered him. Just as the Bringer was about to turn it on Xander, Rory brought her own axe down on its head.

Finally, the magickal barrier inside the house fell, and the Turok-Han ran towards the back after them. Buffy was there pushing Rory after the others and helping Xander up. “Come on!” she said as the two Scoobies ran into the night.

The potentials along with Luke, Dawn, Andrew, Willow, Xander and Buffy ran up the street, away from the house. After several hundred yards they stopped.

Xander looked over his shoulder. “Ok, no bringers following. I guess they'll save us for old snaggletooth.”

Willow also looked around. “Where is the Turok-Han?” she asked.

“Right behind us. Time to split up,” said Buffy.

“Split up? We're splitting up? Are you crazy?” said Lorelai in a panic.

Buffy ignored Lorelai and turned to Willow. “Willow, take everyone and find a safe location.”

“I know a place,” said Xander.

“What are you gonna do?” asked Dawn becoming worried that her sister was going to do something stupid.

A second later, her fears seemed to be confirmed. “Gonna try to slow the Turok down. Lead him away from you guys. Get him to chase me,” explained Buffy.

“Buffy, you can't take that thing on yourself,” cried Dawn shaking her head.

“I'll stay,” said Kennedy and Luke at the same time, giving each other a little smirk.

“No,” said Buffy taking the bottle of holy water from Andrew.

“Hey, I need that,” whined Andrew.

“Willow, Xander, take everyone to a safe location. Get 'em out of here. Now,” ordered Buffy.

Everyone but Xander and Dawn began following Willow. Xander touched Dawn's arm. “Have to go, Dawnie,” he said quietly.

Dawn grudgingly turned and ran after Willow and the others, with Xander just behind.

Buffy stood in the middle of the street facing off with the Turok-Han as it stopped a little way back down the street. Suddenly Buffy took a running leap towards it, kicking it in the chest.

It did not even move, but Buffy fell to the ground. As the Turok-Han came closer to her, she took the bottle of holy water out of her pocket and smashed it in its face as it came within arms reach, causing it to roar in pain and take a step back.

Buffy stood up, but it grabbed her by the throat and shoved her into a car window just down the street, shattering it. The holy water burned the Turok-Han's face, but did not appear to have slowed it down.

Buffy turned and began running away from the Turok-Han hoping it would follow, which it did for a moment before stopping. Buffy turned around to see if it was still behind her, but it had vanished.


At the construction site where Xander had chosen to hide the potentials, he started climbing down scaffolding, still carrying his battle-axe. “Come on, people, we gotta move,” he said as he reached the bottom.

Andrew started slowly climbing down the scaffolding. “I'm moving. Climbing's not my thing. I’ve got an inner ear condition.”

“Is falling your thing? 'Cause if you don't pick up the pace, I'm gonna come up there and drop your ass,” said Xander angrily.

“Way to keep up morale in a crisis,” said Andrew jumping to the ground when he was only two feet from the bottom. “No wonder Buffy's the leader.”

By this time, everyone else had reached the bottom.

“Some leader,” said Rona under her breath.

“This is crazy,” said Chloe.

“You got that right,” said Rona she turned to Xander. “What are we doing down here?”

“Quieter. Faster,” urged Xander leading everyone around the site to a big open area.

“Where are we?” asked Rory.

“Future site of the new public library, opening up May 2003. If I ever get back to work, that is,” explained Xander.

“You call this a safe location?” asked Lorelai.

“It's the middle of nothing,” added Vi.

Suddenly Willow stopped. “This'll do. OK everyone. Spread out take positions,” she ordered.

Everyone except Andrew began doing so. “Um, what's my position?” he asked looking at all the open space around him nervously.

“And don't make a sound,” said Willow ignoring Andrew.

“That's the plan? Spread out? That thing is gonna kill Buffy, and then it's gonna come after us. For all we know, it's killing her right now,” exclaimed Rona.

“Or, it could just skip that part and come straight here,” said Kennedy looking back the way they had entered.

Everyone turned to follow her gaze and saw the Turok-Han growling as it walked menacingly toward them. Kennedy loaded her crossbow, preparing to fight. The others walked up behind her.

“Oh no no no no...” cried Chloe as she looked at the Turok-Han.

Suddenly, the floodlights came on, and everyone turned to look around seeing Buffy standing there, arms crossed, on a ledge overlooking the open area.

“Buffy?” smiled Dawn with more than a little relief.

“What's she doing?” asked Molly.

Kennedy took aim at the Turok-Han with her crossbow, but Willow waved her off. “Just watch. It's show time.” She led the group away from the open area and indicating that they should climb the scaffolding and watch.

When they reached the walkway, Andrew looked on eagerly, hanging on the outside of the bars, his inner ear thing seemly gone.

Buffy looked at the Turok-Han. “Looks good, doesn't it? They're trapped in here. Terrified. Meat for the beast, and there's nothing they can do but wait.” She did a forward somersault down into the open area.

“Cool,” smiled Lorelai. “Can we do that?” she asked, looking at Luke who simply sighed and shook his head.

“That's all they've been doing for days,” continued Buffy walking toward the Turok-Han. “Waiting to be picked off. Having nightmares about monsters that can't be killed. But I don't believe in that. I always find a way. I'm the thing that monsters have nightmares about. And right now, you and me are gonna show 'em why. It's time. Welcome to Thunderdome.”

“Two men enter. One man leaves,” said Andrew to no one in particular.

The Turok-Han rushed Buffy. She was able to hold her own against it for a moment; soon she started being beaten back. The onlookers grimaced as the Turok-Han dealt harsh blows to her. Still, she managed to get in a punch or kick here and there.

“ planned this. Letting the barrier fail, bringing us here, you and Buffy,” Dawn said to Willow, watching the fight intensely.

The Turok-Han punched Buffy to the ground, but she got back up quickly. It grabbed her throwing her about 20 feet away where she landed hard on the scaffolding, knocking the crossbow out of Kennedy's hands.

Buffy picked up the weapon and aimed it at the Turok-Han firing at it as it ran toward her, hitting it right in the heart. It only paused for a moment, before continuing towards her.

Buffy grabbed a nearby scaffold bar and used it to pole-vault herself away from the fight but the Turok-Han was right behind her. Using her momentum, she grabbed a pickaxe and swung it at the Turok-Han, but it ducked and pushed her into the wall of the construction office.

Buffy fell to the ground, and the Turok-Han disarmed her before throwing her back toward the centre of the open area. Reaching her it began punching her repeatedly. She fell into a pile of cinder blocks, she picked one up to throw at the Turok-Han, but it crushed block before she could throw it. It punched her again, and kicked her under some scaffolding before throwing her a dozen feet into the air, through the scaffold platform.

Buffy managed to stay on the platform, and the Turok-Han scaled it to get to her. He grabbed her by the throat, lifting her off the ground and choking her as she struggled against him.

“It's killing her,” cried Rona.

“We have to do something,” said Lorelai looking at Willow.

“Wait!” said the redhead calmly.

Buffy reached down, pulling out the bolt in the Turok-Han’s chest, and jabbed it into its eye. Roaring it dropped Buffy. While distracted by its injury, Buffy started punching it, finally kicking it to the ground, where it landed on a pile of cinder blocks and boards, where Buffy followed it down continuing to punch it.

As it weakly tried to punch her back, she kept punching and kicking it until finally she could bang its head into the metal scaffolding. She grabbed some nearby barbed wire and slipped it around the Turok-Han's throat. It fell to its knees, Buffy pulled on the wire hard enough to sever its head. The Turok-Han exploded into a cloud of dust.

Buffy turned to look up at the potentials stood on the platform. “See? Dust. Just like the rest of 'em. I don't know what's coming next, but I do know it's gonna be just like this. Hard. Painful. But in the end it's gonna be us. If we all do our parts, believe it, we'll be the ones left standing. Here endeth the lesson.”

Buffy walked away as the potentials watched her. Kennedy smiled; the others looked at each other before they all followed Buffy out of the construction site.

“Cool,” said Lorelai happily, she looked at Xander. “So is there any take outs in this town ‘cause I could kill for a pizza about now?”

No one noticed an angry First watching them go as everyone laughed at Lorelai’s question before beginning to add to the list of toppings.
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