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Summary: FFA Pairing # 1077 Xander/ Dr. Benjamin Franklin Pierce MD (MASH) that spiraled out of hand

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Television > MASHPaBurkeFR1510015,991115283488,9337 Oct 0522 Aug 06Yes
CoA Winner


By PaBurke
Summary: a FFA that got horribly out of hand.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or universes or personalities or computers . . . except maybe Kathleen.
Spoilers: Post all of MASH, Post-Chosen
Word Count: 100

It had taken three months to see it. Hawkeye had brushed off his observations as an active imagination or had over-estimated the harm broken homes had on the girls. His new neighbors housed troubled girls, no mistake, but something had always bothered Hawkeye about the young people next door.

They moved too smoothly, they saw too much, they laughed too often.

And they always remembered to smell the roses Hawkeye grew in the front of his house.

It had dawned on him this morning, when Kathleen had looked through the front window while smelling his roses.

She had soldier’s eyes.
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