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Life Saver

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Summary: Revelations for the Gilmore Girls

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Life Saver

Title: Life Saver 1/10

Author: David A. Knapton


Archived: If you want, but it is polite to let the author know you are doing so.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters belong to the owners of BtVS and the Gilmore Girls.

Spoiler: Season 7 of Buffy and season 1 of Gilmore Girls

Rating: PG

Pairing: Lorelai/Luke eventually.

Summery: Revelations all round for the Gilmore Girls. Set just after Never Leave Me of Buffy episode 7.9 But GG is middle of season 1.

Notes: This was inspired by reading a couple of Buffy-Gilmore Girls crossovers and the fact that Hallmark (in the UK) have started showing GG from the first season.

Note2: When I started this story I did not know that Luke’s father had died around the time Rory was four so this does not get pointed out to me by someone, let us just say that he died sometime after the beginning of Buffy season 1.

Thanks so much to my great beta Tiger.

‘’ = Thought.

Feedback: If you wish

Please note I am English, so is my spelling. Live with it.


Luke looked up when he heard the diner door to see Rory enter carrying a large pile of school notes that had to be equal to several volumes of Encyclopaedia Britannica. “Homework?” he asked with a little smile.

The young girl looked up as she deposited her notes on her table and dropped her bag “Only part, this is for my English Lit class,” she groaned as she walked over to the counter and picked up the coffee Luke had automatically poured for her. She took a long sip, savouring the taste “Thanks Luke, you’re a life saver,” she said, walking back to the table.

Just then, the phone rang. Luke picked it up, “Hello ... What do you want? ... I told you I’m not interested in following my dad’s business ... That’s your problem not mine ... I see, so how long have I got? ... Thanks, you bastard, see you in HELL.” Luke slammed the phone down and turned to see most of the customers looking curiously at him. “We’re closed. Everyone out, NOW,” he barked as he started ushering them out the door.

Rory had seen Luke mad before but this was somehow different, it obviously had something to do with the phone call. “Not you Rory,” said Luke in a more normal voice, “I need to talk to you.”

Rory watched him lock the door, concern on her face, “Is something wrong Luke?” she asked, stopping the gathering of her homework.

“Yes, but we need to get out of here before we get into that. Where’s your mum?” Luke asked, going back behind the counter and taking all the cash from the till and shoving it in his pocket.

“She’s working late tonight, said she would be home about 8,” explained Rory. “Why?”

“I need you to phone her and ask her to meet us at your house as soon as possible. Tell her it’s an emergency. Rory I need you to trust me, your life depends on it.”

“What!” exclaimed Rory. “You’re kidding, right?”

Luke unlocked a cabinet by the side of the door to the back and pulled out an axe. “No I’m not, that phone call was from your grandfather. There are some... men on the way here to kill you.”

Rory paled. “What! Why? And how do you know my grandpa?” asked the teenager, eyeing the axe a little nervously.

“Look Rory, we haven’t got a lot of time here. I’ll explain everything, I promise, but let’s get you to safety first,” said Luke, smiling to try to calm the obviously nervous teenager. “Come on you can phone your mum from my apartment,” he gestured towards the curtain leading to the stairs.

Rory nodded and then ran past him, still eyeing the axe nervously.

“You can use the phone here, I’m just going to pack some clothes,” Luke told her, pointing at the phone next to the couch before disappearing behind a portioned off section.

Five minutes later Luke re-entered the living room area carrying a large holdall. “Is Lorelai going to meet us?” he asked.

Rory nodded, “Yes. Luke why are there men after me?” she said in a small voice.

“It’s a long story,” Luke said in a sad voice. “Come on, I’ll explain some of it on the way to your house,” he finished, gesturing to the back door.

“Oh, my homework,” exclaimed Rory heading back towards the diner again.

“Leave it. If we survive the night we won’t be back for quite some time,” Luke told her, opening the backdoor and scanning for any danger before stepping out. He threw his holdall in the back his truck and after unlocking it, stood guard as the teenager got in and slid over to the passenger’s side. He got in and unlike his normal way of driving, he put his foot to the floor and headed for the Gilmore house.

“So what’s going on Luke?” Rory asked looking over to the man.

“How much do you know about your grandfather’s business?”

“Well I know he’s Vice-President of an insurance firm, but what’s that got to do with this?”

“It doesn’t. Let’s just say that’s his day job. He is a member of an organisation called The Watchers Council. Watchers have been looking after girls like you and your mum throughout recorded history...” Luke began to explain.

“What do you mean girls like me and mum?” interrupted Rory.

“I’m getting to that but your mum should really hear that part as well, so I’ll hold off on that for now ok?” Rory nodded. “My dad was one as well. Your grandfather had him looking after your mum; he was her Watcher, at least unofficially. Your grandfather had your mum’s name removed from the list of potentials then yours when it became obvious you were also a potential, it’s very rare for a potential to give birth to another.

“But just in case you were called he planned to have my dad made your Watcher when you turned thirteen... But he died and his last words to me were to look after you, to become your Watcher... I like you and your mum, but I had other plans, the last thing I wanted was to become a Watcher after... after what happened to Celeste,” he said sadly.

“Who’s Celeste?” asked Rory before she could stop to think Luke might not wish to say anything. “Sorry,” she said as he glanced at her.

“That’s okay; it was a long time ago. She was a potential like you that I went to school with, we were so close... anyway she became the Slayer and moved to New York, she was killed there two years later. After that I wanted nothing to do with Watchers or potentials.”

“So what changed your mind?” asked Rory curiously. “And what are slayers and potentials? Potential to be what exactly?”

“Potentials are part of what I need to tell your mum, so I’ll explain that later. As for my change of mind... your grandfather said he would have no choice but to re-add you to the list and have you taken from your mum.” Rory gasped. “You need to understand, Rory, he risked everything on getting you and your mum removed from the list of potentials. If you had been added, the others on The Watchers Council would have had you removed from your mum regardless of his wishes.”

“So what changed your mind?” asked Rory again.

“A friend of my father’s came by and talked me around? Telling me of his Slayer in Sunnydale, she somehow was also missing from the list and had grown up with a normal life, at least until her calling. It made all the difference, she is the longest lived Slayer in over five hundred years,” Luke said breaking hard outside the Gilmore house. “Okay let’s go.”

Jumping out, he again looked around before beckoning Rory out and then headed for the house. Once more Luke stepped through the door first looking for any danger. “Okay, pack anything you think you will need but don’t take to long. Oh and change into something that doesn’t impede your movements,” he said, following her to stand outside her room.

Less than five minutes later Luke heard Lorelai’s car stop outside. She came through the door looking around wildly. On spotting Luke, she hurried towards him. She froze momentarily when he lifted the axe he held and threw it towards her shouting, “Get down.”

Lorelai dived towards the wall letting out a scream and squeezing her eyes shut, expecting to feel the axe hit her. She heard a crash as someone broke through the backdoor at the same time she heard a meaty thunk as the axe found a target. As she slowly opened her eyes, she saw Luke pick up the frying pan that sat on the cooker and swing it at a strange cloaked man who appeared to have symbols where his eyes should have been, knocking him back into another that was following.

She turned around to look at what the axe had hit, she gasped as she stared down at the body of a man that also had the strange symbols instead of eyes, the axe embedded in his chest and blood was slowly spreading out from the body. Although she was still aware of Luke fighting some others in the kitchen, she could not move! That all changed when she heard Rory scream, spinning around she saw one of the men with a knife following her daughter out of her bedroom while Luke struggled with another just beyond.

Something in Lorelai snapped. She picked up the broom that was not been put away that morning and swung it at Rory’s attacker, knocking the large curved knife from his hand. As he bent to retrieve it, Lorelai swung the broom like a club bringing it down on his head knocking him out cold. Looking around with a wild look in her eyes Lorelai saw Luke twist the knife his opponent held forcing it up into the man’s stomach lifting him right off his feet.

Luke looked around, making sure there were no more attackers before looking at Rory. “Get your things Rory; we need to get out of here before any others turn up.” Rory nodded, running to her room and retrieving her bag.

“Luke what the hell is going on here? Who are these men?” Lorelai almost screamed at her friend, she looked at Rory as her daughter re-entered the kitchen holding her overnight bag. “And where do you think you are taking Rory?”

“Not just Rory, you too. Sorry we don’t have time for you to pack, we’ll just have to get you some clothes on the way,” said Luke, trying to guide the distraught woman towards the front door.

Lorelai resisted, shaking her head as her eyes once more fell on the body lying just inside the living room. “We-we have to call the police, the bodies... Oh god,” she cried as, turning to the side, she threw-up.

Rory was numb, she could think of no other word to describe it, but she still automatically went to her mother’s side and held her hair out of the way as Lorelai continued to bring up the contents of her stomach.

Luke looked at the two Gilmores, cursing their father/grandfather, the Council and the Powers for doing this to the two people in town he felt the closest too. “Come on,” he said gently touching Rory’s shoulder. “We need to get you both away from here before anymore attack.”

Rory nodded, she looked back to her mother as she straightened up, looking very pale. “Mum, we hafta go now. Luke says these men and others are trying to kill me... and maybe you too... I know we don’t understand everything but we have to trust him. Please mum.”

“Why?” asked Lorelai almost too quietly to be heard.

“I’ll explain everything on the way, but we need to move. More of these things could be here any minute. Here, let me take your bag,” he said. Having taken it he bent and retrieved his axe from the bringer’s chest, both Gilmores averted their eyes as he did so before following him out the door.

As Luke put Rory’s bag in the back with his, he saw three more bringers come around the side of the house and begin to run towards him and the Gilmores. “In NOW,” he shouted, “Lorelai start the truck.” As the first Bringer reached him, he feinted swing to the right then when the Bringer began to move left Luke reversed the axe, braining it. The second managed to get a glancing blow to Luke’s side, and with a cry of pain he planted the axe into its face. Before the last could reach them, he jumped into the back of his truck. “GO!” he shouted as Lorelai put her foot to the floor and sped into the night.

Luke watched as the remaining bringers slowly faded behind them, after they had reached the outskirts of the town he tapped the rear window and indicated for Lorelai to pull over.

As the truck stopped Luke eased himself out of the back holding his side, he walked to the side of the vehicle as Lorelai and Rory both climbed out, “Oh god, your hurt,” said Lorelai seeing the large blood stain under his hand.

“Yeah, there’s a first aid kit behind the driver’s seat,” Luke said. “We hafta be quick, it won’t be safe here for long, more bringers will come.” He tore the side of his shirt and t-shirt away from the wound as Rory dug out the first aid kit.

Lorelai quickly examined the wound, “I think you’re going to need stitches; it looks quite deep,” she said as she took the alcohol swab from Rory and wiped the wound clean as gently as possible, but still getting a slight gasp from Luke. “Sorry.”

“A hospital won’t be any use, the weapon was enchanted,” explained Luke. He looked over to Rory as she looked for a large enough bandage to wrap the wound in. “Rory, open the brown jar and spread some onto the pad before you put it on the wound.”

Rory nodded and put the first aid kit on the driver’s seat and opened the jar, wrinkling her nose at the rancid smell. “I think it’s gone off,” she said, looking at Luke.

“No, that’s how it’s meant to smell, it’s okay just spread some on the pad,” reassured Luke.

Grimacing she stuck her fingers in and carefully spread some over the pad she had opened before handing it to her mother, who also made a face. “Are you sure Luke, I don’t want to get the wound infected,” said Lorelai.

“I’m sure it’s the only thing that will close the wound. Now hurry we could get attacked anytime,” said Luke with a look of pain on his face.

Lorelai gently pressed the pad onto the wound. “Can you hold it in place while I wrap the bandage around your waist?” Luke held the pad in place and Lorelai quickly bandaged it to his side.

“Right let’s go,” said Luke, indicting that Lorelai and Rory should get in.

As they all got in, Lorelai looked at Luke. “So where are we going, if these men can keep finding us?”

“The one place you don’t really want to go, but it has the one person in the world that can possibly protect you. The Mouth of Hell, Sunnydale California,” he said starting the truck and heading into the night.
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