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Summary: FFA Pairing # 1077 Xander/ Dr. Benjamin Franklin Pierce MD (MASH) that spiraled out of hand

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Television > MASHPaBurkeFR1510015,991115283488,8447 Oct 0522 Aug 06Yes
CoA Winner


By PaBurke
Summary: a FFA that got horribly out of hand.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or universes or personalities or computers . . .
Spoilers: Post all of MASH, Post-Chosen
Word Count: 100

That Xander-person was interesting.

Xander snarked back. Hawkeye mused that it was like picking on his late wife, Margaret. They gave as good as they got, no matter the circumstances.

The girls were very pretty and they liked to run together in very short shorts. They were normally giggling or whispering but they could be serious. Who would blame Hawkeye for taking advantage of their generous nature and letting them take out his garbage or collect his mail or help shovel the snow from his driveway?

But all they kept horrible hours. Had he done that when he was young?
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