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Harry Potter and the Age of Darkness

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Summary: Harry still wont accept the help of his friends, so McGonagall calls an old friend.

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The statue and the owl

about the delay, college is a pain in the ass. However break is coming up next
week so expect another installment sometime after that.


owns Harry Potter, Whedon owns Buffy and Angel.


Again I
caution all who read this that people are going to be pissed at this story. If
you dont like this story then dont read it. If you do like this then please
feel free to review.




Chapter 1

England we ride.


            Dawn Summers' restless sleep was
interupted by the pain from her head smacking the window of the school bus.
Since the destruction of  Sunndydale the
day prior, she had gotten barely four hours sleep. Rubbing her head she sat up
and looked at the various occupants of the bus. Rupert Giles rubbing his eyes
as he drove the bus through the barren desert. Her sister, Buffy Summers was
sitting right behind the older man, holding the ancient scythe, staring out
into nothingness. No one talked to her about what had happened after they had
fled the Hellmouth.  They only knew that
Spike had not come out with her, and that she had not been the same afterwards.

            Continuing her scan of the bus she
next came across Faith tending to the wounded former-principal of Sunnydale
High, Wood. Never had Dawn seen such caring coming from Faith. Kennedy was
holding a sleeping Willow, who was still exausted from the amount of magical
energy she had expended releasing the energy of the slayer and giving the gift
to every chosen still living after the bringers genocidal hunt. Looking upon
Xander she saw the same expression that was currently displayed across Buffy's
face. Behind him was Andrew and other newly awakened slayers that had survived.

            Turning away from everyone she
leaned back against the seat and tryed to remmber the dream she had been having
before the window so rudely hit her head. There was a boy in a gown of some
sorts, and light was shooting from his hands at people dressed in black. Then
suddenly the boy was over come by the attackers. Then suddenly her mind went
blank and couldnt remember any more of her dream. Turning to her window she
stared out across the evening landscape and missed the first stream of light
streaking past the bus. However Willow didnt, jerking awake she jumped up
showing now sign of fatigue and yelled, "Giles, stop the bus!"

            Giles, more surprised by her
outburst than actually listening to her, complied. He then asked "Good
lord, What was that?", as a jet of green flew past the front of the bus.
Buffy closest to the door, lept out and started running towards a large group
of people from which the light was coming. Dawn, following her sister ran off
the bus and was struck by how familiar the situation was. There was the boy surrounded
by the people in black. By the time she fell out of her daze, the rest of the
slayers were off the bus and already trying to catch up with Buffy. Willow was
last off the bus and started levitating across the desert towards the young
man. Dawn running after her watched as Willow's hair started to loose it's
color and turning pure white.

            Buffy first to reach the group
grabbed one of the men in black and held the blade to his throat. "OK,

            Surprised by the appearance of the
small group, the black robed bodies fell into disarray and started to
disappear. Even the man Buffy was holding managed to escape her grasp. One
minute he was struggling with a blade, the next there was a pop and nothing.
However one person didn't stop shooting, the young man. Jets of red, white,
purple, and fire flew from a stick in his hand and didnt stop until everyone
but the gang from Sunnydale was gone.

            Willow, approaching the boy, just
waved her hand and his body siezed up and he stood there motionless, except for
his eyes which were glaring with anger. As Dawn looked upon the visage of the
human statue, she took in his scruffy hair and green eyes. His bangs couldn't
quite hide the scar upon his forehead. Stepping foreward, she lifted up his
hair and looked at the curious shape upon his head. Slowly the slayers began to
form a circle around the trio of the witch, key, and scarhead. Then suddenly an
owl, snow white flew down and landed at the feet of the boy and looked at all
of them, suddenly holding out it's leg showing an envelope which seemed to be
made out of parchment.



Yes i
realize that this was entirely from the Scoobies boint of view. however harry
will be talking next chapter, this was just a teaser.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Harry Potter and the Age of Darkness" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Dec 05.

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