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A River Runs Through It... Sometimes

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Summary: Minis written for the fic-for-all, each is a BtVS/Firefly crossing. (previously titled From Here to Serenity)

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Firefly > GeneralechoFR1843,5240117,3503 Oct 0510 Oct 05No

notes and disclaimer

overall rating for this collection: 18

Hiya. Welcome to my collection of BtVS/Firefly minis for the 2005 fic-for-all. As stated, all of these are BtVS/Firefly crossings which means all of the characters involved here belong to the brillaint mind of Joss Whedon. You might find Serenity movie spoilers here, but you will be warned in the "chapter" heading if there will be spoilers. Hope you enjoy.

Happy reading,

eta: This was previously titled "From Here to Serenity", but I did not know there was already a Firefly fic with that title on the site already, so I changed it.
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