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Mixed Up

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Summary: FFA Entries

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Mixed Up

Author: Kristen

Title: Alive



Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Buffy or The Addams Family. Surprise, surprise.

Rating: PG or whatever passes for it nowadays.

Summary: Owen thinks about Wednesday. FFA entry at TTH

She made him feel alive.

Sure, she tried to kill him nearly other minute, but that was what he liked about her. The rush of knowing he had survived, feeling his heart pound out beats in a frantic rhythm while his blood screamed through his veins and proclaimed he was still here. She electrified him, gave him what he needed like no other person could or would he thought, remembering another girl in Sunnydale who had drawn him and shown him what he wanted one night in a funeral parlor. Wednesday simply exuded the feel of death; death that reminded him of his mortality and urged him to live each moment to the fullest until he felt some days that he was so alive he would burst and be reborn. She hinted at secrets, mysteries he didn't know and yearned to understand, whispered that there was some knowledge of the world just beyond his reach and if he only waited... Well someday it would all be clear.

Sometimes he wondered why she let him stay, when she didn't seem to need him as much as he needed her. He asked her once as she carved into his flesh, his blood dripping out in patterns that only she seemed to understand until he would feel so lightheaded and on the brink of reaching the end, that moment when all of life made sense.

She gave him that face, the one that said 'why are you asking stupid questions', and he imagined he saw something in her eyes then that hinted maybe she felt more for him than he thought as she replied, "I've grown accustomed to your presence."

And he supposed for Wednesday, that said it all. Maybe she was right. She was morbid, and strange, and radiated the presence of death like no other girl he knew, but she made him feel alive when he was with her and that was all that mattered.
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