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Harry Potter and the Age of Darkness

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Summary: Harry still wont accept the help of his friends, so McGonagall calls an old friend.

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Harry Potter and the Age of Darkness

I don’t own any of these characters
so just get off me. Rowling owns all characters associated with Harry Potter,
while Whedon owns all people associated with Buffy and Angel.



This story is a multiple pairing
fic. If you don’t like these fics, stay away. Secondly this story is going to
take place after Harry Potter Book six and after the finale of Buffy. If you
don’t like the timing, don’t read it. Now I am also going to do a few things
that are going to piss people off. Oh Well. If you don’t like it, don’t read
it. It isn’t a hard idea to get. If you read this and flame me saying that it
was horrible, I am going to think you are an idiot. So consider yourself


I will warn you of two things in this fic.

1.) Draco is good.

2.) Dumbledore is dead…get over it


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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking