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Days in the Black

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Summary: Andrew's adventures with the crew of Serenity, in ficlet and drabble form.

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Firefly > Andrew-Centered(Site Founder)JinniFR1852,3740146,0423 Oct 0528 Oct 05No

Days in the Black

Title: Falling into You

Author: Jinni (

Rated: FR15

Characters: Andrew,Kaylee

Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. Oddly, all things Firefly also belong to Joss Whedon,

et al. Funny how that worked out.

Distribution: The normal places.

Author's Notes: Well, I told Echo that I was going to write an Andrew, Kaylee fic - and, darnit, here it is.



The hold was empty. Well, except for that special hiding place of the Captain's. That was all filled up with things they were probably better getting off the ship as soon as possible. But the Captain wasn't in any rush, which meant that she was just worrying for nothin'. Still, those artifacts were worth a pretty penny and were just about hotter than anything to ever pass through Serenity's doors. The sooner they were gone – the better, no matter how calm the Captain seemed ‘bout the whole thing. Captain always seemed calm over everything, after all, and that didn’t mean there wasn’t real reason to worry.

It was quiet in the hold. In the dining area the 'boys' were playing cards. Jayne was cheating, too, but she hadn't said a word. It was sort of funny to watch Simon wrinkle his forehead with confusion when he just kept on losing all his 'good' hands.

But that amusement had faded fast and there was nothing to get to fixing with the ship itself. River was out like a light. Inara was in a mood after their hasty exit at the planet earlier that day. Zoe was relaxing in the dining area with a book, not quite watching the card game but not really ignoring it either.

Which left Kaylee with nothing to do. Not a single thing 'less she wanted to go back to her bunk and just sit there. Which she didn't. Not right now, anyways.

She ambled slowly through the hold, just looking. Nothing of interest tonight. Not a single thing. How many memories this place held, though! Like - that was where they all saw River for the first time. She looked slowly upward. And there was where --

"Shiny," she murmured, eyes going wide.

No, really, the air over her head was all shimmery and shiny. She sucked in a breath, her brain freezing. It was a couple meters around, circular-like, and completely golden swirly with streaks of rainbow running all the way through.

It was one of the most pretty things she had seen in her entire life.

And definitely not something that should be in the cargo hold. Or anywhere on the ship, she thought with a mild sense of panic as logic began to reassert itself over her momentary surprise and shock. This could not be good. The Captain would not be happy.

She was half-turned, prepared to run to the intercom, when she saw it. Or, him. A man - falling through the air.

Just about on top of her!

Just barely stepping out of the way, she winced as he fell smack dab onto the hard floor. She looked up, waiting to see if anything else - or anyone else - was coming through. But the swirly round...portal?... winked out of existence right in front of her eyes.

"I'm going to kill Dawn.."

"What?!?" Kaylee's head snapped back to the man on the floor. Well, man might be pushing it, she supposed. He was a rather boyish looking man. Not ugly. Just not... manly like the Captain or Jayne. He was sort of delicate, even. More like Simon.

Though not nearly as handsome as her Simon.

But he'd said something about killing someone?

Oh, the Captain would be really unhappy to have another murderer type on board.

"Not kill, kill... I don't... no... and Buffy wouldn't let me… but its her fault… she opened the portal and sent me here,” he paused and looked around for the first time. ”Hey, where am I?"

Kaylee pressed her lips together, not sure how much she wanted to tell this stranger that had just fallen out of thin air. Truth be told, it was far past time for her to get the Captain. This was odd, even by their standards.

She just hoped Jayne wouldn't frighten the new guy too much. Judging by his round, wide eyes and sort of panicked stare, he didn't look like the sort that took well to being threatened.

~*~End Ficlet~*~
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